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Avatar n tn I'm wondering if your doctor did a blood sugar test on your husband. If so and it was high, high liver enzymes can also be caused by type 2 diabetes. Good luck to you both!
Avatar m tn If you are not overweight, it is still most likely caused by poor diet (high fat and high sugar diets especially). Insulin resistance and diabetes can also make you prone to fatty liver and nash If fatty liver progresses it is called nash (Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis), this means you that you not only have a greasy fatty liver, but you have larger deposits of fat in your liver and this can lead to serious liver disease and cirrhosis if you do not take care of yourself.
Avatar n tn My doctor ordered many blood test. everything was normal except for my liver function test, for I had a high enzymes. Then the doctor referred me to a specialist in the liver. Here are the results of the test that I have been doing till now: July 2000 AST 98 ALT 82 ALP 378 February 2001 AST 171 ALT 251 ALT 251 August 2001 AST 83 ALT 137 ALP 197 February 2002 AST 88 ALT 87 ALP 194 GGT 73 Questions: 1)Do you think that the liver is recovering since the AST, ALT and ALP are getting better?
Avatar f tn 2 years ago I was told I had Hep c, I went thru tx and cleared the virus, At the time my husband had blood work done and was told he tested negative for the hep c enzyme? He just had a phyical done and his liver enzymes are high.. so now they are running a hep c test. I am so upset and am really having some bad flash backs. I I am so confused, what test did they do that would come back negative for hep c enzymes and what are the odds that he could have been postive?
Avatar f tn I have very high liver enzymes, 500+ but following blood test this week, the doctor says it has lowered a little to 450 but he has not decided on any treatment other than an ultrasound. Along with high liver enzymes, I am diabetic, awaiting needles to replace tablet medication because my sugar levels are erratic. I do suffer from stress and have had nose bleeds in the last few days, so I am wondering if this is connected to my high liver enzyme readings.
193177 tn?1218694001 Now my liver is upset, I also got diabetes and high cholesterol. Recently, my liver enzymes have elevated and my platelets are falling to bother line low. Start a bit of nose bleeding everyday but not serious. Again the fatty liver was induced by Verapamil. Which I had stopped. I don't know and not sure would liver diease cause the low platelets? I was given an aspirin in the ER for thought of heart attack.
Avatar n tn I received my results today of my liver enzymes and one of the levels was 811 and the other was 751. I have never consumed alcohol. I had my gallbladder removed about 21 years ago. I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, diabetes and depression. I had a meningioma brain tumor removed ten years ago. I am 55 years old and female. I weigh 193. I have an appointment for Monday with a gastroenterolist but my arthritis doctor that took the test told me to stop my pain relieving medicines.
2121656 tn?1395678349 With my research, Bactrim is a antibiotic that can cause high liver enzymes, meaning injury or damage. Also, I've learned that all antibiotics in the Tetracycline family can cause high liver enzymes, as tetracycline did to my sister. Pharmacist, said they took it off the market. Not sure why they'd keep any of the Cycline's on the market then.
Avatar f tn A few weeks later my doc repeated the test and again my liver enzymes came back a little high, he also believes its from the diabetes and suggested we do another set of test including a complete liver panel and hep c just to see whats going on for sure. Now im freaking out. I went for the blood work this morning and while I've put the test out of my mind for the last few weeks, its weighing on me, mostly because of the hep c.
Avatar f tn Can Metformin cause elevated liver enzymes? I take 1500mg 1x daily. My recent blood work shows that my ALT is high 47 and normal is 6-40. My AST and ALK phosphate are elevated but within the normal range.
Avatar f tn I have a question my husband has a fatty liver and his enzymes level is 86 os he in any danger or anything serious andvwhat can he do to lower it am a concerned wife and am looking for any info about this issue
Avatar n tn My husband and I just came from the doctor office, and she told us that his liver enzymes are high. But the good news is that his blood sugar is ok and he does not have hepatitis A, B, and C. Today he repeat the blood work to make sure the results and in the end of the week he will do an ultrasound of his liver. What do you guys think about his situation? What could be it? Heart problem?? By the way, he is overweight right now (28 yrs old)! Thanks! Juliana.
Avatar n tn My story sounds similar to many submitted. 11/98, while applying for life insurance, I discovered my elevated liver enzymes. I'm 31, very healthy otherwise (workout regularly, not overweight, & eat a primarily "whole foods" diet). I've had blood tested every 3 months since. My gastroenterologist ruled out all viral Hepatitis (yet informed me that this very condition we all have is called, "Hepatitis"). I have had 1 c-scan, & 2 liver ultrasounds too.
Avatar f tn Malabsorption disorders can cause poor iron absorption and megaloblastic (pernicious) anemia as well as chronic liver irritation, hypothyroidism, concentration problems, skin problems, and blood sugar levels leaning towards the low side. Does your Dr have you on Vitamin C to increase the iron absorption? Are you using chelated iron (iron from natural sources-usually in liquid form) rather than the oxidized variety which is very hard on your liver and difficult to break down?
190885 tn?1333029491 After a month of very high BG, the enzymes remained high and he restarted the oral anti-diabetics.
Avatar n tn Levemir should not increase your blood pressure. But stress and anxiety can. Your very high blood sugar is going to cause you complications. What is your correction factor? How many units of insulin does it take to bring your blood sugar down by say 20 points. But you can only test this properly AFTER you've adjusted your levemir and have your non-eating (basal) blood sugar stable. Becuase for now the humalog is replacing too low basal insulin.
Avatar n tn My digestion system is sluggish due to thyroid, or something with my liver, right now my liver enzymes are high normal, Because I stoppped coffee! I just want to be able to eat like normal people, I use to be able to eat whatever I want and now my body acts up,unless I just eat meat and veggies but I can't eat like that forever? I only weigh like 109, not over weight or anything, but do have issues with weight if I eat carbs?? Can you help??
Avatar n tn They take blood every thirty minutes during the three hour period. The blood sugar test you mentioned in your last posting is the blood sugar test that diabetics use to test their blood sugar every day. If the number is around 100, that is a good blood sugar level. Above 140 is too high if I remember correctly. The doctors told me that I have insulin resistance which is a precurser to diabetes.
Avatar f tn Hi I am so sorry to hear of your trouble. Your enzymes are high. Have you checked to see if any of your medications could be affecting your liver? Do you drink? Have you had a chance to check to see if your State offers any clinics? I have heard of health insurance for those adults who work and don't have insurance as well as health insurance for those not employed. Did the doctor mention if the stress from the accident could have caused a rise in your liver enzymes.
Avatar n tn My liver enzymes went to normal during the first few weeks of treatment - started in the 200s and dropped right away to the 20s / 30s throughout the whole course of treatment. Chosing I would take the high VL because it doesn't mean much and high Enzymes mean that your liver is being KILLED. When the cell is killed it RELEASES the the higher the enz the more damage is being done.
Avatar n tn One of my doctors told me that sugar raises triglycerides and alt ast in the liver...Since this i have lost another 3 lbs....I'm actaully in the right weight range now with a normal BMI index... I have no symptoms of liver disease...I had tests done dor hep b + c all negative,,,My gastro doc thinks its related to autoimmune hep because i had a positive ana...I have read that xanax can give false positive ana's...I guess the biopsy will tell whats happening..
Avatar n tn I have always, as far as I can remember, had high sugar level results when having my blood tested for annual check-ups. However nothing was ever done about recommendations or advice from the various doctors over the years. Recently after a yearly physical a doctor started me on metformin which made me physically very drained, not tired or weak, but very loose, if that is the right word, and sort of wiped out in a physical sense. The prescription dose was 500 mg.
Avatar n tn Then, they did a CT scan and it showed a swollen pancreas and narrowed (or something like maybe hardened???) ducts at the bile, liver and pacreatic ducts. Then they did blood test that show my liver enzymes as very low. The test paper came back to me as abnormal, but the doctor sent a note saying that with the low result that meant there was no problem.
Avatar m tn I have been pre-diabetic for 12 years (Metphormin 1000 per day for 6 years), high blood pressure which has always been under control, cholesterol normal, fatty liver, but I quit drinking 12 years ago and liver enzymes are back to normal, I've also lost 35 pounds in the those 12 years. About a year ago I picked up a cigarette and starting smoking again. I only smoke about 1 cigarette a day and out of boredom more than the craving.
Avatar m tn once you find out your liver enzymes are high you must find out why. the high numbers means there is something killing the liver and it could be alot more than just alchohol. he could have severe damage to the liver called cirhosis. there can be several causes for cirhosis. alchohol is just one of them. he could also have "viral" hepatitus a,b,or c. he could have a different liver disease too.
798555 tn?1292791151 1) Does anyone else have high Bilirubin with Hoshi's and have the other liver tests in range? 2) Anyone no what high Bilirubin has to do with the Liver converting T4 to active T3 in a Hoshimoto Hypo person? Thanks, getting educated on this for my next appt if need be. I will admit I don't know much about the liver, but I know enough to take it easy on Tylonel (and booze)!
Avatar n tn My blood pressure has been running high. 140/100. Also found out I had high sugar a few months ago. I started diet and walking, have lost 20lbs. My sugar is down to a 14 day average of 109. I take one 500mg of metformin. A few days ago I started having chest pain. Not alot of pain. It wasnt bad, mostly a slight pressure. Then I went for a walk, Started having more pain and a tingle in my left arm, below the elbow. So, I went to the ER My ekg was a high normal, bp was 160/115.