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Avatar f tn I have an avacado, a Healthy Choice fudgesicle and some peanuts. Took my blood sugar this morning and it 141 fasting! Usually about 115 otherwise. Do you think I overate? My blood sugar was at 105 at 2:00 PM before eating.
1058898 tn?1275678751 I notice my blood sugar at night between 2-3 am are over 120 and my fasting blood sugar in the morning is over 100. When i get the fealing of low it is around 80 and it will keep dropping. the last time it went to 67 and i had to eat some thing i couldnt wait. i had a cup of oj and checked in 15 min and it went to 137. I have also notice that i spike about 1 hour after eating and come down around 2 hours after which is mostly in the 130. and i notice if i drink a can of pop.
1058898 tn?1275678751 You need to be tested for HA1C, which gives a measure of blood sugar control over the past few months. In the meantime I would strongly suggest that you assume you do have diabetes and adopt the lifestyle (diet and exercise) measures that are necessary to control it.
Avatar n tn Hi! Yes, blood sugar can spike after steroid injection. This is a temporary phase and happens as steroids are similar to body’s fight and flight hormones. To put simply they result into a chain of reaction which results in glucose formation. The body readies for an emergency by increasing the glucose levels. However, if the high levels persist after a day or two let your doctor know. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar f tn I've been monitoring my blood sugar in the last couple of months because of increasing Hba1c levels, though my highest overnight fasting level was 89. Thought I was doing pretty well -- my highest 1 hour post prandial reading had been 140 -- until this afternoon. One hour after eating a tray of takeout sushi from the grocery store I got a reading of 236, immediately followed by a reading of 244 (to make sure it wasn't a machine error).
Avatar n tn I had mentioned to a friend with a diabetic son that after I exercise(run) in the morning my blood sugar will sometimes shoot up 100-150 points and this is after a reading of 120-150 prior to running on my treadmill. I then have readings that are 200-250 and I get very frustrated! I am a type I diabetic for 26 years. I thought this was strange seeing that I had not eaten anything to make my blood sugar climb so high.
Avatar n tn 1 with regular sugar) with some form of actual sugar, so for this diabetic there's not much benefit. Fructose doesn't seem to raise blood sugar, but results were mixed in terms of taste and consistency. [plus the medical literature suggests some negative long-term effects for diabetics consuming derived fructose] Sugar alcohols: overall, no for high-temp or over 30-minute baking...
Avatar n tn I've never been overweighth, not a drinker, all blood stuff (other than liver) in good shape. Blood sugar just real high. Went on daily insulin ( I called my HCV diabetes 'adding insulin to injury'. Started tx and continued the insulin. After about week 12 went to the endocrine guy who said that glucose level (AIC and other related) were all in normal range and to discontinue the insulin. At the same time the 12 wk pcr came as non-detect.
Avatar n tn My sister uses raw honey, but that too will spike your blood glucose levels. I'd try to find a coffee that you enjoy without having to add sugar if you can't get around the aftertaste of Stevia.
Avatar f tn Certain foods can cause your blood sugar to spike up and then drop very quickly. I can't eat cake or even toast in the morning cause it will do it to me. Try staying away from sugary and breads early in morning or just one peice of wheat toast instead of two peices and eating more often. Have you had your sugar test yet?
269786 tn?1243797307 Do not eat carbs alone, as this causes your blood sugar to spike too much and then crash. That crash is your carbs calling you the rest of the day! Protein helps to level out your blood sugar. What have you tried to do to get off of sugar? Are you meaning you are trying to get off of simple carbs? Have you ever read Sugar Busters (wondering because of the title of your post)?
5314819 tn?1371280997 I noticed recently that if I eat too many nuts in the evening my blood sugar is slightly raised in the morning I think that the increased level of protein is leading to Gluconeogenisis. on one occasion I measured my blood glucose before breakfast at 95 and about 15 min after eating breakfast and found a very high level (400+) probably due to the glass of orange juice I had with it which contained about 12g of naturally occurring sugar.
Avatar m tn I've recently been diagnosed with type II diabetes and still adjusting my medication and when I had a sugar crash yesterday at lunch I over did my sugar in take and had a sugar spike. It exhausted me, gave me first sweats then chills, nausea all afternoon. I've tried all night eating small portions and hope this morning I would feel better. But now that I'm up I'm still shaking and my blood sugar is 135. How long will I get like this and should I go back to my old dosage.
Avatar n tn I have recently started working out and have been experiencing the same issue. In the morning, fasting blood sugar is about 110. After a workout on an empty stomach (only intaking aloe vera juice) sugar spikes to 171. My question, Is aloe vera juice supposed to help diabetics maintain blood sugars?
Avatar m tn If you have an infection or virus, that too can influence your blood sugar levels. Steriod medications can also influence your sugar readings. It may be useful for you to keep a food diary. Do bear in mind portion sizes - you can find information on the web regarding portion sizes of different foods. Do remember that all food is broken down by the body into energy. All refined carbohydrate foods (bread, cakes, biscuits, lemonades) will spike up your sugar levels very quickly.
Avatar n tn I have also seen a Cardiologist and had a EcoCardioghram (not sure of spelling), I have had a brain scan along with blood work. Was diagnosed with low blood sugar, a heart valve leak and a heart mumor and Anxiety Disorders. I do not feel as if I am getting any better, every day I feel awful. My Blood sugars when tested at home have been testing between (70's to 272 at highest) a couple of times 56 and 69.
Avatar n tn I am not over weight and am under a Dr's care. Sometimes my blood levels will spike to 143 first reading in the morning and be normal the rest of the day?? Is there a reason for this? Thank -you.
Avatar f tn The sweetness/healthiness of your milkshake depends on the ingredients. If you're using ice cream, then yes, it will be really sweet and not at all healthy. Why not try a protein shake, rather than a milkshake? Try a scoop of vanilla protein powder with 1/2 cup milk and 1/2 cup water, 1 cup frozen fruit chunks... blend and enjoy. Protein will keep you feeling fuller longer and it won't spike your blood sugar like a regular milkshake will do.
1423357 tn?1511089042 2. Equal contains Dextrose, commonly called glucose, d-glucose, or blood sugar. Dextrose is made up of high carbohydrates which is known to raise glucose levels. Equal also contains Maltodextrin, which is made from cornstarch. It is a simple carbohydrate that is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, thus raising your glucose level. You might try switching to Splenda which is made from sugar but does effect nor raise your glucose levels. 4. Black tea has caffeine.
Avatar f tn Hi. Regarding your high fasting blood sugar. Your first reading in the morning is considered fasting. Mine was always high. Had a dietitian tell me to try eating a few slices of ham or turkey before bed. That did the trick for me. According to her, if you don't have adequate protien in your system while you sleep, your body will break down muscle to access protein, but in doing so, that also releases stored glucose, causing your blood sugar to be high upon waking.
Avatar n tn I take lantus roughly at 10 pm and I have foiund out that when I take a snack (1 carb) and do not that the humilog for that I have a great spike in the morning that without say taking the 1-2 ccs for the snack. I will speak to my dr. about all of this soon.
7058746 tn?1393439020 I failed both test. I am now monitoring my blood sugar levels to see if I need insulin. So far, so good. I have been avoiding sugar and carbs. I am going to start adding small carbs to my meal today to see if I will spike. It's only been 4 days for me. I think part of the reason I failed was because of the food I ate the day before.
Avatar n tn - 1. Get a Blood sugar meter. Without a meter you are driving blind! The blood sugar meter will be used to test your fasting blood sugar and your post eating blood sugar (about 2 hours after eating). Using the information you get from this meter you can work out what foods do and don't raise your blood sugar. 2. Diabetes is a problem with carbohydrate metabolism. ie. your body can't handle sugar normally any more. The best and most logical approach therefore is to limit your carbs.
Avatar f tn Carbs (carbohydrates) raise BG (blood sugar) ALL carbs raise BG.... even oatmeal (and apple) you could take insulin before you eat oatmeal but that would put on weight. apples are also carby I eat them when I am low.
6246858 tn?1382272876 My beautiful Sugar and her brother Spike were Shitzu mixes. Sugar and Spike were more attached to each other then any love that I had ever witnessed! They were both just 10 years old. Spike was in the final stages of renal failure. I gave him sub Q fluids for over a year. I did everything to keep him alive. Sugar, who was healthy, was so upset over her brother's illness. She understood and never left his side. One day Sugar barked at the mailman and began to scream in terrible pain!
8650265 tn?1421569013 You do have to watch stuff like pasta, breads and rice. How low was your blood sugar today? Did you feel ill- shaky, sweaty, pale? To combat that try eating several small meals a day with snacks in between. If you need help ask to meet with a nutritionist. They can help you understand your restrictions and also help meal plan.
143123 tn?1274304425 One suggestion is for him to first treat the low blood sugar in the appropriate way, with a small amount of juice or some sweets. If he still feels "starving" (to quote my daughter), he can have some protein: some cold chicken, perhaps. That will fill him up more but not cause his sugar to spike up. That's what my daughter does if her low causes her to feel empty and hungry.
Avatar f tn Fasting for 12hrs gives you the clearest possible reading. They dont measure a spike of sugar in you. They measure if your body is evenly distributing it through your body over a specified period of time. After a certain period of time based on your previous blood pressure they can tell roughly how diluted the sugar should come back when they read your blood and thats how they know. Good luck momma.
Avatar n tn my blood pressure 160/110 mg/dl I went to my Doctor and gave me glucophage and I returned to my previous diet and I have a 0 urine sugar level blood pressure 140 /93 mmHg . but my Fbg becomes highest in the morning and lowest at bed time 260 FBG morning and 180 mg/dl at bed time. ( I am on 0 carb diet and I lost so far 10 kgs of my weight.
Avatar n tn Why do my blood glucose levels spike during exercise? I have not been diagnosed w/diabetes and when I eat something with sugar like an apple my blood glucose goes down. I used to eat one large meal at night(exercise in the morning) but I have started eating throughout the day and now I feel sluggish during exercise(still in the morning), I did not have this before.