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1116530 tn?1324916747 so they called this morning with the results. I have 1 in 150 chance of a baby with DS... not sure what to do now. Is that pretty high? I'm 35. Anyone else have this test done? What were ur numbers?
1439241 tn?1306304111 Had my blood tested last week Thursday 9th December - got the results today ... Doc said that Downs syndrome chances are 1 - 11000 (eleven thousand), hemoglobin levels is very good and above average, I dont have to worry about getting rubela (German measles) as I have a good immune against it, and yes no AIDS ... all very great results!
1619251 tn?1345160763 2,800 UI/L. I was supposedly on my 5th week. OB-GYN Yesterday I was cursing the health care in this province... Today my husband got me a doctor! YAY! My first appointment is on April 27th (~ week 13). But we would like to do an U/S earlier than that. Our family lives abroad, so we think this kind of "link" between them and the baby is very important. Nonetheless, I still curse the health care in this place! SPOTTING I've had some very light spotting since Sunday.
Avatar f tn Cody's blood test came back fine for the serum tryptese(sp?). No mastocytosis....I guess that is a good thing, but sooner or later some relief would be good whether in the form of medicine or some diagnosis that is treatable. We see the neuro next week, but he is not in his element when it comes to nausea. I don't know what the gastro is going to want to do now, if anything. We might be heading back to Cleveland, which usually takes about 3 months to get an appt.
1581788 tn?1340233315 Blood Sugar is 76 YAY Not immune to the German Measles though.. so have to stay away from people with fevers and strange rashes...
1570931 tn?1315843995 Came back negative =/ She said it was 100% negative. But i still have cramps, still have not gotten my period and my breasts are pretty sore. She said she can give me meds that will make me get my period but i said id wait to see if i get my period this month, I only have two week till I should be getting it. Maybe my cycle is out of wack, if i dont get it by next month maybe ill take the meds, Or go back on birth control to regulate me. What if i cant get pregnant?
1839630 tn?1346517383 Monday 12/12 my hcg level was15,936 then a week later Monday 12/19 it was 65,688!
Avatar f tn Since the change to .2 and adding the T3 my tests scores are real whacky: Jun 4 TSH - 0.050 FT4 - 1.800 FT3 - 251.540 be4 T3 added Mar 21 TSH - 8.055 FT4 - 1.340 FT3 - not done Jan 11 TSH - 3.
1676653 tn?1391043545 So DH called the RE to get the results and they were as expected. DH has testicular failure :-(. DH was the one who told me. Even though it was expected it didn't effect me until i heard it from dh himself. Dh says all he wants is to see me happy. Since we knew this result we were already looking into the other options. I wanted to be able to experience pregnancy and carry my own child. At first i was considering donor embroys. I figured given dh situation it can be a neutral thing i guess.
3203287 tn?1346460234 At 5 months post treatment, all blood tests were back to normal ranges.
Avatar m tn Got some copies from my doctor on the blood tests. The only ones out of order are below. RBC - 5.99 where average is between 4.30 - 5.90 - not sure what this means TBILX - 2.0 where average is 0.2 - 1.
632294 tn?1232730366 hCG = 5,345 progesterone = 11.
210400 tn?1325384170 I guess I get to do the sit and wait game. My levels were 38. I am feeling a bit down.
881484 tn?1250709862 Well seems as though my Synthroid is not TSH level was up to 45 when I went to the ER last night because I didn't feel right. :( When all of this started my TSH level was 39.....what is going on????? when is this going to end??????? I hate feeling this way. So my endo called me and they are upping my Synthroid to 150mcg. Bloodwork again June 1st.
741975 tn?1253441572 Results are Cholesterol down to 213. LDL was 137, 7 over the ideal of 130. All else was normal. Doc did find my BP elevated and put me on 25mg Hydrochlorothiazide daily in addition to the 10mg Altace I have been taking for years.
1105276 tn?1279077278 Just got my HCG level result, came back at 331. Think this is good for 4 weeks?
448723 tn?1301458558 Got my blood test results this arvo.. 1st (tues) was - 103 2nd (fri) was - 558 Woohoo! Not twins, but might be a few days ahead of what I thought. (Knew that was possible as every other pregnancy I ovulated earlier than the due date calculators allow for.
927829 tn?1297272239 I spoke to my RE today about my blood test results and Chad's sample. The bad news is that both of us have some issues. My FSH level is 12.8. The RE feels that this probably explains my miscarriages and I've got no time to lose in getting pregnant again. Chad had some slow swimmers and abnormal shapes. However there was still enough normal guys for IUI to still be possible. I bet if he cuts back on his caffeine and alcohol intake things will improve.
927829 tn?1297272239 -( I have another blood test on friday to see if it's all gone so I can start another round of follistim injections. Oh well, if it wasn't meant to be, at least I lost it really early this time. I was really hoping the third time would be it, though!
Avatar f tn Progesterone 35.
3093770 tn?1389742726 I thought I will post my results as a reference for others. Visist at the Rheumatologist was becasue I was experimenting intense pain in the joints. I was sore even when I was breathing. Pan started around 5 weeks after tx I will have to do Xrays for the joints and spine as he wants to check for spondilitys ankylosing beside many other things.
Avatar n tn get results confirming blood test today !!
Avatar n tn This is the best place I have found to get explanations for blood test results. Someone here gave it to me and I am glad to pass it on to you. It is Best to you!!
Avatar n tn I haven't drank alchohol for 3 years and am now trying to obtain a life insurance policy. As of recent I had a blood, urine test conducted. The mojority of the results are normal, however here are a few results that are of concern: BILI. TOT 1.3 (Range .1-1.2), ALT (SGPT) 52 (Range 0-45), GGT (GGTP) 105 (Range 2-65), Cholesterol 204 (140-199), Triglycerides 227 (Range 10-150). Odds are that these measurements are correct. So am I going to make it?