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Avatar f tn i am type 2 diabetic and have been for 11 yrs. i have kept blood sugar readings within range until recently. i continue to watch my carb intake, but my blood sugar readings are higher than normal. my A1c was 7.9 so i have been paying a lot more attention to intake.
865758 tn?1285956504 Prediabetes (sometimes also referred to as insulin resistance) is diagnosed by either fasting blood sugar or A1C. In order to be diagnosed with pre-diabetes you need a fasting blood sugar from 100-125, or an A1C over 5.7. Your blood sugars if anything, are too low. You could be suffering from hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) which sometimes precedes diabetes. Or if your lows (under 70) are after how carb meals it could be something called reactive hypoglycemia.
Avatar f tn We try and keep our blood sugar under 100 fasting and under 140 two hours after meals. For some of us any bread, crackers, sugar, cereal, etc raises our blood sugar too high, others are less sensitive. The key is to test 2 hours after eatingand see what keeps your blood sugar in range, we are all different. I've not heard of a menopause/type 2 connection, it is just the most common age for it to appear.
209384 tn?1231171906 My aunt has just been diagnosed w/insulin resistance-hers has nothing to do with thyroid- but as I was researching found things about it and adrenal fatigue. Anyone have any problems with the 2 of these combined? Any info would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn Their weight, total cholesterol, LDH, triglycerides and blood pressure are down...but not the HOMA. Blood sugar and insulin have remainedc exactly the same as 3 months ago. And get this....either with or without Metformin (some needed the Metformin because their blood sugar was high).
Avatar n tn Yes, you can prevent type 2 diabetes through a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining appropriate weight is of utmost importance. Regarding your fasting levels, impaired glucose tolerance was recently changed to 100-126, so you are right on the border. I would suggest monitoring your fasting sugars on a regular basis. Regarding the HDL, typically we like it above 40. Increased exercise typically raises it, but since you run 45-50 miles weekly, there are genetic factors that might be in play here.
230972 tn?1224473726 I was diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin Resistance when ttc and took Metformin among other things to ttc. Ive also just started Maternity Leave a week ago from my fulltime high stress job. I also have a lap band so I do not eat very large amounts and am restre=icted with certain types of food. My GTT blood test came back fine as has my other test random blood sugar testing and my urine checks have all been fine also.
179856 tn?1333550962 Only when the pancreas can no longer produce sufficient insulin to overcome the resistance does diabetes occur, so TESTING THE BLOOD SUGAR ALONE WILL NOT BE ENOUGH TO ESTIMATE INSULIN RESISTANCE." "it is clear that INSULIN RESISTANCE IS UNDESIRABLE EVEN IF THE BLOOD SUGAR REMAINS RELATIVELY NORMAL (i.e. in the non-diabetic range). It causes an increase in cardiovascular disease risk and abnormalities in blood vessel function and lipid levels.
Avatar f tn My blood sugar went up to 400 or something when I started tx in Sept. My Dr. wanted to put me on the oral drug for high sugar but it is hard on your liver. I decided that I had to get it under control!(I didn't need another med) I gave up all sugar in Oct. and watch carbs and fats also. My last test was 88. I wonder will it straighen out after I complete tx or will I always be predisposed to it. I've read alot about metabolic disorder lately and how it affects tx.
230972 tn?1224473726 I was diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin Resistance when ttc and took Metformin among other things to ttc. Ive also just started Maternity Leave a week ago from my fulltime high stress job. I also have a lap band so I do not eat very large amounts and am restre=icted with certain types of food. My GTT blood test came back fine as has my other test random blood sugar testing and my urine checks have all been fine also.
Avatar m tn Can any of you with diabetes tell me if your blood sugar numbers went up? Stayed the same ? Or went down during tx? Some people have reported that by killing the virus their diabetes cleared up. Any info would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Humalog is your fast acting insulin and should prevent your blood sugar rising high after you eat. Humalog can also be used to 'correct' blood sugars that are too hihg. You need to have a carb;Insulin ratio worked out. This is usually worked out by trial and error and is indivicual. Often people start off with a ratio of 1 unit of Humalog to 20 g of carbs and then adjust from there.
Avatar n tn happens when your body doesn't make enough insulin on it's own, (insulin is a substance that lowers blood sugar in the blood because youre blood sugar is too high when youre diabetic) and you have to take oral or injectible insulin to make up for this, and you perhaps inject too much insulin (which lowers your blood sugar too much.) This is the diabetic kind of hypoglycemia. The kind I have, reactive hypoglycemia, is less common and only in these last few years has been widely recognized.
Avatar n tn Hello , I was just told by a receptionist at the office that my blood sugar level is 6.9 , which is slightly higher than normal but not diabetic.. Can any help on the topic .I have to see my Doc on Monday . I have problems with urination and semen leakage recently and checked for std but all tests were -ve .I also feel too much gas in my stomach and feel extremely uncomffortable .I am only 30 Year old.
Avatar f tn What were your blood glucose readings when you were told this? The fasting blood sugar readings are 100-125 pre-diabetic, 126 or higher diabetic. What did the doctor tell you? It sounds like he just handed you some pills with no information. Do you test your blood sugar at home? Have you made changes to diet and exercise. You really need more information. I would make an appointment with your doctor.
Avatar n tn Hi Noelle, Just a reminder that we are not medical professionals but mostly volunteers living with Type I Diabetes or caring for someone who has it. I don't know as much about Type II Diabetes and I'm used to blood sugar readings in mg/dl, but I believe a reading of 9.2 mmol/L is about 160mg/dl, which, in case of a fasting sugar, is most likely considered diabetes. You can get more information on what various blood sugar test readings indicate on: http://www.labtestsonline.
Avatar n tn If the exercise routine is continued over a period of time without a break the insulin receptors will be stimulated, partially reversing the insulin resistance and you will find the rise in blood sugar gets progressively smaller and eventually you will experience blood sugar reductions after exercise. That would be highly beneficial to your health.
Avatar n tn I'm an RN and there is a phenomenon that can occur with people like us that have insulin resistance called the somogyi effect. This is where your liver will respond to a drop in your BG usually between 0200-0400 in the early morning hours and it releases glucose to counter the drop. Having a good high quality protein with a small amount of carbs before bedtime will sometimes help with this. I too have found that I just can't eat many carbs or my BG really spikes.
Avatar n tn Gave a correction bolus, 30 minutes later 600, another correction bolus another 30 minutes another 600, another correction bolus after a site change(insulin pump) and a big correction bolus, still about 500. Now about 30 units of insulin later my blood sugar has only improved by 150 mg/dml. I have heard of insulin resistance due to lack of exercise but surely not this sudden and extreme.
Avatar f tn The pancreas produces insulin and glucagon. Insulin lowers blood sugar, glucagon raises blood sugar. An enzyme (HMGCoA) controls the production of cholesterol in your liver. The hormones glucagon and insulin control the release of this enzyme. To control cholesterol production, you want to increase glucagon and decrease insulin. This is what statin drugs do.
Avatar n tn Everything I have heard / read mentions that exercise lowers the blood sugar, however, I have also heard that for some that isn't the case. I have heard that if your BG is over a certain # (cannot remember if it is 250 or 300 - feel free to chime in anyone and correct me:) and then you exercise, for some it will raise the BG even higher. It is good to keep a note of what it does for you. (as you are) For my son, exercise / physical activity lowers his BG.
Avatar n tn Those drugs are simply treating your blood sugar and not your insulin resistance. There are no drugs that treat that. You can reverse the diabetes and get off meds with a low carb high fat diet and intermittent fasting. Again read my post and get the obesity code by Jason Fung. High blood sugars will come down. Incidentally not being overweight and having diabetes carries more risk ironically than an overweight person that develops diabetes.
Avatar f tn So, will it elevate the blood sugar of someone who has no insulin/sugar impairments or only someone who does? It's my understanding that a "normal" person's blood sugar would not have gone up to 149 an hour after eating that bread because their body would've taken care of it before it got that high. Is that correct?
Avatar n tn Type 2 diabetes is a condition caused by insulin resistance. The high blood sugars are a side effect of the insulin resistance. Thus the treatment of type 2 should be to reduce the insulin resistance. How to reduce insulin resistance? 1. Cut all added sugar. 2. Cut fructose (especially added to foods, though you may also find it necessary to cut sweet fruits). 3. Exercise daily. 4.
173119 tn?1297003336 Within two months, I'd lost 16 pounds and my insulin was now down to 17, almost normal! My morning fasting blood sugar readings now vary from 85 to 105. All my other symptoms cleared up too. Left untreated, this insulin resistance will eventually lead to high blood sugar readings during the day, and can eventually lead to full blown type 2 diabetes if not treated. Are you having any other symptoms other than the high fasting blood glucose?
283921 tn?1218529106 Talk to your doctor about alternatives for lowering BP. I have have read that sugar, caffiene, alcohol, and stress can increase blood pressure, so try to reduce or elimate as many possible sources as you can. I have read that Omega3 fatty acids may decrease blood pressure. I have read celery, garlic and onions may reduce blood pressure.
Avatar m tn Aside from promoting unfavorable LDL particle types, elevated insulin promotes high blood pressure and inflammation—all drivers of heart disease risk. Many people think a diet high in fat is the cause of insulin buildup and resistance, but that’s not true. Fat doesn’t trigger high insulin levels. Cheap, processed carbs do. These carbs can make you fat and destroy your heart, while delivering far fewer calories than you might get from foods rich in fat.
Avatar n tn Hi, I've been having sleeping difficulty for closer to 2 years, I've previously posted sleep study results and upper airway resistance has been suggested by Dr Steven Park. Things with the Somnomed dental device have improved, as have using 50mg-100mg modafinil a day, I am trying to organise a follow up sleep study but this may be another 6 months away :( Anyway, the only blood test (of many) that showed anything unusual was a glucose response test, after fasting: 5.0 mmol/L (normal 3.
1080243 tn?1262978963 I'm a little confused, tarter. When you say your husband has "high readings 16-25 but no signs of diabetes", are those blood sugar readings? If so 16-25 (288-450 U.S.) ARE diabetic readings and the 25 especially is dangerously high. The fatigue and weight loss could very much be symptoms of diabetes. He should get checked with an A1C (an average of blood sugars for the last couple months).
Avatar n tn Hi, So, it has been peaking at about 200 45 minutes to an hour after I eat, but within 2 hours it is usually below 140. Waking up it is always between 95 and 100. I just went to the doctor and she says I likely have some "insulin resistance." Which is strange because I am 29 and thin. She said it is probably stress.