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Avatar n tn The hospital was horrible, i had to visit two times in one day and they never gave me a diagnosis. The second trip they actually ran blood test but when the doctor saw me he never told me anything about my blood labs and sent me home with pain meds. These are my Blood lab results. WBC....19.6 (H).....(4.0-10.0) HGB.....15.9(H)......(11.7-15.7) HCT....47.0(H)......(35-46) MCV....87.5......(80-99) RDW....13.0......(11.4-14.6) PLT....234......(150-400) MPV....10.6......(7.4-10.4) GRAN%...
3093770 tn?1389742726 I thought I will post my results as a reference for others. Visist at the Rheumatologist was becasue I was experimenting intense pain in the joints. I was sore even when I was breathing. Pan started around 5 weeks after tx I will have to do Xrays for the joints and spine as he wants to check for spondilitys ankylosing beside many other things.
1253197 tn?1331212710 I would really appreciate anyone's comments particularly in relation to blood test results. The ones I have listed are the only significant ones as she has had quite a few done. Also do you think my approach is sensible. I have a telephone consultation with GP on Monday prior to taking my daughter to see her on Tuesday as there are things I want to ask without her being there as I do not want to panic her. Cheers Sarah PS I am from England so health system different to USA!
Avatar f tn I am on week 3 of my treatment & everything has gone fine until now. I look ed at my weekly blood tests and compared them. My virus load appears to slowly be coming down (ALT) (AST), thats good. In fact week 3 showed my AST normal for the first time . But my white blood cells are now down to 1.1 and my red blood cells came down slightly, but at the same time my platelets went up?
Avatar f tn 30 + vials What are all the blood tests measuring? May must be repeating testing of the same tests. One vial can produce a number of different tests. I was within weeks of transplant (before I become ineligible for transplant at least temporary) and never had that many blood draws. Is your MELD score fluctuating a lot? * All blood tests are explained at * Each lab has different norms. The norms for your tests come with the results.
Avatar m tn There is just nothing that you describe that makes me concerned that you might have genital herpes I think what you do have is anxiety and guilt about a sexual experience that was outside of your marriage (at least the scenario sounds that way) and your are terrified you might have transferred something to your wife, or might in the future. I hope you will accept the test results and move on with your life. This has been a very long time to stay worried about this, don't you think?
Avatar f tn My husband just got his test results and have NO idea what this means so I hope someone can translate this. TRIG-338H TOTAL CHOL.-214 HDL-28L LDL-118 CHOL/HDLC RATIO-7.6H GLUCOSE-125H HEMOGLOBIN A1c-6.2H Does this mean heart disease,diabetic or what.Any information wouild be great because this is the first time I have had blood test.
483088 tn?1212349849 I guess even if it does identify any vitamin/mineral deficiencies I still may need to ask for the blood test screening so the doc takes results seriously - cant imagine he would listen to this test? I'm actuall getting this test free on a health savings policy I have - so nothing t lose and everything to gain by the recommendations!
Avatar m tn So they drew blood again, sent it out for testing and asked me to come back in a week. When I got my results they explained my results as follows: Particle Agglutination (PA) test HIV1 and HIV 1/2: negative Antigen Antibody test: negative Also they performed a PCR test (40 copies/ml and above): negative The doctor said they did not perform a Western Blot test.
Avatar n tn Disregard any and all other HSV blood test results, and do not share your current results with anyone or draw any conclusion from them, either for or against HSV-2 infection. For further information, search the STD Forum threads using search terms "IgM", "herpes diagnosis", and "HerpeSelect test".
Avatar n tn I recently had my blood test results for HCV completed. After reviewing the results, my question is, "do I have a moderate, chronic or severe case of HCV?" The liver specialist (MD) seemed to be evasive. He is also a gastroenterological MD and seemed more interested in performing my next endoscopy and colonoscopy. SGOT (AST): - 101 SGOT (ALT): - 142 HCV RNA PCR: 6,000,000 (yes, 6 million) HCV LOG10: > 6.
Avatar f tn ok so the nurse just called me and said that my AM blood cortisol results are 34.8 (lab range for AM blood is 5-23). the endo wants me to do a 24hr urine and creatinine. i am freaking out. does this mean i have cushings????????? i'm scared...
327385 tn?1378364331 she she wrote me and told me to join a weight loss progam. my test results are (normal)?? im confused she says i have hypopituitary but i dont need meds or any more bloodwork. i just need any help if i am normal . this drives me crazy. cortisol am 1.0 (4.3-22.4) tsh 0.2 (0.35-5.0) t4 free 1.1 (0.7-1.5) bun 6 (9-23) sodium lvl 137 (132-146) chloride 109 (98-107) alk phos 129 (25-100) co2 23 (20-31) bill total 0.3 (0.3-1.2) creatinine 0.7 (0.7-1.3) my worry is im dizzy the room isent spinnig .
Avatar f tn A where I tested they don't want to here about your exposure they look at the results and by the restults I had they asked me to test again and when the test give mixed results they don't have any answers they just say its very rare and if they where so educated I wouldn't be asking questions on this forum.
1351676 tn?1301343036 Hi, how did the result from the blood test go? Fingers crossed for you. I have mine on Fri 28th Jan. Hope I get a good result. I got a positive OPK Friday so I think its good.
Avatar f tn Please post your last few sets of thyroid related test results and reference ranges shown on the lab report. Have you had an untrasound test for your thyroid gland?
976897 tn?1379171202 Now it turns out it could be hyperthyroidism and is due for a backup blood test in march. They said his results were just borderline. Having read about this disorder, many of his symptoms seem to match. What worries me though is, could his lower than average cholesterol simply be due to a speeded up metabolism? If he is put on medication will this increase.
Avatar m tn so is your breathing difficult? anyway, a simple blood test will tell if any of your electrolytes are low and it is a COMMON occurance if you've been on chemo. the longer the chemo, the more common, and the more vomitting or diarrea the more common. So before taking Lyrica, or any drug which may be hard on your liver, find out you potassium level. Pick up some pottasium at your store, health food store, or order it online.
9070037 tn?1414636566 Yesterday I had a follow up appt. with my gyn. She explained to me that the blood work came out with abnormal results. That there is a 50% of having a baby with down syndrome. I'm 38 yrs. and this is my first pregnancy.I'm on my 15 weeks already. I had to do some more blood work and an anatomy ultrasound. I can' t avoid feeling sad and worried. I really don't want to find out more, because No matter how my baby comes I will still want and love him. Has anyone had been told something like that?
Avatar n tn He suggested a diet change and excersize ( I weigh 105 by the way). He had some blood work done on me and when the results arrived I called the office and spoke to a nurse. She explained the doctor said everything seemed good exept my thyroid levels were Borderline .....??? And the Doctor wanted to wait an additional three months. I personally feel there is something to worry about.
Avatar f tn The specialist sent me to an infectious disease specialist where I have taken two more tests, since April and they all keep coming back indeterminate. My last test was this past Tuesday, July 14th. I received the call today that my test results are still indeterminate. She explained all about the Elsa and Western Blot tests and she tested me for autoimmune diseases, cancer, syphilis, etc. and nothing came back positive. I went to a naturalist last month and explained my whole situation.
Avatar n tn There is risk of transmission through oral sex but it has never been actually proven. I doubt the blood went inside your pee hole. The circumstances would have to be exact and that's too much thinking. Your 2 month negative test is very reliable that your hiv negative. I would suggest one more test for your own sanity though. I think it would help you sleep better.
4422048 tn?1354570957 Got my Thyroid blood test & Gluten results today. Gluten came back negative which i expected cos i hardly really eat gluten foods as they make me ill & i wasn't gonna eat gluten foods just for the sake of the test to only feel ill all the time. Plus they only tested me for the 6 common glutens out of all 24 glutens. Dr Kirk Gair says its the uncommon glutens that i will react to more than the common glutens.
Avatar n tn not sure why, but was hoping anyone offer any help with the results, since aparently this is a autoimmune test? ANA Screen....POSITIVE ANA Pattern...Speckled ANA Titer.....