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Avatar n tn Your target goals should be under 100 for your fasting blood sugar and under 140 for your post prandials (two hours after meal). Some people adhere to under 120 for post prandials. It's important to say these are targets and that you won't always succeed, but if you are not hitting them more of the time than not than you need to alter something in your treatment regimen (diet, weight loss, exercise, oral meds or insulin).
Avatar n tn I also have insulin resistance, but showing signs of low blood sugar. When my blood sugar was lasted tested 20minutes after eating protein and carbs by blood sugar level was 112. I get very bad headaches if I do not eat every 2.5hrs and suffer from blurred vision and dry mouth and feel like passing out. Once I eat or drink (nonwater) anything I feel better for about 15minutes then I feel very tired and get a pressure type headache with dizziness.
Avatar n tn With rising sugar levels, insulin rise is triggered that enables the healthy liver to respond in its metabolic capacities to process and remove excess glucose into glycogen and triglycerides and sending some of this to the adipose tissue. When the capacity of the liver to safely process excess sugar/carbohydrate influx is exceeded triglycerides accumulate in the liver cells itself, producing small droplets of fat that accumulate in the liver cells itself - starting fatty liver disease.
Avatar n tn If my glucose was causing a problem with it my tryglycerides would be higher. They range from 50-72. I have started 1 glass of red wine per night. Does fasting blood sugar increase with age. I have read that it only goes 1 to 2 mg/dl per decade. Is it possible for a fasting blood sugar to elevate from anxiety in the doctors office. My blood pressure can. It has gone from 140/70 to 110/58 in just five minutes at the clinic. I hate the doctors office.
Avatar f tn i have kept blood sugar readings within range until recently. i continue to watch my carb intake, but my blood sugar readings are higher than normal. my A1c was 7.9 so i have been paying a lot more attention to intake.
Avatar f tn Frances. Normal blood sugars are always on the range of 70 - 120. Your sugars are dangerously high. At 480 you should hoi to the er. Your metformin and glipicide are not working. Aft this point you need to be on insulin. This should be basal-bolus type regime with both long and short acting insulin. Go back to your Dr. If you're doctor won't purr you on insulin and manage your diabetes mute aggressively you need a brew Dr.
Avatar f tn This would involve evaluation of c-peptide, antibodies, and insulin levels correlated with blood sugar levels. Type 1 is lack of insulin (and needs injected insulin), Type 2 is plenty of insulin, but there is insulin resistance and the insulin is not effective. For Type 2, oral meds may be appropriate. If it is adult onset type 1, it may develop quickly. Therefore, I suggest your read up on syptoms of both type 1 and type 2 and if you develop symptoms then you must go to your Dr.
Avatar f tn Those who do not take mealtime insulin can keep their carb intake within a range designated by their healthcare team in order to manage blood sugar levels optimally.
Avatar m tn -Elevated Hemoglobin -Elevated Hematocrit -Low Carbon Dioxide -Borderline High AM Cortisol -Low blood sugar occasionally (in the 50 range) My health issues have been going on for 3 years. I feel like my issues are related to food or hydration. I checked my blood sugar when I feel extremely weak and noticed my glucose levels are in the 50 range. I consume sugar and feel better, but I never feel 100 percent. My PCP ruled out diabetes mellitus based on my 3 month blood glucose test.
Avatar m tn When the production of insulin is low, you will have sugar trapped in the blood stream. when you test your blood sugar using the glucometer, the number you see reflects on how much sugar is trapped in the blood stream. hope this is what you are looking for! if you are looking for something more, please be more specific with your question.
Avatar f tn Give yourself the advantage of knowing what your blood sugar is and how various foods influence it and if it is out of range treat it with something. I wish you luck.
Avatar f tn I am also having trouble with low blood sugar. My blood sugar goes from 44 to 255. I know normal is 80-120 . At the Diabetes clinic they said if mine dropped from 50-70 to take gluclose tabs, 8, but my body is reacting like a normal one. I take 4 at 44 which is life threatening low. I also notice that lately it's dropping after I eat which I don't understand. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/621786'>Blood sugar drops after eating</a>.
443862 tn?1238003039 The reason you need to lower your fasting blood sugar is because by the time the blood sugar is high, the damage to different organs has already occurred. So insulin should be PREVENTIVE. Insulin is supposed to work so that your blood sugar is not high. Now let me explain why your fasting blood sugar is high.... Whenever you turns into sugar. No matter what it is. Things like carbs turn into sugar quickly....
Avatar m tn You could also ask your doctor about the option fror starting on insulin. Actual ideal blood sugar levels should be in the range of 80 - 120 all the time. Fasting should be < 100. You are only 50, young, and it is important to control your diabetes well to be sure you don't face complications down the line. Diet for diabetes should be low carb / high fat / moderate protein. This is the most recent recommendation. You can research this online easily.
Avatar n tn People will say that their blood sugar is low if they have not eaten in a while or that their blood sugar has dropped if they have eaten a very sugary food and their blood sugar had been up a little bit. The liver stores sugar, so if you do not eat enough sugar or your blood sugar starts to drop, your liver will release sugar into your body to keep your blood sugar regulated. As for insulin, when you eat your pancreas produces a hormone called insulin. Insulin is best pictured as a key.
Avatar f tn has been a diabetic for several years now. recently we've found that his blood sugar has been fluctuating like crazy. there have even been instances where d range has been as low as 40 with no other side effects whatsoever. have heard that when blood sugar drops so low there should be other symptoms ranging from shivering to loss of consciousness but he's experienced none of these.
Avatar n tn com You'll find information about Naproxen and many other meds there. I didn't see any info there about a blood sugar impact. Many of us experience blood sugar spikes in response to stress, including pain. If your "going back to sleep" caused you to sleep later than you normally do, you might consider checking your blood sugar at that time of day, in addition to when you wake up. Many folks experience a "Dawn Phenomenon" where our blood sugars rise, even without eating.
Avatar n tn Hi Pael. Your average number of 115 is reasonable, though it is slightly higher than would be considered non-diabetic. If you can keep your numbers around this level or slightly better is great. Keep working with your dr as well. For reference non-diabetic numbers are in the following ranges:- 1. Fasting and before eating: 70 - 95 (in the 80s is considered perfect). 2. Post eating (2 hours or when blood sugar peaks): 90 - 140, but ideally < 120).
Avatar n tn Humalog is your fast acting insulin and should prevent your blood sugar rising high after you eat. Humalog can also be used to 'correct' blood sugars that are too hihg. You need to have a carb;Insulin ratio worked out. This is usually worked out by trial and error and is indivicual. Often people start off with a ratio of 1 unit of Humalog to 20 g of carbs and then adjust from there.
Avatar n tn I went to the ER not long ago and I was told I had very high blood sugar, I had not eaten anything for more than 8 hours other than toast. Now I have to go back to another doctor, in the meantime I got a glucometer from a family member and I've been checking my blood sugar, it was at 122 on fasting, then went up to 206 2hrs after a meal of mash potatoes, pork chop, bread and a soda [something a normal person would eat and be ok], that same day, a couple of hours later it was still high, at 144.
Avatar f tn salad, grilled fajita chicken, small amounts of cheese and sour cream, 3 oz guacamole, 2 chicken flautas. Took my blood sugar and it was 67. What does this mean?
Avatar n tn While you are waiting to see your doctor, try excercising (it is a natural way to lower your blood sugar). Even a walk will help. If you don't feel up to it, make sure you stay away from sugary, white foods (things high in carbohydrates). 276 is a fairly high reading, the range should be 80-120. Mine is typically 110-170, although after a meal it has been in the 200's. My husband just found out he has diabetes also, and his was 479 when he found out!
Avatar n tn what is the number of blood sugar in the morning afternoon and evening between meals and how many hours after food, thanks
Avatar n tn my blood sugar is 245 b4 bed how do I lower it quickly to a range that is comfortable?
Avatar n tn What is considered to be high blood sugar and low blood sugar? And thank you for your responses. I just went out and boughta blood meter kit @ CVS.
Avatar f tn Here is what I have noticed and I cannot find anything in my own research to help me interpret. For a few weeks my fasting blood sugar will be between 100-127. My spikes after meals will go over 200. It takes about four hours after a meal for me to return to my pre-meal state of 100-127. Then, suddenly, my fasting levels will be 56-72 each morning. No matter what I eat my blood sugar will remain under a hundred and then quickly drop back down to the 56-72 range.
798555 tn?1292791151 They also protect every tissue in the body, including the brain. Alternatives for Lowering Blood Sugar alpha-lipoic acid is very effective in lowering blood sugar and preventing diabetic complications — especially cardiovascular and neurological problems. It also strengthens immunity, improves energy in cells, protects brain cells against excitotoxicity and removes excess iron and other toxic metals.