Blood tinged discharge before period starts

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Avatar f tn I have the watery discharge only during my period. It soaks through my clothes. I have painful stabbing cramps several days before my period starts. I haven't experienced any clots as of yet. I have been out of regular work for over 5 mos and though my daughter has insurance, I have none for myself so it's good to hear your findings when you have them. I wonder how doctors receive information about other patients experiencing the same problems as their patients and that it's gone undiagnosed.
Avatar n tn It is not just after my period it starts out as a light brown creamy discharge with a slight odor, then I get my period. During my period the blood is mixed with a normal brown discharge and it is a little clumpy. Then after my period is over I have a dark brown clumpy (not to be gross but it looks like poop) discharge. That goes on for about a week then it starts all over again...
Avatar n tn Often it happens when I bow down. The blood is bright. I feel my throat dry. I went to doctor before 1 month and I told him everything and he gave me an antibiotic (spray for throat) named Bioparox. I used it 10 days, and then 3 weeks I didn't feel taste of blood and I dind't notice a blood in my saliva, but now it's happening again. I think it might be gastritis, but I am not noticing any strange feelings, pains, or whatever else strange.
Avatar n tn your story sounds similar to the one i'm going through right now....i know, it's the most frustrating thing ever. do you ever have an internal itching/burning or is it just the swollen labia and discharge? one thing that i'm learning is that if they take a sample when symptoms are not there, it's not going to show anything. Have they done a culture? That might help figure out exactly what it is that they are not seeing on the slides.
Avatar n tn I started 3 days before period and stopped while I had my period as soon as the period stopped the itching started again. I thought it might be a yeast infection (even though there was no discharge) took 3 day treatment no itching and when treatment was over it came right back. The itching happens through the day off and on. I can go a day or two with no itching and then it comes back. I went to the Doctor and she found nothing.
Avatar n tn I am so glad to know that I'm not the only one who is trying to find out if I'm pg before I miss my period. My last m/c was Nov. 4. I ovulated Nov. 21-22. I've already done 4 tests all of which have been negative. I even had a blood pg test done Nov. 26 which also was negative. But then I asked how long after actual conception will a blood test be able to tell, and they said a week and a half to 2 weeks. So it was even too early to tell.
Avatar f tn trying to concieve had my period twice in one month at the end of the last period (brownish discharge) can i fall pregnant now?
Avatar n tn i urinated a few minutes after ejaculating and blood came out along with a very big blood clot at the end. i had sexual intercourse about 7 or 8 times before seeing a doctor. the same occurred except for 2 times, in which no blood appeared. but the majority of times blood came out in the sperm, or only after ejaculation during urination, or both in the sperm and the urine. once i woke up without having had sex that week and urinated blood.
8650265 tn?1421569013 I lost mine yesterday in about 3 intervals .. The first had blood in it and if its your mucus plug you will know .. Its name says it all.
Avatar f tn I've never usually had any problems with my period before. I can't work out if this is to do with my digestive system or my reproductive system. Has anyone had this before??
Avatar f tn Estrogen dominance could be corrected simply by supplementing transdermally with a 2% NATURAL Progesterone cream, starting with 2-3 times daily, about half teaspoon each time, rubbing it on smooth parts of your body, 3 weeks before your period and stop when your period starts. There are a lot more considerations and possibilities, nonetheless, the aforementioned make sense to me and I hope they resonate with you.
11715504 tn?1422290015 Your bloody show is not your mucus plug your mucus plug can be blood tinged and slightly spotty but your bloody show is completely different. Once your body starts to go into labor and consistently dilate you will start to bleed and it will become more and more so if you start to bleed like alot I would immediately go in because that means baby is close to making his/her entrance.
Avatar f tn lol id be freaking out too. when addy was born she had a drop of blood tinged mucus from her vagina. i guess they get our hormones and its like a little period, my baby!!! haha. makes sense they could have other hormone issues as well.
1035252 tn?1427231433 today I'm cramping and passing jelly-like clots of blood and my vaginal discharge is tinged with bright red blood. Did I overdo it? am I just starting my first post-partum period? I'm only 3 1/2wks postpartum (4wks next wednesday)...but I keep forgetting it hasn't been that long; I feel so NORMAL.
Avatar n tn C and then the Nova sure. After a couple of weeks of discharge I haven't seen any sign of a period (I'm well over due for one). I read somewhere that if you have the procedure close to your cycle it works well (I was on your period when I had it done). i don't think I'll have any more periods since it's been over a month since I had one.
Avatar n tn I have cramps like I have my period and clear discharge, but I am doing great. However, I had the Lupron shot two months ago in preperation of this procedure and I am still getting hot flashes! When will that wear off!
Avatar n tn I experienced some small bleeding on my underwear before I went to bed on Tues Sept 15 which is 25 days after my period and about a week before my period is due so i'm assuming it is implantation bleeding. I woke up the next morning with nothing on my underwear but when I wiped I had some brown discharge. I wore a tampon that day and took it out 7hrs later which had pretty much nothing on it just some brownish pink discharge. I havent bled since.
Avatar n tn I'm finding i am cramping badly the last few days, and I'm not bleeding until I go to the bathroom--about once a day (last night before bed, and just about an hour ago) --I pass a large volume of blood tinged mucous (definately a orangey-red color), followed by brown discharge upon wiping (ie. its quite mucousy in that I have to wipe a few times--sorry for graphic detail). Then nothing for about 12-24 hours--my pad is empty, until the cramping starts back up.
Avatar n tn However it got a bit heavier almost as a flow but not close to a period flow. The blood (and when wipe discharge) is brown and has a stong smell like when my period ends. Coincidentally the morning sickness just started with the metallic taste in my mouth that constantly wants me to have sumthing inn it so I don't feel that taste. All in all the pregnancy symptoms are only getting stronger. I will go back to the hospital tomorrow to test my hcg levels and try and get more rest.
1123420 tn?1350564758 According to this it's different - During pregnancy, your cervical opening becomes blocked with a thick plug of mucus that prevents bacteria from entering the uterus. When your cervix begins to loosen, this mucous plug is dislodged. Some women notice the passage of the mucous plug (what exactly is that in the toilet?), others don't (especially if you're the flush-and-rush type). Unfortunately, the discharge of the mucous plug is in no way a reliable indicator of when labor might begin.
Avatar n tn seeing that your doctor said the 4 week mark helps me bc i am convinced i am but it has only been about 2 weeks since i missed it so if a blood test comes back negative i wont be able to believe it until my period starts again!
Avatar n tn They guessed that it bnwas the suppositories that was causing some irritation and there was nothing to worry about. Since then, I notice some red tinged discharge in the morning, usually the first time I go to the bathroom after using the suppositories. Any light spotting while using them I dont' think is cause for concern.
Avatar n tn I don't have spotting today, but i noticed a change in the color of discharge (cm). This is normal about 2-3 days before a period BUT i am hoping it is implantation? I tested yesterday (cd10) and it was negative. I just don't want AF to show up, damn it. Any advice on the monitor or implantation bleeding? I did some reading online and this is the right timing for implantation... I read that most spotting occurs on day 28... and well, I am on day 29.
Avatar n tn Spotting in my case is not. Mine usually start out like a pale peachey colour, then pink, or mucus tinged with blood and then full fledge bleeding. I'm really sorry you are going through this. Have you contacted your doctor to tell him. Maybe they will run levels on you and give you a better idea as to what is going on. Please keep us posted on how you are doing.
Avatar f tn so today is CD 16 and after I came back from my dance class I saw blood tinged EWCM in the TP...this was just once and nothing since then...I have a 26-28 day cycle. If its ovulation bleeding don't you guys think its late for me to ovulate at CD 16? I have been having EWCM for quite a few days now. Let me know your views. I am curious if anyone experienced anything like this. Baby dust to all you wonderful ladies!
Avatar n tn Does enyone know if it could have gone upward insread of out? My period has been like clock work before and since I got my IUD and now I have missed one. I was very ill for a week, I could not eat or even function for that matter. I feel better now, but I am very stressed about where this thing is. I cannot be pregnant because my husband has had a vasectomy.
Avatar n tn I am very regular so this is odd for me. I took a test the week before my period was due, and it was negative. I felt maybe it was just too early to test so i took another the week after my period was due. Still negative. I have now took a third because i'm experiencing symptoms all of which are foreign to me. i'm tired, my breasts are so sore, i'm very moody, and most importantly i missed my period which is scary in itself. Again, the third test was negative. Any advice?
Avatar n tn Recently I had a rush discharge where I had to run to the restroom. There was blood on my dress. The blood is pink. I went to my primary care physician who said I had a bladder infection because she thought I was bleeding from my urine are and she prescribed an antibiotic. She did not do a pap smear. I went to a different doctor later that day and she did a pap smear.
Avatar n tn It has now been 9 days and I still feel fine. I had cramping that was no worse than during a bad period, and a minimal pink-tinged discharge for a couple of days. I am alarmed to hear so many people had a bad experience. My recommendation is that you ask how experienced the doctor is in this procedure, and what the rate of infection or complications has been for their patients. If they are not willing to tell you this information, you should strongly consider finding another doctor.
Avatar n tn my recent period I got it on Sept. 5 and it was brown and pink for discharge for about 4 days then it got red for about 2 days and that was it.......and ever since then I've been nauseous at night but I still feel hungry all day long........the other thing is my stomach feels very bloated all the time.......I haven't tested because I figured that I wasn't preg because I got my period although it wasn't as heavy or as long as it usually is.........