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Avatar n tn (That statement scared me into checking my blood sugars eight times a day, making sure my blood sugar is at least 100 before going to bed, and going back onto my insulin pump). But, now that some time has passed, I am loaded with questions about what a "low blood sugar seizure" is. How long does one's blood sugar have to be low before seizures ensue? Is there a medical name for this condition, so I can do more research?
Avatar n tn however, you do need to work out how to do a correction of high blood sugars using humalog. For me, 1 unit of humalog will drop my blood sugar by 2.2 points. So if I am say 9 and wanted to be 7 I would take 1 unit of humalog. btw the coversion between numbers is 18. Hope this helps. Strongly recommend the book "think like a pancreas". See if you can get it from your library or find it in a bookshop. The levemir is not dosed based on your blood sugar at the time of dosing.
Avatar n tn When your chloride is above normal, it usually means you need to drink more water. Platelets will drop just from being on the interferon, as well as the wbc. The red blood count will drop from the copegus/ribavirin. As for the BUN and sodium...not really sure why these would be elevated...Your doctor may do some kidney studies; or this may all be normal fluctuations..
Avatar n tn Hi, can anyone tell me if this is caused by low blood sugar. I went to spin class and I was feeling a little tired. I had some graham crackers before I went. After spin, I felt really tired and when I went to speak, my speech was slurred. It was weird, it only lasted about 6 seconds but I had to really concentrate to speak. My family has a history of diabetes and hypoglycemia. Has anyone heard of low blood sugar causing slurred speech?
Avatar n tn I also have insulin resistance, but showing signs of low blood sugar. When my blood sugar was lasted tested 20minutes after eating protein and carbs by blood sugar level was 112. I get very bad headaches if I do not eat every 2.5hrs and suffer from blurred vision and dry mouth and feel like passing out. Once I eat or drink (nonwater) anything I feel better for about 15minutes then I feel very tired and get a pressure type headache with dizziness.
Avatar n tn Hi, can anyone tell me if this is caused by low blood sugar. I went to spin class and I was feeling a little tired. I had some graham crackers before I went. After spin, I felt really tired and when I went to speak, my speech was slurred. It was weird, it only lasted about 6 seconds but I had to really concentrate to speak. My family has a history of diabetes and hypoglycemia. Has anyone heard of low blood sugar causing slurred speech?
Avatar f tn Be careful with the sugar as this can cause an increase in the blood sugar, but then you risk a bigger drop in your blood sugar level once the insulin reacts to it and can make things worse. I need at least something about every 2 -3 hours. My current fav is Erin Bakker's organic mini-cookies - they have whole grains (take longer to process and break down) and all organic ingrediants. I keep saltines in my car. And crackers and nuts at work.
Avatar n tn When brought to the hospital, they checked her sugar and it was 228, She had just been treated prior to going to the hospital for low blood sugar. They said it was probably a virus going around, gave her a pill for nausea, waited 20 minutes and gave her a glass of water. Then they sent her home. I personally thought blood should have been taken and her urine checked. It is four days later and she just threw up again. She wakes up 2 to 3 times a night with nausea up to the fourth night.
Avatar n tn If you have not eaten any food, sugar in the form of Lactose is secreted by the muscle to give the muscle the energy it needs. If this sugar is not used up during exercise, the sugar is still in the blood and will test higher for an hour or so before being used up by other bodily activities.
1080243 tn?1262978963 You'll first experience signs and symptoms of high blood sugar or low blood sugar.
Avatar f tn I am having to accept that drinking wreaked havoc on my body and a lot of symptoms haven't manifested in any diagnosis. For example, the diabetes. My blood sugar was 125 on three checks. Compounded with other apparent tell-tale signs, I was convinced. However, my Dr. being obviously smarter than me was reluctant to diagnosis it. Low and behold my BS is back in normal range. All the symptoms can be easily researched by looking up Diabetes.
Avatar f tn Instead of the candy bar, you could try a snack high in protein which will not cause your blood sugar to spike and then drop. Some snacks that are high in protein are hummus, peanut butter, you can dip veggies or fruit. There are also protein bars which are quick and easy like a candy bar. However, be careful with these, many are so loaded with sugar they are candy bars in disguise. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I can't help but think this blood sugar issue is serious? other things that may help I have very low blood pressure allergic to shellfish THANK U!
Avatar f tn One reason I'm concerned is there is type2 diabetes in all my dad's family (not necessarily with excess weight), and at 45 I just was diagnosed with early signs of cateracts - which can be blood sugar related, and I'm noticing deterioration in the circulation in my feet, and thinning hair. I'd appreciate input from all of you out there who have been watching and understanding blood sugar for a while! Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn When I go to the docs they just take my vitals and say they're fine (because sometimes they are) they don't take it seriously when I tell them that sometimes my vital signs drop all they care about is what the readings say there and then... Or sometimes if something is off they say my pulse is a bit alarmingly low and send me for cheap tests like ECGs (or standard full blood count blood test) then say it was fine and forget they ever saw my pulse in the 40s and poor BP etc.
Avatar n tn She can't seem to tolerate blood pressure medications in any dosage--it causes her blood pressure to drop extremely low. She has had all sorts of tests for her high blood pressure with no causes found. Are there any vitamin supplements or specific foods which could help regulate her blood pressure? Is there something she should or shouldn't do first thing in the morning? Something she should or shouldn't eat? The only other medication she is on is synthroid.
Avatar m tn Recently, I had blood drawn for a doctor to take a look at a few things. The vials were longer than the typical vials a normal person sees. The person who drew the blood took four of them. After the third, I immediately got light headed, and began to sweat, a lot. Then according to the person there drawing the blood, I turned white, very white. I never fully passed out.
Avatar f tn Blood pressure is not at all related with heart attack, unless the damage is severe enough to cause cardiac failure and a severe drop in blood pressure. Otherwise, there might be a rise in blood pressure caused by the pain of heart attack, but most patient’s BP will be unaffected. The fastest method of diagnosis is the ECG. The most accurate one is the Troponin. This is a protein complex that is found only in cardiac and skeletal muscles.
Avatar n tn its not blood blisters,its a blood vessel under the skin like your vein pops and then there is a bruise for about 2 days then it goes away
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Avatar m tn Hi Excessive alcohol intake, hepatitis, kidney disease, certain medications, disorders of adrenal gland etc can all cause hypoglycemia. It can also be caused by poor eating patterns. Rarely is it caused by insulin secreting tumors called insulinomas. These can secrete huge amounts of insulin after food and a person can suffer from hypoglycemia despite eating. I think you should discuss these possibilities with your doctor. It is difficult to comment beyond this.
Avatar f tn I'll run to Walgreens and pick some up. The vet didn't say anything about her blood sugar or electrolytes being low, but still, anything that might turn in to energy is a good thing.
Avatar f tn I am 25wks today, thank God (: but I've noticed some issues with me & sugar. The day I took the test, I hit my head in my temple, on accident... yesterday I was seeing major spots & feeling dizzy. My doctor said to monitor it, it could be my BP. I had it checked & the spot seeing eventually went away. Not sure if it was sugar related or from my accidental head bump! I do notice I'm thirsty all the time, pee a lot, and have been exceptionally hungry.
Avatar m tn After a painfull surgery, I start having a very weird arrhytmia problem as well as high blood pressure. It was 8 months ago. Before that surgery, I always had a normal blood pressure with fast pulse rate because of the anxiety. Since the last 8 months, I start experiencing strange heart pulse rate (mostly low pulse rate when I get anxious, insistead of the high pulse rate that I had before).
1468090 tn?1289097010 finally. Good luck to ya. With the right dietary changes and exercise, which also lowers blood sugar and insulin resistance, you should be able to avoid full-blown diabetes, unless you have autoimmune components or Chiari is causing it.
Avatar n tn I made some changes to my diet, started walking almost every day, made sure that I was drinking water more frequently and upon a friend's suggestion stopped taking the pill for diabetes. In the subsequent two blood test over a period of six months, my sugar levels were normal. During my next visit, I confessed to the doctor I stopped taking the diabetes pill. The doctor was not overly surprised and was happy that my sugar levels were under control.
446896 tn?1237806342 Hi Autumn! I see you are still having issues with your BP. I know we discussed ways for you to get over this fear, but either they didn't work, or you didn't try them. Working on a surgical unit in a hospital, I assume most of you can imagine the number of BPs and HRs I take in the course of my shift. Literally hundreds! And I take them on many people who have the same fear as you.
Avatar n tn I am experiencing a similar situation. I've taken 2 at home tests and 1 blood test. The blood test and second urine test were negative, but the first at home test was positive. This would be my first pregnancy, and I'm pretty nervous. Do you have any insight?
Avatar n tn Simple question here, has anyone ever had a negative blood test and negative urine test and went on with their daily routine and a month or so later found out you were in fact pregnant while having ultrasound done. If this has happened to anyone or perhaps someone you know, please respond, I'd appreciate the information. Thanks.