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Avatar f tn Flare-ups of pre-existing >auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis >and Crohn's Disease are common. Marijuana can mitigate the majority >of these side effects as well as offering effective help to those >patients where alpha-interferon treatment is not indicated.
Avatar f tn Perhaps their bodies aren't actually trying to break down the aspartame and ignoring actual sugars. Perhaps instead, their blood sugar levels are not kept where they were prior to switching to diet soda and so they are unconsciously consuming more food that probably has more calories in it than the soda would have had in it.
921323 tn?1268679412 But as a result of this visual similarity, I’ve found that a good number of the posted comments were written in defense of this “miracle” diet, which combines supplementation with a hormone first detected in the urine of pregnant women (yep) and...a daily 500 calorie restriction. So I thought it was a good idea to readdress the issue, with a renewed focus on HCG this time. Drum roll please... I think the HCG Diet is a bad idea for at least three reasons.
Avatar n tn well my dr called me after my first blood tsh came in at 6.48 the ones she just took came back my tsh was 4.08 and my cholestrol is high 224 and my lhl level was high 139 shw said to do nothing and wait i told her i want to see an endo crinoligist i stil think ishuold be on meds do you guys agree or should ijust take the wait approach?
8256587 tn?1399901106 Hi I was diagnosed Hashimoto's in January of this year. Here are all blood test results from November 2011 to May 2014. November 2011 TSH - 5.2 (0.2-4.2) FT4 - 16.8 (12-22) February 2012 TSH - 2.2 (0.2-4.2) FT4 not done as TSH normal January 2013 TSH - 0.69 (0.2-4.2) FT4 not done as TSH normal Anti-TPO antibodies - 84 (negative range below 34) May 2013 TSH - 22 (0.2-4.2) FT4 - 10.9 (10-22) Started on Levothyroxine at 25mcg, 50mcg and then 75mcg August 2013 TSH - 4 (0.2-4.
1047234 tn?1253547296 I do have FM but not this blood type. I've never heard of this type. What is it? why do you think there is a link?
231441 tn?1333896366 It's only six pm and and I've already exceeded my 1900 calories allowed for the day by 300. They've told me I should stick with this diet plan very strictly. Maybe this is a result of sticking to the cals yesterday and doing a 3-hr bike ride (est at 1200-1500 cals).
Avatar n tn and if they aren't, they'll heal anyways after a few years of being on my new diet. My Celiac extended blood panel results: I had another, separate blood test yesterday to assess anemia, and all levels tested (not shown here) were normal, so I believe I'm good there. My wife has been contesting everything I've heard from doctors so far (denial?...
Avatar f tn You're right for wanting to put more of your focus into eating healthier rather than following some kind of diet. Diets are usually some type of temporary fix, and once you get off that diet, you will end up gaining weight back. A lifestyle change is a much better approach and is something that will work out for the long run.
233616 tn?1312790796 com/2011/05/videoinsulin-resistance-cuts-cure-rate.html end, activity and monitoring blood sugars are part of the equation whether we like it or not. CoWriter was ahead of her time...why some forum members castigate those more knowledgable is beyond me, but I feel it's time a few people write and apologize to CoWriter for the ill treatment she recieved in here. You know who you are. The only thing scarier than the being afraid of the truth.
Avatar f tn The LCHF diet is different to such diets as the Atkins diet as there are no ‘stages’ to work through, so the diet can be followed indefinitely. Who is the diet for? The diet, because of its low requirement for insulin, has been recognised by the Swedish government as being suitable for people with type 2 diabetes and as helpful to individuals looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Which foods can I eat on the LCHF diet?
Avatar f tn I have been working to reduce my weight since (down 25 lbs, 25 to go) and adjusted my diet to eliminate as much sugar as I could conveniently manage to do. Latest fasting glucose reading is 109 (this reading being more typical of the impaired fasting glucose levels of the past 5 years), glyco of 6.2 after 3 months of my revised diet. I have doubt that losing the other 25 lbs will fix the problem, since I was experiencing high fasting glucose levels 5 years ago when I was at a normal weight.
Avatar f tn the controversy is whether or not mild to moderate elevations in blood sugar in otherwise healthy women who are pregnant actually is diabetes or not.... that said, the diabetes diets in general are a pretty good way to eat, so there is no harm in cutting out processed sugars and simple carbs....
Avatar n tn NBCT, Thanks for your question. There has been some controversy surrounding this subject, but the most recent study (and I can't find it on a Sunday) found a correlation between "white coat hypertension" and increased events commonly seen with hypertension. Nevertheless, the diagnosis of hypertension rests on repeated findings of elevated blood pressure, unless the person presents with stage 4 hypertension or hypertensive urgency.
Avatar n tn I understand there is controversy concerning diuretics for blood pressure treatment and glucose levels. By how much should 12.5 mg or 25 mg of Thiazide diuretics cause blood sugar to rise? If ones potassium levels remain good is this less of a problem? If thiazides increase glucose levels, would this level of increase reverse if the thiazide treatment is suspended?
Avatar f tn Kelji79 There are many good books on the AI diets... you might also want to look at the blood type diet/lifestyle, it helped me incredibly in my inital stages. I would also recommend the Autoimmune Epidemic (by Donna Jackson) for autoimmune in general. A good friend also completely cured herself of AI via diet and a bio drainage program taking homeopathic remedies.
Avatar m tn Dec 18, 2013 The long-awaited update to guidelines for the management of hypertension -- from the panel appointed to the Eighth Joint National Committee (JNC 8) -- raises the recommended blood pressure threshold to determine the need for drug therapy in many patients.
2015036 tn?1333001388 IF I needed them, I would go with diet first with natural ingredients that contain this, then oral supplements. it depends on the individual I guess but somehow vitamin shots goes against my natural beliefs!
188761 tn?1584571220 I wanted to know, in case there are blood clots found what's the percentage of clotage that would require angioplasty. Secondly, can angioplasty be avoided by any sort of medicine / procedure ?
Avatar m tn I am curious because I have gained afew pounds and in thje past the only thing that seems to work these days is a Atkins type Diet.
Avatar m tn For instance, research from the University of Texas has found that mice fed the artificial sweetener aspartame had higher blood sugar levels (which can cause you to overeat) than mice on an aspartame-free diet. Not only are they bad for your health, scientists have detected artificial sweeteners in treated wastewater, posing unknown risks to fish and other marine life.
Avatar m tn Much of this is due to a set of amazing phytonutrients that can increase blood flow to the brain, protect blood vessels, and boost mood and focus. White chocolate is missing all this goodness." The Solution: Indulging in a chocolate treat? Look for organic versions from companies like Theo and NibMor.
Avatar f tn My doctor didn't really explain much but is sending me for further blood work up. Any idea what this means? I'm a little scared because I haven't been feeling like myself for some time. Should I be worried? Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn In order to maintain a dose of thyroid hormone that is right for you, blood tests for thyroid function will need to be checked periodically. Generally, these blood tests are every two months shortly after surgery until a stable dose has been achieved and then less frequently. It was once believed that patients with a history of thyroid cancer needed to take very high doses of thyroid hormone medication.
Avatar m tn During the next round of the debate I pointed out that Barry Sears had not answered my question. Therefore, I must assume he cannot and does not follow his own diet. He admits to only 35 pounds of weight loss over the past 4 years (less than 9 pounds a year), therefore he must be consuming at least 2300 calories a day.
315318 tn?1353255400 5 is not particularly low. It equals an average blood sugar of around 180. Truely normal non-diabetic blood sugar will give an A1C in the range of about 4.3 - 5.0. Ideally your A1C would be a bit lower if you can achieve this without having lows. best way to do this is to reduce the amount of carbs you eat (iwth close monitoring as lowering carbs can also lower insulin requirements).
457617 tn?1254484677 Course now all the sugary products had to be got rid of as i was put on insulin three times a day to control my blood sugar levels, and of course i had to have more scans in my pregnancy than was usual. This is to watch for signs of the baby growing too large. My liver was also tested, which was fine to start with, so no worries at all. The scans always showed a healthy normal baby slowly growing and all was well.
Avatar f tn To determine if a woman has low serum ferritin levels, a blood test is performed. (It is important to note that hemoglobin is the standard measure for iron in the blood, and while hemoglobin levels can diagnose anemia, they do not always correspond with low serum ferritin hair loss. A woman can have plenty of hemoglobin, yet still suffer from low serum ferritin levels.) When it comes to ferritin levels and female hair, ferritin levels are simply more important to the body.
562575 tn?1217295935 he was the most awesome dr we had ever met. he ran an ekg, did blood work and urine test. i could not believe it. he sat and talked to us for almost 2 hours. some drs really do care.
Avatar f tn Some time passed and i still didn't feel any relief for any of my symptoms. More blood work revealed that I was lacking vitamin D. So I then stared taking a high level of vitamin D supplement. She then took my off the vitamin D when those number were back in the normal range and when my pain still persisted she prescribed meloxicam in addition to the plaquenil. I was unsatisfied with her care because after a year I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere..