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544292 tn?1268886268 This is a place to find support and give support from those who really know what it is like. Understanding is essential! You can do this. And yes. Eventually you will heal!
Avatar n tn I have also lost 23 pounds and my blood pressure and blood sugar is finely normal again for the first time in awhile. Anyone have any ideas or comments?
Avatar n tn As far as I know, Levothyroxine is the generic. Synthroid is the brand. The pharmacy will most likely give you the generic unless your Md specifically states on the scrpit to dispense the brand. That's what happened to me. I'm too new to hypo to know if dropping things is a symptom. You might also see a Neurologist if you're concerned. But as I said, I'm also new to this.
Avatar n tn Also said that since I have an auto-immune problem that I need to try to avoid sick people and stay as healthy as I can, rest etc and let my body correct itself. They did tons of blood work and will have the results by the end of the week. THe cold feeling is actually better this afternoon, but have pain and tingles in my back ? Normal right ???? I am trying really hard NOT to read anything else on the web about GBS and side effects. I think I will stick to this site.
Avatar f tn I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it is possible you will never gain feeling. I had a "average" removal of my wisdom teeth (impacted).. I stayed awake through the procedure( not a great idea) Next month it will be a year since I have have had any feeling in the right side of my tongue, and severe nerve damage over my entire bottom gums and my right upper face... nerves are weird...My days are a constant battle of pain and burning sensations...