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4939681 tn?1361302899 severe weight loss (95 lbs, change in appetite only when I'm in severe pain), blurry double vision, nervous energy, weakness, muscle loss, joint pain, pain in the bottom of my feet, pain in my hands, neck pain, difficulty swallowing (no goiter), small nodule (as of last May), heart skipping a beat, heart palpitations, blood sugar changes, constipation, low body temperature, low blood pressure, numbness & tingling, muscle spasms, twitches, dry mouth, eyes, skin, thin skin, severe brain fog,
Avatar n tn I was told that her thyroid, electrolytes, hemoglobin (14), blood sugar, WBC, all were normal, but I don't know if things like adrenal function or the more complex thyroid tests were done. They have not done a TTT, and when I asked about it, I was told that it wasn't necessary - it would just confirm what they already knew, although I kind of question if she'd have a positive response to it given it only happens when she's exercising.
Avatar f tn Giving baby juice at 6 months+ The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) policy statement, The Use And Misuse Of Fruit Juice In Pediatrics, discusses the pros and cons of including juice in baby's diet. It reveals that almost 90% of infants under 1 year of age are given juice - and that some babies are consuming more than 16oz per day. These high figures may be due to the fact that many baby food companies make - and promote the use of - specially designed "baby juices".
251222 tn?1270939717 After I was moved down out of icu to risk maternity, I began having severe vision problems. They had stabilized my blood sugar. They would bring me a menu to read, as I tried to read across a line, my eyes would jerk back in the sentence, what a scary experience. This continued for days then subsided to some degree. After coming home, things continued to go downhill.
Avatar n tn He has times where he totally looses it for no reason and if I feed him or give him a drink he calms down so I thought he had low blood sugar but it turns out he has high blood sugar.Thanks to all of you who have given us support and comfort on this site.We are still watching his lymphocytes and neutrophils.We are having those tested again tom as well.I will let you know what his results are.Thanks again.
181575 tn?1250202386 One strategy, that to my chagrin and estranged amusement is never mentioned in the liver meeting thus far - it will, in the future- is to start with a super potent combo while the Vl is -as initially - high and push the virus down through the zone of early resistance danger with the cross-protective power until the reproductive capacity - and the resistance forming capacity - is low, that is the UND range.
286034 tn?1201100440 I went on after being doctor to the Cocopah and Quechan tribes back to LA County General and did my Residency in Pediatrics in Spanish. Then I did most of a Fellowship ar UCLA in Immunology/Allergy/Asthma. In the meantime I married an Engineer. He and I met at a massage workshop in Big Sur. He was totally blind and the smartest and funniest human being I had ever met.