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Avatar m tn Sugar ( fasting) the results are below Total Cholesterol 160 TriGlycaride 79 LDL 100 HDL 41 fasting Sugar 107 This fasting level is really surpirsing as in this yeare i have tested twice fasting once in jan & another in May in Both times it comes 84 but this time it becomes 107!! honestly i am undergoing a huge stress for the pasr 25 days with High tension due to terminal Illness of my father But there is no history of Diabetic in my family ..
Avatar n tn My blood sugar fasting is 88 and post prandial is 107.Am I suffering from diabetes? What can I do to reduce the sugar levels further.Please advise.
Avatar n tn I need some help...I just started to test my own blood sugar levels....In the morning before meals it goes to 107-120 and then after meals it goes to 120,130,145,151,181,209 back down to 140,150,120 in that order....My back doctor is alittle worried she says it is high for my age(30). Im going in the morning for blood work while im fasting....Can someone tell me if i have anything to worry about?If so can i be type one or two?
944604 tn?1283202525 ( I am hyperactive I am not used to sitting still or waiting for my blood sugar to go up or down to get things done.
Avatar f tn at like 8pm(5hrs post) my sugar was 107(or close) and then at 11pm(8 hours post) it was 96. It took THAT long for my sugar to be below 100 again! That was NEVER the case last year. Last year it was a matter of two hours and done! Does this mean my a1c is in the diabetic range and I'm full blown?
Avatar m tn Fasting is your background blood sugar level. This level is important as it is your starting point for average blood sugars and hba1c. So yes, if a certain amount of carb raises your blood sugar by say 30 points. If you start at 80 and rise by 30 you are 110 and still within "safe and normal range". But if you start at 110 and rise by 30 you are at 140, which is already higher than is typically ideal.
Avatar f tn Withania somnifera, aka ashwagandha, has been used in India for thousands of years to treat multiple ailments. No human clinical trial and/or study has been performed to verify its glucose lowering properties except on lab rats - "Effect of Withania somnifera on insulin sensitivity in non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus rats. Anwer T, Sharma M, Pillai KK, Iqbal M.".
Avatar f tn Last night I was with some friends and one is diabetic. We all decided to test our blood sugar. Most of my friends were so much lower then mine. Around the lower hundreds, 107, 110 ect. Mine was 157!!! We had all eaten at the same time 3 to 4 hours earlier and we all ate the same thing pizza. Is this normal? What would make mine so much higher then their's? Another thing is my weight. I thought that diabetes caused weight gain.
Avatar n tn YOu should test 1 1/2 - 2 hours after eating to see the effect of what you're eating on your blood sugars. You can then adjust what you eat to minimise the spikes (lower carb is generally better to prevent spikes).
Avatar m tn One more thing; a single fasting blood sugar result is about as predictive of diabetes as a single high blood pressure result is of hypertension; not very much. It might be enough to warrant watching it a little closer; serial tests can be conclusive. Do you recall what the A1c results were?
390388 tn?1279639813 Depending on how intolerant (resistant) you are you may still be in the pre-diabetic stage where your blood sugar is higher than it should be, usually after meals. Your fasting level should indicate whether or not the resistance is to the point of needing medication or insulin shots in some cases.
Avatar f tn I have diabetic parents, so I know a lot about diabetes, which is why this does not seem to fit. I normally have lower blood sugars. My a1c was taken last year and was 4.7. I don't feel unwell, but I wonder if there is any other reason aside from diabetes that this could be. I have a very good diet. Nutritionists would approve. I do work out, but I do have some weight to lose. I know all about complex carbs, carb count, protein with meals,and glycemic index and insulin resistance.
Avatar f tn After monitoring my blood sugars for a while and changing my diet I lowered my fasting blood sugar to 172. This is much better then the 300 readings I've been getting; however, my dad said that my blood pressure readings are too high. I wanted to know how to get them down. I stop using salt and use Mrs. Dash and Lemon Pepper to season food. My readings July 18 were morning 136/107, bedtime 147/115; July 19 Morning 136/101, After lunch 148/111 and Bedtime 144/115. This morning it was 141/108.
Avatar m tn My recent visit to the doctors my fasting blood glucose was 107, my last three visits were around 95.II AM 53 years old five foot 10 and about 250 pounds, have been at this weight about five years.. my doctor was not to concered about the rise in the glucose level, sould I be thanks for the help.
Avatar m tn my blood sugar level just came back at 122, eight months ago it was at 107. Previous to this it has always been under 100. I am a 54 year old male that does need to lose some weight. Am I in pre diabetes stage and can I prevent this from turning in to diabetes with out meds, Doctor wanted to put me on meds but I want to try weight lose 1st. am I wright.
10418701 tn?1409997758 Fasting of 107 is a little high. <99 is normal. One test is not enough to DX diabetes. Many feel that the fasting is the last thing to show a problem. test 1 hour after your biggest meal of the day. That is a better indication of the health of your pancreas. As for diet, carbohydrates raise BG (blood Sugar) ALL carbs raise BG.
Avatar m tn Nov 15 Blood Sugar (Fasting) 103 Blood Pressure 120/80 Nov 27 Blood Sugar (Fasting) 107 Blood Pressure 120/70 Dec 04 Blood Sugar (Fasting) 123 Blood Pressure 120/80 Dec13 Blood Sugar ( Fasting) 136 Blood Pressure 120/80 Current Problem : He is facing problem in feet as he is unable to walk properly whereas he does not feel any pain or any any discomfort in feet .Overall he takes very good care of feet and there are no injuries etc on it .
Avatar f tn thank you, I have checked all the above, 1/2 an hour post dinner, with cake, I was only 107, and two hours later 150, which is pretty normal for me. AM fasting is 140.
Avatar m tn Yes you are right your LDL is too low the HDL is too low the triglycerides are way too high, and the Vitamin D way too low. The Hemoglobin is normal for a man and the fasting blood sugar is pre-diabetic. Of course these values may be somewhat different depending on the ranges at your laboratory. At your age I'm not sure why your cholesteroi and lipid levels are so off. It may be due to bad diet or genetic factors or malaborption of nutrients.
10418701 tn?1409997758 Age - 53 (M); Normal weight (62 kg - 170cm); HbA1C=5.57; Fasting Blood Sugar = 107. Am I Pre-diabetic? What sort of diet control is required?
Avatar m tn Nov 15 Blood Sugar (Fasting) 103 Blood Pressure 120/80 Nov 27 Blood Sugar (Fasting) 107 Blood Pressure 120/70 Dec 04 Blood Sugar (Fasting) 123 Blood Pressure 120/80 Dec13 Blood Sugar ( Fasting) 136 Blood Pressure 120/80 Current Problem : He is facing problem in feet as he is unable to walk properly whereas he does not feel any pain or any any discomfort in feet .Overall he takes very good care of feet and there are no injuries etc on it .
Avatar f tn When on Prednizone for poison ivy my fasting blood sugar drops from 150 to 107. Does this mean that there is adrenal exhaustion? When I go off the medication the blood sugar goes back up. This happened a year ago and is happening now. The endocrinologists in my area are not taking new patients.
Avatar m tn Hello a truely normal HBA1c will be < 5.0. A reading of 6.1 means that your average blood sugars (over the past 3 months) have been too high. Considering that the cut off for a diagnosis is 7.0 you are not yet considered diabetic. However, for health it is necessary to intervene now to perhaps prevent a future diagnosis. Fasting blood sugars should ideally be < 95 (and truely normal is the low to mid 80s). Your reported fasting levels would make you 'prediabetic'.
Avatar f tn Hey, Im 16 yo boy , full asian with diabetes type 2 history from all of the 4 grandparents. My mum is in a prediabetes stage so she recieved a blood sugar measure device so I decided to try it and got a bit worried when I saw the results which were 100-107 ( tested in 4 different days around a month ago ) I have fast metabolism, I weight 70 Kilos for 186 cm but I eat A LOT of candy which I have tried to reduce the amount I eat.
Avatar n tn between 70-126 is the number range that many doctors use. But this is for fasting glucose levels only. After meals, it is normal for glucose levels to rise above this, and the numbers quoted as 'normal' vary, depending on which doctor you talk to. I have read that a number of about 140-150 is considered healthy for after-meal sugar levels.
Avatar f tn Hi, Optimal HA1C is about 4.8. Diabetic is diagnosed once it gets higher than 6.0. So 5.6 is higher than you'd want and yes, could be prediabetic. Consider this your notice to get serious with healthy lower carb eating (particularly avoiding sweets and eating complex carbs in smaller portions) and exercise. Educate yourself about diabetes and it's prevention.
Avatar f tn I have pre- diabetes (fasting blood sugar 107) and would like to start taking fish oil supplements for health reasons. I've read that fish oil supplements can raise your FBS and shouldn't be taken by diabetics. I would appreciate any thoughts, comments or advice.
Avatar m tn Is your Dr testing your blood sugar after you've fasted for 12 hours? Since you'll be going back next month to see your Dr ask him to check the blood pressure in your legs. Are you having any other symptoms like pain in your legs when walking?