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Avatar n tn nothing i could see in her diet....i'm looking to find out where i can obtain a listing of foods to avoid and foods to eat....all i find is diet plans, how many grams of what is in it etc... all i really want is for her to have a list of the foods she can have without fearing her sugar will go up, snacks she can have or not have her age its hard for her to figure out calories, grams, exchange groups and all that...
2123020 tn?1335049058 My diet is good how can I control my hypertension since its causing high blood pressure.
1286779 tn?1400016406 Sometimes patients are undertreated, which makes losing weight much harder. Best diet for thyroid is generally lower carb type diet. Avoid junk food, highly processed foods, and sugars. Don't eat too much fruit, or drink fruit juices. Some people with thyroid conditions do much better following gluten free diet. Would be good if you can be tested for celiac. Sometimes celiac and thyroid occur together. Hope this helps. btw, all caps means you are "yelling".
72351 tn?1281996142 I have a question about diet. I am a city bus driver. We do not have lunch breaks and must eat on the go, have to nibble throughout the day. That poses a problem when it comes to taking a test 2 hrs after eating as I am nibbling throughout day. Any helpful hints? Also, I am not having any troubles keeping my sugar down during the day. It has been anywhere from 93-110.
Avatar n tn I am not a doctor or a nutrionist, I am a mom of a child with type 1 and the daughter of a type 2 diabetic. I can tell you from experience only. I would suggest that you contact a nutrionist in your area. I have done this with my daughter, and have gotten my mom to do this and it has made a difference, especially since my mother is on a special diet due to religious reasons. The first thing I would do is written down what you normally like too eat for each type of meal.
Avatar n tn org/education/liverlowdown/ll0813/healthyfoods/ I gave up eating meat but I think that one could eat meat in moderation and still have a liver friendly diet fresh, unprocessed foods are key - fresh veggies, fruits, grains. And coffee seems to be good for one's liver (at least there's that!) no drinking of course, at all, ever...
Avatar f tn and how big a impact those words of change your diet would have !! The last couple of days I have been walking around a lil stunned not really knowing what the heck to do. I'm afraid to eat !! instead of wheat bread the say white :( it is 25 mg of Phos. Barley 1/2 cup 40mg piece of salmon 279mg. a apple 15mg. this is just a example It is in everything we eat ! we drink ! I have a list of what is bad and what is better for me..but the better for me is in very small portions..
1230912 tn?1273496370 Hi Ginosmommy What a good question. This is something I've also wondered about as a RhNeggie myself. My RhNeg family members also suffer from autoimmune disorders which manifest in different ways. After my first child I had sx for which I had to be MS tested. (Over time most of the sx proved to be related to osteo-arthritis - so, auto-immune inflammation caused by pregnancy hormones?
Avatar f tn Mushrooms to Add to Your Diet A few of my favorite health-enhancing mushroom species include: Shiitake (Lentinula edodes): Shiitake is a popular culinary mushroom used in dishes around the world. It contains a number of health-stimulating agents, including lentinan, the polysaccharide for which it was named.
Avatar n tn Dear Lau1123, We are volunteers with lots of experience in Type 1 diabetes, and none of us is a medical professional. Be sure to continue working with your doctor, and -- if you're not convinced you're geting clear & complete information from her/him -- do ask for a second opinion or seek out a specialist. Endocrinologists are specialists who treat endocrine diseases like diabetes.
Avatar f tn As for Soy, Asians eat a lot of soy in their diet, Soy formula is a good choice for infants, Soy-containing foods help prevent osteoporosis, Soy is a healthy food for adults, Soy helps improve libido in men. The above about Soy is false. Those who eat large amounts of soy, especially non-fermented soy, have severe hormonal imbalances that are very difficult or impossible to correct without eliminating or drastically reducing soy in the diet. i have seen soy as an ingredient added to tea bags!
Avatar n tn Geez, I'd be very sick if I had soy like I supposedly should because Im a A blood type, I have a soy allergy!! blood type diets probably arent best for me!!!
Avatar n tn Try the blood type diet. worked for me. lost 60 lbs in six months. Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo has a book out that makes a ton of sense called "eating right 4 your type". It works!
Avatar f tn Can anyone share experience with the combo of raw foods and blood values and hep c? Can anyone recommend a holistic MD somewhere in the mid-Atlantic area who can help me? I feel that the better enzyme level is encouraging, yet I am terrified by the dropping other values...I am sorely tempted to see what the next bloodwork shows, as I trust the healing power of the food (with the enzymes) to be somewhat corrective. Any help??? Thanks and BTW, this is my first post!
Avatar f tn You are mixing apples and oranges, casey (so to speak!). I'm assuming you are a Type II diabetic since you're posting here. In order to control your blood sugar you need to limit your carb intake. Unfortunately there is no exact number of carbs to eat. Some people, especially Type 2's have good results with controlling their diabetes by eating very low carb like 30 a day. Others do well with "lowish" or moderate carbs like 100.
Avatar n tn Yikes, has your friend been to a dietician? Has her dr told her some of the obvious foods that would make her sick. Is the pancreatitis caused by her diabetes or gastroenteritis? Is she type II, non insulin dependent? The magic thing to say to try and fix all is avoid everything that makes you sick, but of course when everything makes you sick then what? Personally I think she should eat very small meals and a lot of them, due all her stomach issues.
Avatar m tn glycemic index but I disagree with them. I have managed to lower my A1C from a 9.8 to a 6 all with exercise and diet. You can do this, zeppo, and I will be rooting for you!
Avatar m tn but i get attacked by pasta and pizza from time to time. i really have cut back a lot on my diet but need other tips so that my a-1c gets better. any ideas?
Avatar n tn According to them that certain food taken that suppose to suit the blood type is more beneficial to that person then the food that is not beneficial. would that do any justification what we have been thought that a well balance diet is important to our body. thank you.
Avatar n tn You're avoiding extra sugar which is great, but most carbs break down into sugar, so a lower carb diet really helps control blood sugar. The other two big things are portion control and fiber. Start looking at nutrional labels and being mindful of how *much* of any food item you are eating. High fiber diet is great for everyone, especially diabetics and those of us with problems controlling cholesterol.
1346724 tn?1282326504 If you plan on getting your child tested for that (if he has strange bm's, diarrhea, etc) you'll want to wait until after you get the test to start the diet. They can't do a blood test for celiac if you're already gluten-free. Good luck!
Avatar m tn I am a 65 year old man.My height is 185cm and my weight is 97KG My fasting blood glucose was found to be 122 and 2hours after food it was 154 and my AIC was 6.6%.My doctor prescribed for me GLUCOPHAGE 500 twice daily but the side effects of this medicine were terrible and so i stopped it. I tried to walk for 1/2 hour daily and to avoid sugars but my problem is that i eat alot of bread and rice. Please advise me what foods to avoid and if there is an alternative to GLUCOPHAG.
Avatar n tn You did not state what type of food you were eating, just the amount of calories 1200-1500 calories per day. What is important is what type of foods you eat that make-up that calorie intake. Eating healthy is eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.
Avatar n tn Is there any type of vitamins/foods I can take to help restore the Optic nerve I recently am on prednisone that seems to help alittle bit but I am trying to find a way to strenthen it? ie: carrots or something to get it back or a little bit better?
Avatar f tn Her brain goes into a fog and she does not test well. She is suppose to go to college. Her diet it a good protein breakfast sandwich for lunch with bananas and chip ( not to many) Dinner - high protien and fruit If she eats alot of carb's she get sick and faints. Her color drop out of her face and is so pale. The important thing is that she drinks alot of water beverages and no caffenine I am sorry about your daughter I wish we could find a magic pill to help.
8369322 tn?1397830269 0, I was given 90 days to see a significant drift downward, or begin a drug therapy. I immediately began a paleo style diet. I refused to eat anything containing "white"; bread, sugar, rice, potatoes, pasta...PASTA!!. I also shunned grains of any kind like rolled oats, wheat. Also out were honey, most fruits, lots of types of beans, peas, and corn. All fruit juices were banished. Do you realize how many oranges you must consume to yield a large glass of orange juice?
Avatar n tn Good job getting a hold on your blood sugars -- that is the first step. I talked to a dietitian friend of mine to find out what foods a person with gastroparesis should eat. Her response was: soft food no/low fiber low fat easily digested eat like you have a stomach virus fish grilled or broiled Also, watch insulin check bg frequently Fats and fiber slow down digestion and if you have gastroparesis it may make it worse.
Avatar f tn There is also a book by Dr. D'Adamo called Live Right for Your Blood type To Moonpanda - I know the diet might not be genetically accurate but for me it is so interesting. My mom is type O too and she had to have thyroid surgery and she suffers from ulcers just like the book says. To ILADVOCATE: It may not be accurate according to the book there are thousands of people that have tried the diet with success, but like Paranoid_catacylsm said it's kinda fun to find out about.