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535822 tn?1443980380 Could you deepdiver or anyone else answer me this question, I am taking Adrenal supplements, and found them very helpful, I also think I may have low Thyroid, and no I do not wish to take any major drugs, I would like to help myself with natural supplements, there is a Thyroid capsule that I can take , I want to continue the Adrenal capsules, can I take both together.??Any advice on the Natural front would be welcome .
144210 tn?1273092382 Don't pretend to know even what half the supplements on your list are , but a few like multivitamin w/o Iron seem fine -- and one in particular I would caution against, which is the daily teaspoon of Flaxeed, unless the flax is spaced at least three hours away from the riba doses. Flax, or any fiber supplements can impede riba absorption. Same with common antacids such as Tums although PPI's like Nexium or H-2 Pumps like Pepcid AC are OK.
Avatar n tn I have Type O blood, ADHD, and bipolar disorder and recently in numerous places I have read that a high-protein, low-carb diet would help me with my mood swings, concentration, the whole bit. This was exactly opposite from my high-carb, nearly vegetarian diet on which I was using for years with no success. I am trying this new diet, and wow, I can concentrate better than I could in years.
Avatar n tn I'm starting to type this while eyeing uneasily my 10 lb weights lying there in the corner collecting dust. A sad sight, a tragic sight. What's worse, I seem to have misplaced the remote and the Olympics are on.... Excuse me, I digress. Whey protein, that's what I wanted to introduce here. Whey, weights, you see the drift. A few years ago I went to see Jon Kaiser, M.D., a local HIV / CFIDS specialist, to talk about nutrition for immune impairment.
4083235 tn?1351035852 Also consider being tested for Hypothyroid type 2, as standard blood tests may not indicate this. Type 2 hypothyroidism or thyroid hormone resistance is caused by an intracellular calcium/potassium imbalance in all the cells of the body, caused by too much calcium and too little potassium inside these cells, neutralizing the effects of the thyroid hormones that are produced and making them ineffective in governing our bodies' metabolic functions.
Avatar f tn o Epilepsy o Type 2 diabetes o Rheumatoid arthritis o Psoriasis o Inflammatory bowel disease * You have kidney disease and are on dialysis. * You have liver disease. * You have celiac disease. * You abuse alcohol. So I have read to take 400mcg for any one that is of childbearing age, then go to 600mcg once pregnant than down to 500mcg once breastfeeding.
947843 tn?1255192936 I found a website saying Lysine supplements seem to work very well for some people. I believe my outbreak was due to spending a few hours in the sun.. I noticed the tingly feeling the day after laying out to tan. Is there anyway I can still get a good tan without getting outbreak from the sun? Ugh, thats a little irratating. I just wanna be able to go floating and tanning with my friends, and be a normal college student.
92903 tn?1309908311 Heavens to Murgatroid! Took the pilgimage to Vitamin Shoppe to load up on supplements and man, it's more expensive being off tx than on. Especially if one aspires to the Califia list we've discussed. Without adding it up, the SAMe, PPC, and Resveratrol alone may be $10.00 a day... maybe more. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind paying it... but for this kind of monthly bill I could instead take in a couple massages with the 'fin heureuse', if you get my drift?
Avatar f tn I'm sure worrying about it 24/7 doesn't help the matter either. I have been reading about magnesium supplements helping with my problem, so I am here to get comments, experience, suggestions, and/or stories. Please help!
Avatar f tn a doctor i saw a month ago who knows i have had hep c for 30 years told me after doing a complete blood work that i have low red blood cell count and told me this means i have anemia and he then prescribed iron supplements to take twice a day. I saw a new doctor yesterday and he told me this was very dangerous for me to be taking iron supplements that anyone with chronic hep c should never take iron supplements. Now i am very confused.
Avatar n tn In another study, 31 women hospitalized with depre s s i o n took rubidium chloride. By the second week, 2/3 of the women had improved significantly. Rubidium also showed positive effects in 20 individuals with major depression who were treated with 360 to 720 milligrams of rubidium chloride. The researchers wrote: rubidium chloride showed a marked and rapid antidepressive action.
413852 tn?1317312312 I did feel O type pains last night, but since I had/have at least 5 follies it could have been them growing... Anyone else experience anything similar;) ed have been "busy" so IF I did O the big one, we are covered;) hope everyones well!!!
413852 tn?1317312312 for the factor V test, it is another type of clotting disorder. My girlfiend had to be on blood thinners also because of that. I am on blood thinners and extra Folic Acid because of MTHFR. Did your DH send the bug up here? DH and I have been feeling poopy all weekend, but still managed to go shrimping. ....hmmm... safety bars on the windows? Was that to keep people out or in? Did he offer you a new wardrobe at the same time - like an orange jumpsuit? Tijuana and Milky..... oooooooh....
Avatar n tn I developed Type 1 diabetes when I was 18. I am now 63 and still going strong. I check my blood sugar 8 - 10 times a day. I take 3 injections of novolog daily and an injection of lantus at night. I've had few complications. I did have a heart attack at 49; however, there is a history of serious heart disease on both sides of my family. I'm feeling good and diabetes has not stopped me from extensive travel or any form of employment.
Avatar f tn Thanks very much for your reply. I have actually taken magnesium supplements religiously for the past couple of years, due to the link you mention between muscle relaxation and magnesium. Do you have muscle spasms like this?
Avatar n tn My doctor has put it down to an Irritable Bowel (IBS) type symptom and that the blood issue was a result of my stomach producing excess acid. He suggested I changed my diet and avoided very big meals and certain food products (especially fatty and spicy foods) and instead ate little but often. I also prop my head up on pillows at night to avoid the acid coming back up through my throat.
Avatar n tn results of a phase I clinical trial. Melhem A, Stern M, Shibolet O, Israeli E, Ackerman Z, Pappo O, Hemed N, Rowe M, Ohana H, Zabrecky G, Cohen R, Ilan Y. Liver Unit, Department of Medicine, Hebrew University, Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel. BACKGROUND: The pathogenesis of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is associated with a defective host antiviral immune response and intrahepatic oxidative stress.
Avatar n tn On one occasion I asked Dr. DeAdamo (Eat right for your blood type) and was told to take bioflavonoids for it. I am beginning to take the supplement now, since the vessel popping has become too annoying to ignore.
Avatar f tn I found the book and copied the information: "Ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy is said to improve oxygenation of tissue, help with inflammation, stimulate immune system and fight viral infection. This treatment, which has been approved by the FDA consists of bombaring the blood with ultraviolet light. It appears to render the virus inactive. This treatment is offered by Bradford Research Institute in Chula Vista, CA." I have no idea how long it takes or what it costs.
Avatar f tn If you find it is faster by 6 beats, you are allergic or have a sensitivity to it. If you have typeOblood, use 4 beats as the criteria instead of 6. It’s that simple. Malabsoption issues, improperly digested macronutrients and Leaky Gut (Intestinal permeability) create an environment that is condusive to the manifestation of many similar symptoms to yours. There's a simple urine test available for Leaky Gut Syndrome: mannito/lactulose test.
876503 tn?1240169553 I am very concerned about you, and really believe you need a good work-up by M.D. type physicians at a practice that knows something about siezures. Your blood pressure is kind of low, and that suggests dehydration. Have your physician teach you how to take orthostatic vital signs. Probably you are dehydrated and should drink electrolytes, and then check your blood pressure. Start to keep track of your fluid intake.
1047234 tn?1253547296 You can probably find it at 2nd hand book stores too. It's interesting. If you are O I think O blood type can eat protein where a A positive should limit protein. I can't digest steak or port very well. I eat it by not often. I am also very acidic so I try to eat foods that are more alkaline and that is why I always take an enzyme supplement before eating a meal.
Avatar n tn My wife showed me this article, and said that you know we are the same blood type, and if it came down to it, I would give you my liver. I almost instantly burst out know freakin way, then walked away and burst into tears. Can you imagine the sacrifice this is, as you are a living donor. I can not believe that my wife would even make an offer such as this.They have only done a few surgeries, but only one person has died, and it was a donor.
Avatar f tn If you find it is faster by 6 beats, you are allergic or have a sensitivity to it. If you have typeOblood, use 4 beats as the criteria instead of 6. It’s that simple. Keeping accurate notes of your results is very important. I have referred to some notes of mine, that I may have shared with other people in the past-so I just copy and paste sometimes for convenience.) I can go forever here.
Avatar n tn For the past several years I have noticed that after eating food (which ranges from just a cup of milk to a full meal) that my heart rate and blood pressure increases significantly about 30 minutes after eating, and it lasts for about one and 1/2 hours to two hours. This occurs about 50% of the time after eating. My heart rate goes from ~75 bpm up to 140 bmp (max todate), and the blood pressure goes from 130/80 up to 180/102 (max to date).
Avatar m tn I get this from time to time and have anxiety. I've even had a nuclear stress test . . . results normal. I also get the pains in my left and right chest and lower abdomen, but it always goes away. Eat light until it passes.
Avatar n tn Few days ago I went to Blood Drive and donated my blood. Over 20 yrs I never had problem at all, but this time is so painful. The phlebotomist who looked so in-experienced, put the needle in my left arm (as usual, I always use the left arm for blood donation) and I feel the sharp pain run from my bicep through the finger. I told her to take it off, but she said it was OK--"..just cool down, you will be alright" I stayed still with all this pain starting hurt my forearm then numbed.
Avatar f tn Since I only do pizza w/o meat. Anyhow, it seems to help to keep them from falling so fast. As far as the red blood cells and anemia goes, somebody else may have another suggestion.
1230229 tn?1447219361 Unchecked, this engorgement can cause internal bleeding, esophageal varicies (a type of varicose vein in your food tube that can rupture, causing you to vomit blood and potentially bleed to death), or bleeding into the eye causing blindness. The cool thing is, even though they often don't know the cause, it's easy to manage. -You simply go on a low-sodium diet and have 350-500 ml of blood drained from your body.