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Avatar m tn i have been diagonised with diabities about 7 months ago in that my hibc has reduced from 8.1 to 6.
Avatar f tn 80 and glucose pp: 50 . Why my pp sugar is less than fasting. I experience weakness and feel hungry just after an hour after having meal. I also tested my son for the same n results are glucose fasting:90 glucose pp:85..why is my son sugar pp levels r also less just like me though is not genetically my son. I again tested my son insulin fasting which is 12 and insulin pp which is 18 . This result is more than the range. What does it signify.
Avatar m tn I was happy that my Fasting and Post meal sugar levels were normal but a bit worried that they were same as PP sugar is expected to be higher. But evening when Hb1C result came - I was shocked. From last 4 years, my Hb1AC was 6.1, 6.2 and 5.9, 6.0 and my Fasting and PP were in 120 range. This sudden shift has left me wondering ! Any reason or logic for such combination ?
Avatar n tn I exercise a lot, jog for 4 kms (non stop almost) 4 times a week, do weights, stretches, cycling etc, Have a well regulated diet. Fasting sugar always is below 110. PP was earlier 130. Have diabetics in hereditary. I am 5.3 in ht and weigh 64 kgs. What could be the reason ?
Avatar n tn Your glucose [blood sugar] levels are higher than normal but not that high to cause gastrointestinal problems. I feel your issue is beyond the expertise of your current doctor. I suggest you see a Gastroenterologist, a doctor who trained and specializes in the digestive system and its disorders. Blood draws and possibly a scan is in order. Lastly, do not take anything unknown to you that may increase your discomfort further than it is. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Fasting 169
Avatar m tn m assuming fasting blood sugar] indicates prediabetes. This can be corrected with proper diabetes nutrition, maintaining proper weight and daily physical exercise. Does "pp" stand for postprandial? Without knowing when, or how the 256 mg/dl test results came about your wife should ask the next doctor, preferably an Endocrinologist - a diabetes specialist - for 1. A1c test [HgBA1c, HbA1c] - gives a more reasonable view of the glucose [blood sugar] over the past 3 months.
Avatar n tn Fasting was 120
Avatar n tn Fasting was 147
Avatar n tn Fasting was 147
603046 tn?1279159413 148 Fasting and 123 Non-fasting. My doctor gave me a medical explanation why this is so but I barely understood it. Can anyone explain to me why there are cases whereby a fasting reading is higher than non-fasting? He placed me on medication (Actos) and observe progress for 90 days.
Avatar n tn I have been feeling tired for 3 days, there is Diabetes in the family and I am an hypertensive patient on treatment. My blood pressure was 130/90 and QBC negative and fasting blood sugar 4.9mmol/L. Why would I be feeling so tired?
Avatar m tn I am 63 and am "borderline" diabetic. My fasting blood sugar level is actually higher in the morning than when I go to bed at nite. Last nite it was 103 when I went to bed and this morning it was 121. I was expecting it to be around 90. I am in the 80's when I come home from work before I eat dinner, and I am pretty careful with my diet. My A1C in December was 6.6. I have lost 35 lbs recently and workout 4 days a week.
1680047 tn?1468911829 With all due respect, I believe your first post states higher than normal blood sugar readings. I have been a diabetic for 18 years and my doctor would not want to see values this high. 140-180 two hours after eating would be too high. Your stated values of fasting blood sugar readings are high, according to my doctor.
Avatar n tn If my glucose was causing a problem with it my tryglycerides would be higher. They range from 50-72. I have started 1 glass of red wine per night. Does fasting blood sugar increase with age. I have read that it only goes 1 to 2 mg/dl per decade. Is it possible for a fasting blood sugar to elevate from anxiety in the doctors office. My blood pressure can. It has gone from 140/70 to 110/58 in just five minutes at the clinic. I hate the doctors office.
Avatar n tn By eating at night you may be able to help your morning blood sugar be a bit lower. When you have extended fasting your liver can put out glucose. By eating a small snack you may be able to prevent your liver doing this. hope this helps. Please come back and let us know how you're going. Often diabetes in preganncy will get worse as the pregnancy progresses (insulin resistance increases as the pregnancy progresses and the placenta grows).
Avatar m tn hello sir My Glucose fasting (F) Plasma is 99.00 mg/dl and After Meal 2 hour p p sugar leval is 176.00mg/dl so sir please sugges me Aim i diabaties???? how can i do???
Female 17 Feb 2014 - fasting Blood Sugar 85 mg/dL 34/110/38 16 Feb 2014 - fasting Blood Sugar 81 mg/dL 36/129/41 15 Feb 2014 - fasting Blood Sugar 97 mg/dL 37/132/47; started drinking Powerade Zero 14 Feb 2014 - fasting Blood Sugar 108 mg/dL 30 c; 139 f; 33 p 13 Feb 2014 - fasting Blood Sugar 107 mg/dL 28 c; 137 f; 45 p; sore throat, joint pain; had to take ibuprofen at 3AM 12 Feb 2014 - fasting Blood Sugar 88 mg/dL 46 c; 127 f; 42 p, and a good night's sleep!
Avatar m tn 5, then sugar drops, I feel hypoglycemia, How can I lower hypoglycemic feeling from 9.5 to 4 or 5? I cannot keep fasting sugar than 11. I cannot use metformin for fear of hypo. Is there any suggestion? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/201759'>LOW BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS</a>.