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Avatar n tn I am not a doctor or a nutrionist, I am a mom of a child with type 1 and the daughter of a type 2 diabetic. I can tell you from experience only. I would suggest that you contact a nutrionist in your area. I have done this with my daughter, and have gotten my mom to do this and it has made a difference, especially since my mother is on a special diet due to religious reasons. The first thing I would do is written down what you normally like too eat for each type of meal.
1230912 tn?1273496370 Hi Ginosmommy What a good question. This is something I've also wondered about as a RhNeggie myself. My RhNeg family members also suffer from autoimmune disorders which manifest in different ways. After my first child I had sx for which I had to be MS tested. (Over time most of the sx proved to be related to osteo-arthritis - so, auto-immune inflammation caused by pregnancy hormones?
Avatar n tn Dear Lau1123, We are volunteers with lots of experience in Type 1 diabetes, and none of us is a medical professional. Be sure to continue working with your doctor, and -- if you're not convinced you're geting clear & complete information from her/him -- do ask for a second opinion or seek out a specialist. Endocrinologists are specialists who treat endocrine diseases like diabetes.
Avatar n tn nothing i could see in her diet....i'm looking to find out where i can obtain a listing of foods to avoid and foods to eat....all i find is diet plans, how many grams of what is in it etc... all i really want is for her to have a list of the foods she can have without fearing her sugar will go up, snacks she can have or not have her age its hard for her to figure out calories, grams, exchange groups and all that...
2123020 tn?1335049058 My diet is good how can I control my hypertension since its causing high blood pressure.
Avatar n tn Geez, I'd be very sick if I had soy like I supposedly should because Im a A blood type, I have a soy allergy!! blood type diets probably arent best for me!!!
Avatar n tn Hi there! Elevated blood sugar levels despite strict diet control could be due to a few reasons; the more common ones being lack of exercise, excessive stress or systemic conditions such as infection etc or inappropriate medication/ dose intake. I would suggest discussing this with your endocrinologist for appropriate management. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn Low glycemic foods are those that don't spike the blood sugar, creating a higher demand for insulin. The low glycemic foods (and the best for weight loss) are lean protein, such as meat, chicken, fish, eggs and low fat dairy. Veggies are the biggy with a low glycemic diet, because they have a lot of fiber that's not digested quickly, so it won't spike you blood sugar. Whole grains are allowed in moderation. Avoid eating more than one serving of fruit/day.
1286779 tn?1400016406 Sometimes patients are undertreated, which makes losing weight much harder. Best diet for thyroid is generally lower carb type diet. Avoid junk food, highly processed foods, and sugars. Don't eat too much fruit, or drink fruit juices. Some people with thyroid conditions do much better following gluten free diet. Would be good if you can be tested for celiac. Sometimes celiac and thyroid occur together. Hope this helps. btw, all caps means you are "yelling".
8369322 tn?1397830269 0, I was given 90 days to see a significant drift downward, or begin a drug therapy. I immediately began a paleo style diet. I refused to eat anything containing "white"; bread, sugar, rice, potatoes, pasta...PASTA!!. I also shunned grains of any kind like rolled oats, wheat. Also out were honey, most fruits, lots of types of beans, peas, and corn. All fruit juices were banished. Do you realize how many oranges you must consume to yield a large glass of orange juice?
Avatar f tn There is also a book by Dr. D'Adamo called Live Right for Your Blood type To Moonpanda - I know the diet might not be genetically accurate but for me it is so interesting. My mom is type O too and she had to have thyroid surgery and she suffers from ulcers just like the book says. To ILADVOCATE: It may not be accurate according to the book there are thousands of people that have tried the diet with success, but like Paranoid_catacylsm said it's kinda fun to find out about.
Avatar f tn If a certain food spikes you up say over 140 you might try a lesser amount of that food or just eliminate it from your diet. It is not really possible to make a list of foods to eat and not eat because we are all different. But a diet of protein and lots of fresh vegies, small amounts of fruit and small amounts of carbs should do best.
72351 tn?1281996142 I have a question about diet. I am a city bus driver. We do not have lunch breaks and must eat on the go, have to nibble throughout the day. That poses a problem when it comes to taking a test 2 hrs after eating as I am nibbling throughout day. Any helpful hints? Also, I am not having any troubles keeping my sugar down during the day. It has been anywhere from 93-110.
Avatar n tn I am 42 years old Diabetic for 5 years on Metformin 500mg XL and Amaryl 2 mg. My blood sugars are not controlled. Fasting in 140 s and postprandial 300s. I am following diabetic diet and doing regular exercise/ What is the next step I should do. Please advise. My recent A1C is 8.5. Thank you.
Avatar f tn The traditional approach is to ask diabetic patients to eat a high carb diet, but truely this can make it much harder to control your blood sugars. A diet focusing on lower carb foods (with plenty of veges and minimally processed foods) is really the way to go.
Avatar n tn My parents were recently diagnosed borderline diabetic and they've made quite a few changes to their diet and started exercising a lot more. Their blood sugar is now back in the normal range. It's definitely not as much fun when you can't eat what everybody else is eating (this is true for dieters too!) but maybe you can help change other people's bad eating habits. By the way, if you do get the munchies, I would suggest you avoid those sugar-free drinks like Koolaid and diet sodas.
Avatar m tn For others, it significantly slows the progress so that they can maintain on diet and exercise or the addition of an oral med for many years. Normal blood sugars are fasting under 100 and two hours post prandial under 140. People who are non-diabetic rarely go over 120. There is little reason to do random blood sugars, they don't tell you very much; I would suggest fasting blood sugar and then two hours after meals. This tells you how different foods affect you and how high you are going.
Avatar n tn Do yourself a favor, go to your local pharmacy/drug store/WalMart and purchase a home glucose [blood sugar] test meter. Read the instructions carefully. Post back to this thread if you have further questions or concerns. Good luck.
Avatar n tn According to them that certain food taken that suppose to suit the blood type is more beneficial to that person then the food that is not beneficial. would that do any justification what we have been thought that a well balance diet is important to our body. thank you.
Avatar m tn Dear All, I m 28 Years Old,my mother is have high blood sugar from last 15 years so, Yesterday I had went to Regular Blood Checkup & Found my random BS is 300, Then i went to doctor and have a complte blood chekup & found HVA1c is 12.2% & BS Fasting : 290 & PP : 310 Then, Doctor immidiately starts Pen-Insulin to control the BS immidiately & Also given me tab for the regular use.
Avatar n tn I don't like to exercise to much and I gave up the diet. A couple of days ago I found a new product. It's called DIABETICO and it's from China. It contains bitter melon and surprisingly it had an effect. 4 to 6 hours after taking it my blood sugar is low. The first day I took it I had the surprise of having a hypo crises. Anyway... I am writing because I want to share info with you. I heard about a lot of books promissing to reveal the cure. Are they for real?
Avatar n tn When I was first diagnosed I struggled so much because I couldn't understand how to balance my meals and after having a seeing a diabetes educator, boy my life changed!!! Also, 20 is a VERY LOW blood glucose, it is very dangerous... her family should keep a tight control with her blood glucose. I know it is painful to see a 5 years old being pricked but it is for her own sake...
Avatar f tn Hi Everyone, My husbandwas recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes. He currently has a blood sugar of 304 upon waking in the morning. He's on 30 mg daily of Actos. I'm trying to get him to eat the right things to lower his blood sugar, but he doesn't like much except starches, fruits, dairy and sweets. I won't let him dringe orange juice or eat candy, obviously, but it seems even when I'm really trying to modify his diet, it's still not good enough.
Avatar m tn I am a Type II diabetic. I will always be a Type II diabetic. But I control it entirely by diet only. I've been eating Paleo for 5 years now. My semi-annually A1C's average around 5.8. The idea is to avoid anything containing carbohydrates. Now, that's pretty hard to do, but with a little effort, you can minimize them. My diet is rich in eggs, cheese, meats, and nuts, Pounds and pounds of nuts; peanuts, walnuts, pecans, and almonds. I estimate that I easily consume 50 lbs.
Avatar n tn This is what you must do as well if you want to see significant progress in lowering your blood glucose levels. The diet now is a lifestyle. You pick and choose what you eat. Did you know that you can go to McDonald's for a filling breakfast and escape with only a handful of carbs? Two round eggs and a sausage patty on a plate is a "hidden menu" item that they will be glad to ring up for you. I do it every weekend.
Avatar n tn He said ulcer can't be r/o w/o scope which he will do if not better, but that Prevacid should help. My instincts tell me it's not a GI thing. I asked about low blood sugar since snacking sometimes helps. Both drs said hypoglycemia is over-dx'd and treated, and didn't think this was her issue. Diabetes does run in the family. I think GI isn't looking at her whole picture. Also, she has never been an anxious child, but there definitely is a psych. component now (behavior, moodiness, glum).
283921 tn?1218529106 When I had a heart attack (MI) in 1992 I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic and was advised of the need to take insulin for the rest of my life.As the years went by and my insulin intake increased along with my weight but my sugar level remained fairly consistent HbA1c approx 7.2. In 2005 I decided on a life style change predominantly targeted at reducing my weight and found that I could reduce my insulin intake.
Avatar n tn Hi...I am not a doctor, but I pretty much know everything about Type 1 Diabetes. I am a Type 1 Diabetic and am now 34 years old. I have two little ones as well (4 year old girl and 21 month old boy). My biggest fear is for one of them to get my Disease. I have had extensive conversations with my Endocronologist (She is one of my closest friends), so I know she tells me stuff “off the record”.
Avatar n tn Of course, I am not a doctor, only a volunteer with Type I Diabetes, so my answer shouldn't replace the information you can get from your medical books. My understanding of Type I is that an autoimmune response may be the cause of Type I and I suppose if you have one autoimmune response, it may be possible to be at risk for other autoimmune responses to other parts of your body.