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Avatar n tn I bought the book THINK LIKE PANCREAS In page 132 it says from bed time to wake up time, if sugar is up or down 1.7 mmol/l , basal unit quantity is ok, if it is up more than that, increase 10 percent and if it is down more than that, then decrease it 10 percent, test it again. Now how much must be bed time sugar? If it is 10 then more than 1.7 drop is rather less. Then why should I reduce the dose? Yesterday night, I increased Levemir to 26. At bed time it was 8.
194838 tn?1303432144 // Here is an A1c chart referencing mg/dl vs mmol/l Here are the fasting glucose ranges Normal 70-99 mg/dl or 3.888-5.5 mmol/l Prediabetes 100-125 mg/dl or 5.555-6.94 mmol/l Diabetes 126 mg/dl and above or 7 mmol/l and above Postprandial (after meal) 2-3 hours <180 mg/dl or <10 mmol/l Some doctors want <140 mg/dl or <7.777 mmo/l (< means less than) You should try to get a home test kit.
Avatar n tn When you say that your sugar level is 79, do you mean that it is 7.9 mmol/l or 79 mg/dl With sugar levels of 7.9 mmol/l you would not go into a comma. With sugar levels of 79 mg/dl this is extremely low and you would experience hypoglycaemic symptoms like slurred speech, headache, lack of concentration, extreme hunger and nausea and you would need immediate help by ingesting glucose or if you did go into a coma, then be hospitalised and put on a drip to administer glucose into your body.
Avatar m tn I've been thinking about this for some time as my own FBG is usually five point something mmol/l whole blood. Converting my whole blood values to Mark's USA plasma values, this works out at about 100-120mg/dl. Normal to prediabetic in modern parlance. However my HbA1c is only 4.4%, well toward the lower end of normality and healthy. That's always assuming that I don't have some horrible problem resulting in very rapid red blood cell turnover. I don't think so...
Avatar m tn // A1c mg/dl mmol/l 9.0% 240 13.5 10.0% 275 15.5 From 9.5% 261 14.6 10.0% 279 15.6 These numbers indicate unhealthy glucose levels while the latter chart states suicidal. You're not doing so good buddy. "The meter I use usally reads, from 112 somedays to 177 on others, one time it was in the 200's " There are two times to test: after fasting [prandial] for 8-10 hours.
Avatar f tn Yes, definitely run as fast as you can from your previous doctor and get retested at the new doctors office. An OGTT [GTT] to me is a waste of time and should rarely be used. Get a fasting plasma glucose test because this test is simpler, more accurate, less expensive, and less variable than the OGTT. Normal fasting range = 3.3-5.5 mmol/l <---where you want be Prediabetes range = 5.6-6.
Avatar m tn The reason your eye sight and your blood sugar was checked is that with high sugar levels in the body, this can damage nerves, cause peripheral retinopathy which is damage to the small blood vessels inside the eye, cause circulation problems. Not everyone gets symptoms of diabetes and damage can happen way before you even notice any symptoms. Glad that you are fine.
Avatar m tn (FASTING BLOOD SUGAR in mmol/l X FASTING INSULIN divided by 22.5) So with a blood sugar of 103 (same as 5.7 mmol/l), that means that your insulin would have to be 12 to get a HOMA of 3. And an insulin of 12 is high. And a HOMA of 3 means you're insulin resistant. And according to the American Diabetes Association, a fasting blood sugar of 103 is considered pre-diabetes.
Avatar m tn 2 Serum LDL cholesterol level = 1.9 mmol/L 1.0 mmol/l Desirable Serum triglycerides = 0.53 mmol/L Serum cholesterol = 4 mmol/L <5.2 mmol/l Desirable Serum lipids Fasting specimen Serum potassium = 3.9 mmol/L Serum sodium = 136 mmol/L Low TSH 0.86 mI.U./l (0.35-5.50) Free T4 13.9 pmol/l (10.0-23.0) FSH 4.7 I.U./l (1.5-9.18.
1018470 tn?1251337123 73 BUN/Creatinine Ratio 16 9-23 Sodium, Serum 140 134-144 mmol/L Potassium, Serum 4.6 3.5-5.2 mmol/L Chloride, Serum 100 97-108 mmol/L Carbon Dioxide, Total 23 20-32 mmol/L Calcium, Serum 10.3 (H) 8.7-10.2 mg/dL Protein, Total, Serum 7.4 6.0-8.5 g/dL Albumin, Serum 4.8 3.5-5.5 g/dL Globulin, Total 2.6 1.5-4.5 g/dL A/G Ratio 1.8 1.1-2.5 Bilirubin, Total 0.7 0.0-1.
432097 tn?1318552340 CO2-27 22-32 mmol/L is what I have as a ref range for this ALT-85 (says its high) 14-63 IU/L is what I have for ref. range on this. A Manual of Diagnostic Laboratory Tests by Fischbach lists alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and SGPT together.
1760652 tn?1313065993 2 miu/L Nov 01 Dec 09. 68.0 (umol/L). 5.0mg/L Blood glucose level Dec 09. Dec 10 4.3. 3.7 O/E-Systolic BP reading 0.0-0.1 Dec 09. 110 mmHg O/E-Diastolic BP reading Dec 09. 75 mmHg Serum Cretonne level 44-133 Dec 10 65 GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD Dec 10 90 mL/min/1.73m2 Serum albumin level 35-50 Dec 10 47 Serum bilirubin level <=21.
Avatar m tn To calculate your HOMA-IR use the following formula Insulin (mU/L) x Fasting Glucose (mmol/L) / 22.5. = HOMA-IR If your insulin is measured in uU/mL or uIU/mL then this gives the same value as mU/L. I think the US Units the formula is Insulin (uIU/mL) x Fasting Glucose (mg/dl) / 405. Gives me the same result when I convert the Glucose value.
Avatar m tn My father has blocked arteries, but it appears there is adequate blood flow around a completely blocked left-side large vessel.of the heart. I'm concerned and interested because this may happen to me so I have done some reading on the subject. I read angiogenesis is the process and posts on this forum indicate the process is collateral vessel? Thank you in advance.
1358341 tn?1282213443 Urea 0,774 g/L (high, max is 0,756) Crea 26,8 mg/L (high, max is 24) Phos 44,47 mg/L (ok, max is 75) Ca 102 mg/L (ok, max is 113) TP 76 mg/L (ok, max is 89) ALT 51 U/L (ok, max is 130) ALKP 37 U/L (ok, max is 111) GLU 1,18 g/L (ok, max is 1,59) Na 166 mmol/L (high, max is 165) Cl 126 mmol/L (ok, max is 129) K 4,9 mmol/L (ok, max is 5,8) I also had command probiavi feline but the doctor said there might be protein in probiotics, tooth brush and tooth paste but my family is afraid it could be t
9648 tn?1290094807 Fasting insulin 7.8 Fasting blood sugar 84 (same as 4.6 mmol/l) ------------------------------ (HOMA = fasting insulin (mUI/ml) x fasting glucose (mmol/L)/22.5) 7.8 x 4.6 /22.5 That gives you a HOMA of 1.5 which is perfect. So you're not insulin resistant. Co P.S. Do you have Geno 1? Why only 800mg of Riba? Because even if YOUR scale says 132lbs, they should have dosed you according to THEIR scale.
919881 tn?1243660771 As Trinity asked, what is your ANC please? Do you get copies of your blood tests? When is your next interferon shot? Tomorrow? I would also encourage you to get a second opinion ASAP - it will be said by others, but I'll say it as well - go to a teaching hospital and see a HEPATOLOGIST. Call TODAY. That ribavirin dosage is too low, in my humble opinion and you have a shot at SVR if you don't dosage reduce unnecessarily.
Avatar m tn I was misdiagnosed with optic neuritis for 9 months. I don't notice my flashing lights all the time, different light levels either show it as light like a moving fan or black like writhing snakes.