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Avatar f tn I am on week 3 of my treatment & everything has gone fine until now. I look ed at my weekly blood tests and compared them. My virus load appears to slowly be coming down (ALT) (AST), thats good. In fact week 3 showed my AST normal for the first time . But my white blood cells are now down to 1.1 and my red blood cells came down slightly, but at the same time my platelets went up?
Avatar n tn The hospital was horrible, i had to visit two times in one day and they never gave me a diagnosis. The second trip they actually ran blood test but when the doctor saw me he never told me anything about my blood labs and sent me home with pain meds. These are my Blood lab results. WBC....19.6 (H).....(4.0-10.0) HGB.....15.9(H)......(11.7-15.7) HCT....47.0(H)......(35-46) MCV....87.5......(80-99) RDW....13.0......(11.4-14.6) PLT....234......(150-400) MPV....10.6......(7.4-10.4) GRAN%...
976897 tn?1379167602 Now it turns out it could be hyperthyroidism and is due for a backup blood test in march. They said his results were just borderline. Having read about this disorder, many of his symptoms seem to match. What worries me though is, could his lower than average cholesterol simply be due to a speeded up metabolism? If he is put on medication will this increase.
Avatar f tn My husband just got his test results and have NO idea what this means so I hope someone can translate this. TRIG-338H TOTAL CHOL.-214 HDL-28L LDL-118 CHOL/HDLC RATIO-7.6H GLUCOSE-125H HEMOGLOBIN A1c-6.2H Does this mean heart disease,diabetic or what.Any information wouild be great because this is the first time I have had blood test.
Avatar m tn Actually what happened is that I took this test at a free clinic, so when the results came out I went for the appointment with this doctor that I never met and he seriously impacted my life.He had the report in his hands and he explained to me that on all the STDs test results nothing was detected.But he told me that I may be positive on the HIV test, That he thinks I am positive, 90% positive. That he would have to do the test again but he doesn't think it will change any thing.
483088 tn?1212346249 I guess even if it does identify any vitamin/mineral deficiencies I still may need to ask for the blood test screening so the doc takes results seriously - cant imagine he would listen to this test? I'm actuall getting this test free on a health savings policy I have - so nothing t lose and everything to gain by the recommendations!
Avatar n tn It refers to the quantity of hemoglobin in red corpuscles. To have your MCH blood test results explained you would need to visit the doctor. MCH is determined by the percentage of red cells and the amount of hemoglobin present in blood. An MCH blood test is carried out to determine hemoglobin in the red corpuscles to diagnose anemia. MCH is calculated and expressed as picograms or pg per cell. The MCH blood test normal range is 27.5 to 33.5 pg.
Avatar m tn False positives happen, something in your body at the time triggers a false positive. You have 1 negative antibody test, you then have another confirmation test that is negative. You don't have HIV.
Avatar n tn Your test results show that your kidney disease is CKD2, you should pay attention to your disease, if the kidney disease continues to develop, you can only dialysis, kidney transplant or traditional Chinese medicine detoxification and kidney treatment.
Avatar n tn He suggested a diet change and excersize ( I weigh 105 by the way). He had some blood work done on me and when the results arrived I called the office and spoke to a nurse. She explained the doctor said everything seemed good exept my thyroid levels were Borderline .....??? And the Doctor wanted to wait an additional three months. I personally feel there is something to worry about.
Avatar n tn hello, I just took a home pregnancy test about a week ago and it showed positive so I scheduled a blood test with the doctor and it also came back positive but they said I am only A WEEK this posible? I thought that a home pregnancy test would not reveal pregnancy for at least 3 weeks.
Avatar f tn Can you explain to me my results of 1.61 tested 3-3-11? Last test was 8/10/10 results were <.90. How long have I had this? I had a bad cold sore in February of 2010, the doctor asked was i with one partner i said yes and they just gave me antibotics, they never tested the bumps. Could I have had herpes then and tested negative in August?
Avatar n tn I recently had my blood test results for HCV completed. After reviewing the results, my question is, "do I have a moderate, chronic or severe case of HCV?" The liver specialist (MD) seemed to be evasive. He is also a gastroenterological MD and seemed more interested in performing my next endoscopy and colonoscopy. SGOT (AST): - 101 SGOT (ALT): - 142 HCV RNA PCR: 6,000,000 (yes, 6 million) HCV LOG10: > 6.
Avatar m tn There is just nothing that you describe that makes me concerned that you might have genital herpes I think what you do have is anxiety and guilt about a sexual experience that was outside of your marriage (at least the scenario sounds that way) and your are terrified you might have transferred something to your wife, or might in the future. I hope you will accept the test results and move on with your life. This has been a very long time to stay worried about this, don't you think?
Avatar m tn Ok so I know the only way to be tested positive for HIV is to get a HIV specific blood test... But I have another question, approx. 8 yrs ago, I had intercourse with some shady girl... unprotected. (so stupid, I was a dumb high school kid) I had a blood test 4 years AFTER the said intercourse with girl, which came back normal (as in I has a normal range WBC count)... however, the test didn't check specifically for HIV.
Avatar f tn After the gynocologists exam he said that it was a yeast infection and that my results for the herpes test was negative. I never took a blood test either. A year later without any outbreaks the same thing happened. I made an appointment for an exam and the doctor said he's sure it's herpes then told me to get a blood test to confirm. A week later I called him because I haven't heard anything and he said it came back positive. I haven't had sex for 6 weeks prior to that.
Avatar n tn I got a message from my doc telling me my results were negative. But when i called her back she read the results as being "non responsive". I'm just confused on what that means exactly.??
Avatar m tn I'm confused on my test results the paper says HIV NONREACT should it say nonreactive So am I positive or neg
Avatar n tn I understand the ranges for negative lab results for HSV 2 (<0.9 = negative), but what I don't understand is how come your blood can be 0.3 with negative results? Wouldn't this mean there are some of these antibodies in my blood? Does it mean I have been exposed to HSV 2 and not contracted it? Could it mean that I have been infected with a similiar virus such as shingles and that's why lab values are set at ,0.9 and not 0.0?
Avatar m tn I recently received my blood test results about cholesterol amongs others and I am not sure what it means anyone can help a bit with the reading? TChol 5.62H mmol/L 218H mg/dl CHOL/HDLC 4.43 HDLC 1.27 mmol/L 49 mg/dl LDLC 4.00 H mmol/L 155 H mg/dl TG 0.77 mmol /L 67 mg/dl Anyone can give me any tip and if it is reeeeally high ( I know it´s a bit high ahha) any good tip to bring it down? Thank you!