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Avatar f tn I don't think being a negative blood type can cause a mc as I too am o- and had a mc early on. You normal get the anti d injection at about 28 weeks but discuss your fears with your doctor. Good luck.
7458937 tn?1391885699 I Was Told I Get A Shot After Delivery And If The Baby Has A Positive Blood Type, She Will Get A Shot. If Babys Blood Type Is Negative, They Dont Need The Shot.
Avatar f tn You will receive the shot at around 28 weeks as well as at least one after delivery, depending on baby's blood type. It can occur during labor or any abdominal trauma where baby's blood can come into contact with mom's. When This happens, if baby has a "positive" blood type, mom will form antibodies against that blood type (without the shot). If this is the case, generally it will not cause issues with the current pregnancy, but with future pregnancies.
Avatar n tn Type O can only receive an organ from an O. O can donate to any type but receive only form an O.
Avatar m tn No, a type O recipient can ONLY receive a liver from a type O donor. Can a donated liver with blood type O be used in a Person with blood type A? Yes, a type O donor is a universal donor and a type O liver can be transplanted into any blood type recipient - O - A - B - AB.
1225198 tn?1336791830 My mom is O- and dad is AB+. ANYONE can take O- blood, but - can't take + blood. This makes O- blood like gold, and O+ is pretty important too. You should dontate blood more often! But even in the situation of one partner with + and the other with -, it won't PREVENT pregnancy, it would only make keeping the pregnancy difficult, if not impossible. My mom had 2 miscarrages before finding out the problem. She sucessfully had 5 children with help once she knew she had - blood. Hope that helps.
212161 tn?1537898045 Got a shot at 28 wks. And then another once she was born because she was my husband's blood type O positive. My sister has had 4 pregnancies 2 resulting in identical twins and she is also RH negative, babies have all been healthy. Even when you miscarry they should be giving you a shot, at least from my understanding it's every pregnancy but also depends on baby's blood type. My sister didn't receive a 2nd antibody shot with her second child because he was also A negative.
Avatar n tn however, also being an o+ myself, i would be aware of your labs and make sure they know you are O......beings that O is the universal donor but can only receive from itself. in other words had you needed blood and someone relied on the first blood result they might have killed you. :O) i loved genetics in school!
1422615 tn?1334067834 I have done a lot of research and found some that says that "Blood Type O carries anti-A and anti-B antibodies and rejects anything with an A-like or B-like antigen. Type A carries anti-B antibodies, and Type B carries anti-A antibodies. Only Type AB carries no anti-blood type antibodies, which is why Type AB individuals can receive blood transfusions from anybody." I at first thought that this only applied to o- but several say both o-+ so which is it. My dh is o- , I AM O+.
Avatar n tn They're right too, it's almost universal, you can give your blood to any blood type that is a +, but you can only receive the O's (O- is the universal donor, AB- is the universal recipient). SInce you are positive that means you won't need the Rhogam shot, yay! I'm an O+ too and so glad I didn't need the shot. Congrats on baby!
3198629 tn?1367042023 Im O+ as well 19w2x and I still get morning sickness that can last all day. Dad is clueless about his blood type but everything is normal no abnormal test and found out today hes a perfectly health boy!!!! :-) bye pink hello blue lol.
1352892 tn?1338221505 It's a good idea to get the rhogam shot after a miscarriage, too, as blood can mix there and cause problems but if you are pregnant again and so far no problems, then blood type should not be a problem. I also had to get the shot this time even though my husband is also -, just to be safe. Try not to worry about it, Rh- women have Rh+ babies safely all the time. Even in countries that don't give the rhogam shot like we do in the US.
202447 tn?1275095636 A Bio-Rad test is the only one I know of that is specifically approved for screening blood donors for Group O. Until this test is implemented in your blood bank, it will not accept blood from those who lived in West Africa, just to be extra safe. That is my understanding of the issue.
Avatar f tn In the event a person with O positive blood should need a transfusion---due to trauma, surgery, cancer, blood disorders or other illnesses---he or she can receive only O positive or O negative blood. As a result, O positive blood is in high demand, trailing only O negative blood, which is used in emergencies when there isn't time to type a recipient's blood. Those who are O positive can donate blood to any of the other positive blood types.
Avatar n tn If the baby's blood type is O, then the mother or the father would have to have O blood, that is the way it was explained to me. With my daughter I had O+, Ava has A+...we do not know what her Daddy's blood type is, but the hospital explained that her Daddy could only have A, or AB in order for Ava to receive the A type. I did not question paternity but I wanted to have Ava's blood type in her records at home. I assumed she would have my O type, I was a little bummed when they said A+.
Avatar n tn Do I NEED to know his blood type? Or can I safely receive the Rhogam injection as prescribed without any health risks being posed to my possibly Rh+ baby? All help is appreciated, thank you.
Avatar f tn If one has decided to treat and with the high rate of SVR more and more doctors are not doing a Biopsy... Blood tests can pretty much tell if cirrhosis is there and like jpinthekeys said there is always the fibrosure blood test. Welcome to the forum and wishing you the best.
Avatar f tn I had the shot at 12 weeks then will receive another one later on in pregnancy. Because our blood is rare and we can only receive blood that is o-, if our baby has a different blood type it can poison our blood and make us ill. The shot is to make you immune to your child's blood type while in utero.
Avatar m tn not sure which one as i haven't been back to the doctor's yet. it was certainly a shock. i am guessing it's type 2. after the initial tests that discovered my condition my doctor sent me off for yet more tests something about lipids and something else plus a urine analysis. would these tests be to determine if it's 1 or 2? i've actually had symptons for many years which i never knew why they were happening but seem to be getting worse and more frequent. nausea when drinking juice.
Avatar m tn What is the probability of a child that the mother's blood type is O, and the child's didn't receive the mother's blood type and the alleged father's blood type is A+. If the the child's blood type isn't A+ should this conclusively exclude him?
8683847 tn?1410760916 target the HCV cell...and destroy it. In the process they can also destroy good blood cells because they really can't differ between good and bad. That is why you have to get weekly blood tests to check your blood platelets. You will go UND (undetectable) during treatment hopefully leading to a status of SVR. So I vision the sovaldi and O as the seperator and the riba as the destroyer. Have to separate the HCV cells to make them vulnerable.
1838299 tn?1403496143 Thank you for providing more detailed information about your doctor and situation. I can only assume what he meant about your blood work, that is he didn't see any indication of any immediate or near future concerns other than getting your iron up. Sounds like you have about the best medical care that's available for you in your current situation. My non professional personal opinion. I'm not sure if you have a way to secure message your doctor.
114870 tn?1210301946 My normal cycle can vary from 30-35 days. Rarely it can go to 38 days. Today I went to my obgyn to get a blood test for, I guess, the HCG level to see if Im possibly pregnant. I really hope I am, but I have no pregnancy type symptoms. With my Son I found out I was pregnant 48 days after my last menses with no symptoms besides tender breasts. Is there any possible way I may be pregnant now? I think I will receive my results in 2-3 days, but I am so anxious.
849762 tn?1288188348 Blood type and RH type are two different things. Almost all women are RH positive, but it's the RH factor that can cause the incompatibility thing. I just had the blood work done for my first OB visit!
4865450 tn?1361298133 But again you can try getting they frozen off. If they come back do it again. If they are low risk type 6 warts inside the vagina it is nothing to worry about. As for the oral HPV well they usually go away too. But it is good to keep track of whether they are high risk types or not. They usually take a swab of the cells in the mouth, for oral HPV and they do a molecular test that is a PCR test that makes many copies of the organism if it is present.
Avatar f tn ) and we cannot afford to treat him much longer. Is there anyone who's had experience with this type of situation or can advise us on what questions to ask, what to look for etc.? We're very sad that we were unable to diagnose him until yesterday and that basically 4 days went by in which we could have treated him, had we known what was going on.
Avatar n tn So, enough of those anti-bodies are found...the blood test can tell you, and will be able to tell you which virus type they're for (1 or 2). Also, BioKit (only for HSV-2) and Western Blot are really reliable. I've read here on the board that most people will sero-convert in 2-3 weeks after possible exposure (meaning they start to produce anti-bodies), and most herpes blood tests are considered conclusive at the 3-4 month mark :) Also, don't micro-diagnose yourself!
400099 tn?1282958464 Not on Copaxone, but I do know IV Solumedrol can raise blood sugars -- any recent Solumedrol?
765439 tn?1292964014 It is radiation targeted at the growth and the smaller the growth the better it works. But there can be side effects from the radiation. And the radiation can kill off healthy tissue too. Since both the pituitary and the hypothalamus (another important hormone control center) receive radiation during treatment, nearly half the patients treated with conventional radiation will eventually develop abnormally low hormone levels (hypopituitarism).