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Avatar n tn he did also check his blood pressure today and the doctor saw that it was normal yet he suggested that his blood pressure might have hit at night causing a blood vessel burst in his eye another doctor suggested after seeing that his blood pressure was normal that it might have been a small sieger ....
Avatar f tn I burst a blood vessel in my eye 13 days ago as a result of a severe coughing fit. when will it go away?? Could it possibly be forever? is there anything I can do to speed up the process?
Avatar f tn Hi, Please could you advise if it is O.K to fly with a burst blood vessel in eye. I am a frequent flyer and also suffer from this eye problem 3 or 4 times a year ( my mother also gets this-so I'm guessing that it is genetic?) I am due to fly today.... Thank you for any advice!
3112631 tn?1356657157 My sister, who also has Chairi, woke up with a burst blood vessel in her eye this morning. Has anyone dealt with this before with Chiari? Her symptoms have been getting worse and worse over the last few months. Last week she flew on a plane, which caused a major increase in symptoms (dizziness, headache, etc.). I'm trying to get a feel for how potentially dangerous this might be. We're on the west coast, so her NS's office isn't open quite yet.
Avatar n tn Is there a cure for a burst blood vessel in the eye. If so what can I do and how long will it take to cure.
Avatar n tn My mother has high blood pressure and diabetes. Periodically a vessel in her eye bursts. However, she says it stings and she's unable to keep her eye open. She usually has to lay down afterward and rest. She gets very nervous when this happens to her. Could it be caused by her blood pressure? Should she see her primary doctor or her eye doctor?
Avatar f tn I woke up this morning and when I went to look in the mirror I apparently ruptured a blood vessel in my eye. I have blood in the bottom (where you can pull down the bottom lid and see the blood) in both eyes and in my right eye I have blood that reaches up towards my ires and I was just wondering if that would be caused because of the violent regurgitation?
Avatar m tn I think I have a burst blood vessel in my left eye. It is mildly red in the inside of the white part of the eye near the inner corner. I think it is fine, but I have a lot of soreness moving my eye around. I also grind my teeth badly at night so I am assuming it caused this. I am also sensitive to light. Should I see the opthamologist?
Avatar f tn I looked over to the right side of the wall and a blood vessel burst in the corner of my left eye and stung for a second, like it just burst and now I have a broken blood vein. Do you know what caused this and can I do something to help it.
Avatar f tn I have had a burst blood vessel in my left eye for over 2 years or longer now, I have had my eyes checked and I wear glasses for reading etc, I have been told that there is nothing to use to make it go away and with time it will go, but nothing it still there and it does not look nice at all if I put make up on it makes it more noticeable, I have been told I have dry eye in both eyes and to use Systane, I really want it to go and I have search the web to find a solution but I cannot see anywhere
Avatar f tn I felt an ache in my right eye & started rubbing it. When I looked in the mirror I had blood in the eye. I am presuming a burst blood vessel.
1871022 tn?1320258285 On Sunday, the blood vessel in my left eye burst. Then, on Tuesday, it burst in my right eye. Is this serious?
Avatar n tn He has slight pain and pressure in the eye and then the blood vessel will burst. He has had his blood pressure taken around the time of the vessel bursting and it has been fine. Should we be more concerned?
Avatar f tn Do you know why this might be happening. I've had a blood vessel burst in my eye this week - first time for that.
Avatar n tn She has a detached retina as a result of a burst blood vessel and is now blind in that eye. Her eye sight in her other eye is poor and i'm worried for her sight. Is there any operation that can restore the sight in the eye with the retina damage. If so which hospitals, where, and how much would it cost.
Avatar n tn What other symptoms are present? If you were referring to burst blood vessel in the eye, this could be attributed to subconjunctival hemorrhage, which could be spontaneous or secondary to infection or trauma. This condition usually resolves after 2 weeks. However, if this is trauma-related or caused by infection, evaluation by your ophthalmologist is important for proper management. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn This is the SECOND time I've had a migrane in which a blood vessel in my gum ruptured. Though this time not as bad. I have gone to my health provider about these migraines. CT looks fine. Though the cyst I had when I was a kid is gone. Another troubleing thing is when this happens my right eye the site always screws up. (Should also note she had the cyst on the right side of her head) Now I was told the cyst was supposed to never go away it was just a underdeveloped part of my brain.
Avatar n tn I recently noticed (like an hour ago) that I have somehow burst a blood vessel in my left eye. I've had a bad headache nearly all day today, but didn't think about it causing it. Anyway, my question is this: Can I continue to wear my contact lenses even with the bloody appearance in my eye? Do I need to see my eye doctor about this even though I (so far) do not have any pain or discomfort, just a little itchy sometimes? Thanks!
Avatar n tn doctor told us she had too many blood vessels growing in her eye. She also has a membrane growing in her eye where they took out her lens. This evening she said the eye was hurting bad. When I checked it it was bleeding on the inside of her eye. The bottom third of her eye has blood in it. Should we take her to the retina doc or what?
1560487 tn?1294848079 This morning I woke up and there was blood in the white outer part of my left eye and a bit in the inner corner.I am on high blood pressure pills .Is this something I should be concerned about?
Avatar f tn If you indeed has a burst blood vessel in the eye everyone would have seen it quite easily as the large bloody patch on the white of the eye. Sometimes after the blood starts to go away you can get some yellowing just like a bruise. I am not sure if that is what you have though. You could just have damage to the conjuctiva due to years of sun exposore, wind and allergies. See your ophthalmologist to find out what is going on.