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Avatar n tn I need some help...I just started to test my own blood sugar levels....In the morning before meals it goes to 107-120 and then after meals it goes to 120,130,145,151,181,209 back down to 140,150,120 in that order....My back doctor is alittle worried she says it is high for my age(30). Im going in the morning for blood work while im fasting....Can someone tell me if i have anything to worry about?If so can i be type one or two?
Avatar n tn I have just started testing my own blood sugar. In the morning it is 101 to 120 after meals it is 120,130,151,160,181,209 back down to 130,140...Should i be worried..Im 30 years old...
325405 tn?1262293778 I also know that gestational diabetes is more strict with blood sugar levels than regular type II diabetes. Now that I have type II, what are the ranges to aim for for blood sugar levels for fasting and then for 2 hours after a meal? Right now, I'm testing about 100 to 110 in the morning and about 110 to 130 after meals. If I forget to take my metformin at night, my fasting level is usually around 120 to 130. But, with the medicine it is 100 to 110 fasting. Is this good?
Avatar m tn Exercise daily will also help with blood sugar control. Use oral or injectable meds to control sugar levels. Best practice for diabetes is to start even persons with Type 2 on insulin early. Starting insulin while your pancreas is still working means lower doses of injected insulin - enough to support your pancreas rather than replace it, which is safer than having to depend totally on insulin. Please research and read up on diabetes.
Avatar m tn I had went to the emergency last week because of some other symptoms that I have been having. They did a blood work up and my blood sugar level was at a 57. I hadn't eaten anything all day and by the time they had released me I had taken a couple of sips of my daughters sprite and it went up to 98. So the said I was fine. Since then I have been very worried about this so I decided to get myself a meter so that I could test myself.
Avatar n tn What is your blood pressure like? Changes in blood pressure from "regular" blood pressure values (either going up or down), along with raised cholesterol and triglyceride levels can indicate a problem with the kidneys. Have the doctor do a urine test. If abnormal, see a nephrologist and have your kidney function tested. It is common with persons who have either hyper- or hypoglycemia to "lose" proteins along with sugar via the kidney.
Avatar n tn I did some searching last night for info about blood sugar levels and treatment but did not turn up anything pertinent. Who knows?! I keep telling myself that somehow it is a good thing and it must mean the tx is working :) lol I guess that is one way to make it through the days!
Avatar f tn Sounds like a call to your doctor that manages your blood sugar levels would be a wise thing to do, Tooter. Surely better to be safe than sorry, huh?
72351 tn?1281996142 I want to tell you that checking your blood glucose levels (bg's) while you are sick is very important and I am glad to hear that you have been doing so. Because of your illness and the medications that you are taking for it, it is extremely important that you keep testing your blood more frequently until you are feeling better (which I hope is soon!). Those factors can contribute to bg fluctuations that are not typical for your body.
Avatar n tn Hmm, sorry but I guess I do not understand. Your post says that the discussion is related to "fasting blood sugar levels high in the morning" but all of your information relates to testing blood after meals. Guess that for me it cannot be both. My Diabetes Nurse's instructions for morning fasting blood test are to test the blood "when you awake, before eating or any medication".
Avatar f tn any other ones are like, 232, 158 but i dont feel anything weird in my body at all. but my blood sugar when i woke up yesterday morning was 97 that was before breakfast. pls if u know anything about this, give an advice on wut to do. i am a very healthy person and ive gain a few pounds for the last couple months.
Avatar f tn Hypoglycemia/ low blood sugar would be considered blood sugar levels less than about 70. Your result of 103 is normal, not hypoglycemia. It is likely that your symptoms may be from other causes. Sometimes headaches can be a sign of not drinking enough - so a glass of water and a few minutes to relax / be quiet - may help a lot. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Well I found out the next day my blood pressure was high. It has been fine since. But this morning I got really lightheaded and a headache all of a sudden(which I know is normal in pregnancy) but I checked my blood pressure again to see if that was it, and it was perfect. So I checked my blood sugar and it was 79, I had just had a fruit smoothie. The medical assistant at work told me it was low, and then another told me it was slightly low. My question is does anyone know what it should be?
Avatar m tn HI 48 year old male, 5 feet 8 inches. 164 lbs. Recently had blood test , Blood sugar came back 128m/dl. Doctor has not recommended any medicines . He suggested to exercise and control the diet. Day before the test had a pasta lunch with cola and small pasta fried fish dinner with 2 drinks(alcoholic). dinner complete at 9.00pm. Also had a antidepressant for sleep. Went the next morning for test around Is it possible for my test to be wrong given the previous days gluttony.
Avatar f tn Hi, My wife is a diabetic person she is taking januvia 100 mg - one tablet per a day and metaformin 1.5 tablets per day in general her sugar level remains +130 (fasting early morning) TODAY ALL OF SUDDEN SHE DONT FEEL GOOD, WE CHECK HER BLOOD SUGAR WHICH IS ONLY 54 WHAT TO DO ???
Avatar n tn I tested my blood sugar this morning and it was 105. Would you say this is out of the normal range. I had blood work done about a month ago when I had my annual physical and my sugar level came back at 109. My doctor didn't seem to alarmed.
Avatar f tn I'm looking for information on what levels of blood sugar typically result in glycation. I have not seen my blood sugar go over 127, and I'm wondering what level I should be keeping it under in order to lower my Hgba1c. If it is becoming elevated to the 90's overnight is that causing glycation? Should I be looking for spikes that occur within an hour of eating? I haven't done that yet, because the two and three hour readings seem to be standard practice outside of a glucose tolerance test.
72351 tn?1281996142 Both actually have sugar in them. The sugar in regular soda goes into your blood sugar comparatively quickly which will naturally stimulate your body to produce insulin. You may also be a little more active during the day which helps with lowering blood sugars. The sugars in the milk are absorbed into the blood stream a little slower than refined sugars which is actually better for your body because it doesn't put that immediate demand on your body to produce insulin.
Avatar m tn Hi there! I would suggest checking the blood sugar levels at around 1-2 a.m. in the morning (4-6 hours after the night dose). If there are low, his night time dose may need to be decreased while if these are high the dose may need to be increased. I would suggest consulting an endocrinologist for suggestion of an appropriate management plan. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar n tn When I wake up in the morning, my blood sugar is raised to generally about 170. I am eating the recommended diet, no sugar,no pasta,rice or bread low carbs, but I don't understand why if during the day I am in the normal range, why it would rise at night?