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Avatar f tn I have had a poor appetite, nausea, some diarrhea, extreme fatigue, hot and cold sweats, blurry vision, dizziness, deleria, anxiety, poor response to stress levels, lethargy, extreme pain in my legs and feet, numbness and tingling in my arms and hands I went to my physician and he had know explanation for why my blood sugar levels were high, my blood pressure was elevated despite taking medications. He sent me to the emergency room for iv fluids.
Tbd Oats contain lots of starch which raises sugar and in turn increase cholesterol.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed a beta blocker to relax my heart from the adrenalin but after reading the possible side effects, I have not taken it. Is there anyway to control this naturally, as I would imagine that over time this could really cause some problems.
Avatar n tn my blood pressure 160/110 mg/dl I went to my Doctor and gave me glucophage and I returned to my previous diet and I have a 0 urine sugar level blood pressure 140 /93 mmHg . but my Fbg becomes highest in the morning and lowest at bed time 260 FBG morning and 180 mg/dl at bed time. ( I am on 0 carb diet and I lost so far 10 kgs of my weight.
646318 tn?1261185094 Mom is a diabetic so i get to check my sugar levels once in awhile.. The one reason i found out that i was Hep C Pos was because my sugar would drop to 40.. 40 is kind of scary so i thought i was a diabetic or hyperglycemic and so i got some blood work done.. thats how i got the bad news.. The blood pressure is fine now.. Need to get one of those home kits..
Avatar f tn You must immediately consult a doctor for further treatment,You need proper treatment.One of the best way to reduce you high blood pressure is control you food and exercises.You must avoid food that increase your blood pressure.For example salt ,pickles,sugar,chicken and packed food. A healthy diet emphasizes lean protein, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and fruits and vegetables. Reference:http://american-writers.
1451080 tn?1438531260 Any info would be helpful. Also, any info on how to naturally lower my blood pressure is also welcome. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I think however what you really would like to know is how to manage it naturally.
1088509 tn?1352239847 In addition to limiting foods that are high in cholesterol, exercise/weight loss can also help lower it. I'm not sure if you have extra weight to lose, but that might be a place to start if you do. My doctor has recommended that I try the Miami Mediterranean diet. I've looked into it, but because of the nature of my job, I can't always stick to a certain diet.
Tbd I do not want meditations to lower HDL, too many side effects. How to lower naturally?
Avatar f tn My Dr said we will monitor it and may need medicine if I can't lower it. Its normally lower so I'll def do what I can to lower it Are those numbers usually the time to start thinking about getting on meds?
Avatar m tn please join the community I gave a link for above and you might be surprised how much support and info you may glean from there. If your blood pressure is high whether sitting or standing, you might ask your doctor about trying Zestril (lisinopril) at only 5 mg. This is what an immediate relative of mine is taking at present to start with and it seemed to start working right away at lowering blood pressure.
179332 tn?1273250959 It took a month and a half for my allergy sympton to clear, the hives and swelling and burning feeling. Because of this I am stressed out and anxious, adding to the high blood pressure. Any solution to this problem anyone? Please share!
2033435 tn?1329947108 Have you been tested for diabetes to make sure your blood sugar didn't go too low? There are too many things that could cause a faint, for us to even speculate.
Avatar n tn I have not talked to my Dr. yet but know this is very high. After all the mc I am so sad to hear this now. I am losing hope. We are so blessed to have our daughter but dreamed of a big family. I am open to alternative med. but feel like I do not even know where to start.
648987 tn?1231205477 I am always eating trying to avoid low blood sugar episodes. My outlook is better. Less body aches and feet pain. Little less brainfog I know I will probably need still yet another increase, but the knowledge and hope I will get there is so empowering.
973741 tn?1342346373 Not sure how this would work. Beets are a great food, but are they talking about beets with tops, the best way to eat them, or just the root? We all know beets for iron and digestion. The question would be, what is in beets that would slow down your blood flow? I know hawthorn does this. Other plants do this. Have no idea why beets would, so what's the nutrient in beets that does this?
Avatar n tn My endocrinologist could not find any thing else in my blood to indicate a tumor on my pituitary gland, adrenal fatigue, cortisole problems or any thing other than having a lower T level. I do have lower HDL Cholesterol (High Density Level - Good Cholesterol) and I just need to get my *** into the gym more and do more cardio and keep taking my fish oils etc. and it will be fine, all my other levels are great.
Avatar n tn I always thought I would have children and I frankly don't know how I am going to get through this.... I don't know what to say to you except there are some success stories of pregnancy with high FSH. I am finding all this very very scary..
Avatar n tn I would have to ask how they intend to feed the heart muscle using bypasses when most areas are seriously blocked off. The distal LAD is one common area for a feed, but this is heavily diseased. The report does say how the complete blockage in the MID right coronary artery has bridged with collaterals (natural bypass vessels). I would also have to guess this is happening to many other blockages or he would be very seriously ill due to the left side of the heart being so short of oxygen.
Avatar f tn I am going to a nerve doctor next week to find out how much damage was done. I'm hoping all to be well. There are times when the lip burns and I'm using a lot of Chapstick.
Avatar m tn May I presume this is a fasting result? The Hba1c is slightly high, but the fasting blood sugar is high enough to put you in the prediabetic range. Triglycerides are high, HDL is low. You are likely in early stages of diabetes. To address this:- 1. Low carb, moderate protein, higher fat (fat is for added calories / replace the carbs reduced). The high triglycerides should also improve on a lower carb diet. Paleo or mediteranean style (without the bread/pasta/potato) are a good approach.
Avatar n tn Slightly high blood prrssure from the pill, resting heart rate in high 50s. I recently joined the gym, expecting to be caught out on my rubbish fitness level, but was very surprised that my VO2 max was at an 'elite' level, apparently (on a polar watch mind you). This contradicts my actual performance in the gym - when i first started, walking at a steady pace on a small gradient bought my heart rate up to about 150bpm within 2 minutes - the trainer came back and looked slightly puzzled.
Avatar f tn So now, I am looking for a new doctor who can explain some of my results to me and maybe give me some advice how to heal my body naturally. My thyroid seems to be out of range as my TSH is too high: 4,62 (0.35-2.5) My free T3: 4,1 (2.6-5.7) Free T4: 12.5 (9.5-23) Thyroglobulin: 36.8 ( 0-70) Thyroglobulin antibodies: 4.2 (0-40) anti TPO 0.16 (0-5.
Avatar f tn Also can anyone give me advice on how to speed up my metabolism so that i could lose weight? I want to lose the weight naturally and healthily without resorting to fad diets. Thanks for any help!!!
Avatar n tn Weird-this just started happening to my lower leg recently. Please let us know if anyone finds out the cause.
Avatar n tn I know it varies from person to person depending on actual diet and other factors, but just a general range to indicate how many blood glucose points a doctor expects to be reduced every hour after a meal. This is what I simply can't find anywhere.
1358341 tn?1282213443 She doesn't like it. In France they do not use to make complete blood test, next month I'm going to ask it very specifically. I have 3 blood tests from this year and indeed CREA is getting high. I really want to have your opinion about Renalzin since Azodyl seems not to be known.
Avatar n tn If I sleep later (like on a Saturday or Sunday) I wake to pain in my lower back and right hip and it usually lasts all day long. I workout at least 3 to 4 times a week. My exercises begin with Situps and Pushup and then I run (on a treadmill) and an elyptical machine. I notice while doing situps that I get some pain near the hip area (lower back but on right side). I just wanted to pass my info along to the group and if anyone has information for me please provide it. After reading above.
Avatar n tn Cutting out or reducing his intake of salt will also help to reduce high blood pressure. Read the labels on products with regard to the amount of sugar and salt that it contains. Low fat does not necessarily mean low sugar. He should also make sure that he drinks plenty of water and avoid getting dehydrated. Hope this helps you to understand. Best wishes.