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Avatar n tn Make sure if you order it though, you get the Live Right for your Blood Type, not the Eat Right for your Blood Type. The Live Right is a newer version of the book and also recommends different exercises according to a person's blood type. What's more, the book deals with people that are affected by autoimmune disorders and things you can do in those situations.
Avatar m tn 2cmx 1cmx 1cm - I am not being monitored by a pit centre ( good suggestion) - My neuro surgeon is super experienced from what i understand - I think my endo is a normal endo ( another good point ) My surgeon seems to think my tumour is (slowly) shrinking, and because it is a secretor, he recommends us not to operate right now.. but rather see if the meds do their thing. regarding the weird odour, I have seen an ent who ruled out a sinus infection.