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191339 tn?1377956006 grits coffee toast low blood sugar-butterfinger and saltednut rolls Arbys Brisket burger, Fries, Diet Coke
471113 tn?1245108820 Someone had posted a week or so ago a shopping list for before you start treatment... I have looked for it in here and cannot find it. If anyone remembers around about when it was that would be great.
Avatar f tn does anyone have any reccomendations for shopping? i have been using a gf ingredient list from and the gf restaurant guide occasionally. I also cut out any meats cured w sodium nitrates bc a family member read that they could also be a problem. I try to use only olive oil. though occasionally if i dont have a choice i use canolia. my spices are gf. does anyone have any ideas? also has anyone used the gf grocery guide from triumphdining?
3060903 tn?1398565123 use a nutrient tracker, such as, which is the most accurate one on the market because of their decision to eliminate inaccurate crowd sourced data. Vitamin E can easily be obtained from a healthy diet, so before considering a supplement, I strongly recommend including more vitamin E-rich foods in your diet.
6403373 tn?1381003248 to help you loose weight, but to cut out such simple things as pop, chips, coffee with tons of cream and sugar. Another way to eat better is to remember this, when you go shopping shop on the OUTSIDE of the grocery store. Almost everything that is processed is in the middle.
Avatar f tn Found out I was Type 2. Started cholesterol meds, blood pressure meds, and oral glycemic. Changing diet, meeting with diabetes educator.
Avatar f tn If a certain food spikes you up say over 140 you might try a lesser amount of that food or just eliminate it from your diet. It is not really possible to make a list of foods to eat and not eat because we are all different. But a diet of protein and lots of fresh vegies, small amounts of fruit and small amounts of carbs should do best.
Avatar f tn It would help if I had a list of foods to go grocery shopping for, and what I could or couldn't eat.
186166 tn?1385259382 it is supposed to list most all of the major grocery stores and list the products they carry that are gluten free. you can look up something...and it will tell you the brand to buy. was wondering if anyone has bought this book and does it live up to it's claim? i have still not yet had my blood work done...but after reading some...dont know whether to waste my time doing so or not. i am one of the few who went to a specialist who immediately thought i had celiac sprue. right now...
Avatar m tn I need to create a shopping list with easy to prepare meals. Where can I find a good list of easy to prepare or pre-made meals?
1732032 tn?1310186715 if my fathers blood type is A and my step mom is O is it possible that their child is B?
Plant Today went grocery shopping with the Mom and got some goodies. Some diet friendly favs. were pickles, Kraft singles, Chobani bites and split packs, Muller fruit ups, cottage doubles and tons of produce! Really feeling the nectarines and mangoes lately...also excited to try some fresh strawberries with zero cal chocolate dip, yumm!!!!!!!!!! Turned down Mcdonald's Mcafe treat for a Rockstar and feeling proud:) Keep up the good work!
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Avatar f tn and how big a impact those words of change your diet would have !! The last couple of days I have been walking around a lil stunned not really knowing what the heck to do. I'm afraid to eat !! instead of wheat bread the say white :( it is 25 mg of Phos. Barley 1/2 cup 40mg piece of salmon 279mg. a apple 15mg. this is just a example It is in everything we eat ! we drink ! I have a list of what is bad and what is better for me..but the better for me is in very small portions..
Avatar n tn I can't find peanut butter that actually says "no salt" on the label. I bought Naturally More which doesn't list salt as an ingredient but does list roasted peanuts (I have no idea if these peanuts were salted) is this ok? What peanut butter do you all use?
Avatar f tn does anyone else find themselves in the baby section whenever they go shopping i want to wait to find out my babies gender before going crazy in the store but whenever I go into the store I just want to buy every baby item in sight
Avatar m tn Due to stomach problems, I have decided to try a Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Has anyone experienced relief on this diet? So basically, this is what I got from it- fresh vegtables, fresh fruits, lean meats, most nuts, NO LACTOSE, NO SUGAR (except in fruits and honey), and NO STARCHES. Is this about right? Also, what is the policy on yogurt and coconut milk?
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Avatar f tn //www.medhelp.
645800 tn?1466860955 By the time I walked to my computer and started up the shopping list program I would forget what it was that I needed to add to my list. I did a lot of walking between the kitchen and my bedroom (3-4 trips each time) in order to get things on my computer. My next attempt to solve the problems as to pick up an IPod touch. Since I had the IPod with me in the Kitchen I could remember the items long enough to enter them. SO I finally thought I had things fixed for my shopping.
Avatar f tn I have a baby supply list in my journals. A lot of it you don't need now but its my list but it may help.
Avatar n tn Had to shop for dinner guest on the 20th. Forgot my list, however, I remembered every thing except 1 item which we already had at home.