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72351 tn?1281992542 Hi Cindi! We're all glad to be here and to help you with your diabetes questions. We are also volunteers, so any information that is passed on to you should first be verified with your diabetes healthcare team. I am a Mom of a 16 year old girl who was diagnosed at the age of 21 months, so the information that you receive from me is based on my experiences with living with diabetes for almost 15 years.
Avatar n tn Are there any chart available for conversion of sugar numbers from mg dl to mmol?
325405 tn?1262290178 I also know that gestational diabetes is more strict with blood sugar levels than regular type II diabetes. Now that I have type II, what are the ranges to aim for for blood sugar levels for fasting and then for 2 hours after a meal? Right now, I'm testing about 100 to 110 in the morning and about 110 to 130 after meals. If I forget to take my metformin at night, my fasting level is usually around 120 to 130. But, with the medicine it is 100 to 110 fasting. Is this good?
Avatar m tn You could also ask your doctor about the option fror starting on insulin. Actual ideal blood sugar levels should be in the range of 80 - 120 all the time. Fasting should be < 100. You are only 50, young, and it is important to control your diabetes well to be sure you don't face complications down the line. Diet for diabetes should be low carb / high fat / moderate protein. This is the most recent recommendation. You can research this online easily.
Avatar f tn I am also having trouble with low blood sugar. My blood sugar goes from 44 to 255. I know normal is 80-120 . At the Diabetes clinic they said if mine dropped from 50-70 to take gluclose tabs, 8, but my body is reacting like a normal one. I take 4 at 44 which is life threatening low. I also notice that lately it's dropping after I eat which I don't understand. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/621786'>Blood sugar drops after eating</a>.
452066 tn?1400626877 First of all, I am not a diabetic, but would like to learn more about it and blood sugar levels due to a severe arrhythmia problem I have(also have an implanted defibrillator) and I am tired of talking til I am blue in the face to doctors and I feel there may be a link to either my glucose levels or hormones. I have been seen by 2 endocrinologists and both said I am fine...BUT they have told me that my insulin production is very high but they won't do anything about it.
Avatar n tn If I get up and check my blood sugar levels and I'm 105. After I have breakfast should I take my Metformin even though my sugar level is good?
Avatar n tn Hello, Definitely your blood sugar levels are raised. First of you need to start exercising and do brisk wals for atleast 45 min per day. A diet that includes fruits, vegetables, fiber-containing foods, and low-fat milk is advised. Consumption of foods with a low glucose levels appears to reduce postprandial glucose rise and improve glycemic control. Reduced calorie and nonnutritive sweeteners are useful.
Avatar f tn They will give u diet restrictions & have u monitor and chart ur blood sugar levels every day.
Avatar f tn Things to think about in terms of what could have changed your managed state and blood sugar levels are hydration, any new medications you may have started, sleep disturbance can affect the numbers, changes in routine, etc. Here's a good article with a chart for numbers to shoot for throughout the day. https://www.medicalnewstoday.
Avatar f tn Hypoglycemia/ low blood sugar would be considered blood sugar levels less than about 70. Your result of 103 is normal, not hypoglycemia. It is likely that your symptoms may be from other causes. Sometimes headaches can be a sign of not drinking enough - so a glass of water and a few minutes to relax / be quiet - may help a lot. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn My mother was just diagnosed with type 1, she is having issues keeping her blood sugar down. She's a very small and petite woman and is having trouble planning meals and keeping her blood sugar down. Especially having trouble with her snacks before bedtime. Any help would be very much appreciated!!
577285 tn?1608496538 Blood Sugar Tracker for us diabetic's out there please. It would be an invaluable tool for us to track this VITAL READING. Not only could it be based on those little log books that we all gotta carry around getting all dog eared and full of blood stains as well as getting more expensive to buy , but we could easily make a copy and bring the professional looking and easy to read Chart / Tracker to our Doctors.
Avatar f tn i am not diabetic but for some reason, for the.oast couple weeks i have been monitoring my blood sugar and its all over the place. the highest ive noticed was 281 after a big dinner and 2 minutes later it drops down to 113. any other ones are like, 232, 158 but i dont feel anything weird in my body at all. but my blood sugar when i woke up yesterday morning was 97 that was before breakfast. pls if u know anything about this, give an advice on wut to do.
Avatar f tn Anything with carbs is going to spike your blood sugar. If your trying to stabilize blood sugar, I would recommend eating lots of protein and vegetables. As for carbs, choose the healthy carbs or brown rice and more slow digesting carbs. That way your blood sugar won't rise as high or fast. I'm type 1 diabetic and pregnant, so u have been testing blood sugar like crazy for a good amount of my life.
Avatar n tn Is 130 high for blood sugar?
Avatar f tn Sounds like a call to your doctor that manages your blood sugar levels would be a wise thing to do, Tooter. Surely better to be safe than sorry, huh?
Avatar n tn In general, if your blood sugar level is below 100 mg / dL after fasting for at least 8 to 10 hours, then your blood sugar is normal. Blood sugar levels are usually lowest before each meal.
Avatar m tn a new study published in the journal Diabetes Care has confirmed that a handful or two of nuts per day could be the key to controlling your blood sugar and balancing your LDL-cholesterol levels. A team of researchers led by Dr. David Jenkins of the University of Toronto found that replacing some carbohydrates in a group of Type II diabetics' diets with two ounces of mixed nuts daily allowed them to have significantly better control over their blood-glucose levels.
Avatar m tn HI 48 year old male, 5 feet 8 inches. 164 lbs. Recently had blood test , Blood sugar came back 128m/dl. Doctor has not recommended any medicines . He suggested to exercise and control the diet. Day before the test had a pasta lunch with cola and small pasta fried fish dinner with 2 drinks(alcoholic). dinner complete at 9.00pm. Also had a antidepressant for sleep. Went the next morning for test around Is it possible for my test to be wrong given the previous days gluttony.