Blood sugar after quitting smoking

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Avatar m tn I also have had the feeling my throat was constricted after quitting smoking, It has paralyzed me fear.
Avatar f tn I'm five weeks and working on quitting smoking but I haven't quiet hit that market is it going to leave long term effects I be at 0 cigarettes a day by next Sunday.
Avatar n tn You really should try. Smoking elevates your levels of carbon monoxide in the blood stream--you wouldn't deliberately go to your garage and breathe in fumes from your cars exhaust, would you? I don't judge b/c my husb used to smoke. It was hard, but he stopped. If you can't quit, cut down--doesnt sound like you are smoking much, anyway, so should be easier.
Avatar n tn Hello , I was just told by a receptionist at the office that my blood sugar level is 6.9 , which is slightly higher than normal but not diabetic.. Can any help on the topic .I have to see my Doc on Monday . I have problems with urination and semen leakage recently and checked for std but all tests were -ve .I also feel too much gas in my stomach and feel extremely uncomffortable .I am only 30 Year old.
Avatar m tn This leaves the smoker in a slightly hyperglycemic condition, meaning he has more sugar in his blood than is normal. High blood sugar acts as an appetite suppressant, which may be why smokers think their cigarettes reduce hunger. Apparently, nicotine acts like an appetite suppressant. I didn't know that until here recently. Reminds me of the 'Kate Moss' diet: Coffee, cocaine, and cigarettes. lol. Don't give up on trying to quit. It gets a lot easier after 3 to 4 weeks.
Avatar m tn This happens when I exert myself in any way whatsoever, but usually when it involves lifting heavy weight and most prominently when I do pull-ups or run. It's still taking place a week and a half after I have quit smoking, sugar, sodium and junk food in general, and my systolic blood pressure is still settling well above stage 2 hypertension. I don't drink alcohol, nor do I do drugs and never have.
Avatar n tn and disoriented (confusion...) --------------------------------- Not to mention that a real symptom of smoking pot is a lower blood sugar level.....leading to lower body temperature, confusion, cold, and disorientation. - - - - and an anxiety/panic attack. You might want to ask "Bluelight" about what to do - - you wont get any suggestions on this forum....... Lee - - - You are going to be a Nurse. I certainly hope that you arent serious about "all drugs are bad...
903476 tn?1242240637 How does that work exactly, the recipee how offten and does it mess with your blood sugar? If I dont eat on time my blood sugar goes south in a very bad way. One of the reasons I used the atkins was it actually controls and in many cases cures blood sugar ills. This sounds interesting!
Avatar n tn I never knew that alcohol broke down into carbohydrates and fats, triglicerides, ( hense the high blood pressure ). I thought surely it would have broke down into sugar. Ibizan, thank you for your reference to paws. I checked out the site and it also has a lot of good info. It is good to know what to expect and know you are not the only one going through all these aches and pains and emotions. I feel bad for you Charlie 27 and your vacation delema.
Avatar n tn I agree, I think weight gain is preferred to smoking. Congrats on quitting! Also on loosing so much weight before you got pregnant. Whatever you gain now you can loose later. Your weight gain so far probably is on the high side for having started at 197. But if your blood sugar is okay then I would say keep doing what you're doing. You're 28 weeks, so have you gotten your results back from you gestational diabetes test yet? I would use that as a guide.
Avatar f tn to quit cold turkey because the dangers of smoking to your baby are far worse than quitting cold turkey! I done it when i found out I was pregnant cause I just thought of being in a small space and not being able to breathe because of too much smoke! I am 24 weeks and havn't smoke since I found out at 5 weeks!
Avatar n tn No more morning hacking and brown phelgm No more smelly clothes, hair, breath No more being unable to cough effectively if choking No more roller coaster blood sugar wows No more entrenching upper lip furrows (!) - a big one and ....I AM ALREADY THROUGH THE PHYSICAL WITHDRAWAL!!!!!! Whew. This review may have turned the tables for me.
455051 tn?1255830118 I had my son on October 26th 2008 and in the middle of the night at the hospital they put him in the NICU from his blood sugar and body temp being low. He was in there for 3 days so I wasn't able to breastfeed. When he got out I started to breastfeed and the first time he ate for about 20 minutes then I would use the hospital pump to pump into bottles for him.
Avatar f tn When your pancreas can no longer do that, then your blood sugar goes up above normal and you are now a diabetic. Thirst is a sign of high blood sugar (so is nausea)....diabetes, not just insulin resistance. And treatment can do that. If your blood sugar was high and you drank Pepsi (which contains caffeine), that could have made your blood sugar go up even higher (caffeine raises blood sugar)....and then you ate ice cream....fat and sugar. That would also raise your blood sugar ....
Avatar f tn You know, I still don't understand where the proof is regarding smoking and heart disease. Sure smoking can raise blood pressure in some people, but the amount of people I've met in my many visits to hospitals who have never touched cigarettes in their lives is high. There were also many who gave up smoking over ten years ago yet the disease is still increasing. So with such a high proportion not being smokers, how can it be said this is a major risk factor?
Avatar f tn I do use an anti anxiety med which helps me tremendously. After 25 days, I dont think of smoking much anymore but traded my addiction for jelly beans! They are fat free by the way and so is candy corn. My advice is let go and let god. He has more staying power than we do.
Avatar n tn That lowers your blood pressure, stops the bad shakes, and makes you feel at ease. If they send you home after they monitor you for a few hours, sometimes they will give you a script for Librium. Enough for only about 6 days or so. That is probably to keep you at ease, and probably to ward off seizures. Seizures can happen after stopping cold turkey even after 3 or 4 days. Even when you are starting to feel a lot better. So if you did drink a lot everyday for a long time..quit...
Avatar n tn Then when i went outside to calm myself down my eyes started to flicker side to side uncontrolably, my head started feeling really numb, which then maid me think id burst a blood vessel in my brain. I basically thought i was dying and after a lot more drama n humiliation in the night club i went to hospital, which i stayed there for about 48 hours on an introvenouse drip goin cold turkey before my parents found out what had happened who then took me home.
Avatar f tn First of all, smoking anything during pregnancy deprives the fetus of oxygen. Just as smoking tobacco is discouraged in pregnant women, so is smoking marijuana. Smoking any type of substance interferes with the fetus's blood supply. This can mean the fetus doesn't get enough oxygen, and s/he may be born smaller in both weight and length.
Avatar f tn I have experiences the withdrawal, insomnia, anxiety, sweating, it was unpleasant and I was dealing with it on my own in private but that all went away after about 10 days, the only thing that still is there is fatigue so I am trying to just wait it out and eat right (I have been craving sugar and the diet after drinking was not ideal). My biggest problem along with feeling tired and unexcited is my husband and his family. My family lives half a globe away so I can't go for support there.
Avatar n tn Is that gonna give you 'peace of mind' that YOUR unborn child will 'possibly' be fine too and then that will only motivate you to keep popping pills and smoking? 'Trying to quit' is nothing less than NOT quitting smoking. It's just a way to justify the damage you are doing, not only to your lungs, but to your innocent baby, that has no say in this life yet.
Avatar f tn They harm your lungs and have been linked to many cancers, including mouth, throat and lung cancer. Smoking also contributes to high blood pressure and constriction of your blood vessels. SHort term: smoking can cause low birth weight and pre term labor. It can also cause high blood pressure which will accept you and your child.
Avatar f tn I'll jump in here, too. I quit smoking after 41years of it.It took me two tries with the anti-depressant Bupropion (also called Zyban, Wellbutrin) Three months each time but the second time worked, I've been smoke free for five years, including the rough year of my Hep C treatment. Speaking of that I'm six months clear. Hang in there all, Hang on to what you've got, thank God, there's hope for us all.
Avatar n tn my blood pressure 160/110 mg/dl I went to my Doctor and gave me glucophage and I returned to my previous diet and I have a 0 urine sugar level blood pressure 140 /93 mmHg . but my Fbg becomes highest in the morning and lowest at bed time 260 FBG morning and 180 mg/dl at bed time. ( I am on 0 carb diet and I lost so far 10 kgs of my weight.
Avatar n tn i don't even have any1 to talk to bout it cause every1 i know is sick of it n keep telling me i'm crazy to still think i'm preg after the blood test came out neg. I need to know so I can clear my mind. i feel like i can't concentrate n forget things that i'm doing. Making a lot of mistakes n having alot of accidents last couple weeks. i'm clumsier then i've ever been. dunno whats going on.
868283 tn?1250949991 I continued to chew tobacco for several days after first experiencing the rapid heartbeat and blood pressure and came to the conclusion that the tobacco was the contributor to these symptoms. The symptoms were a sudden onset. This all began roughly 1 month 25 days ago. I completely quit chewing 1 month 20 days ago and haven't touched chewing tobacco since and never will again. I don't drink alchohol and am not a recreational drug user.
Avatar m tn I get elevated heart rate after eating (mostly if I eat junk food). I got an EKG done during an event and it was ordinary sinus tachycardia. Be aware that your heart rate is supposed to increase after meals, especially large ones. Your metabolism increases, and blood is running to your stomach. A little mental focus on this - and the "problem" increases even more.
Avatar n tn My sex drive is at an all time high including testosterone levels, and im full of energy. Also, I feel as if I get a lower blood sugar feeling sooner after meals along with looking leaner in the mirror already, which should mean my metabolism is already starting to skyrocket! I am curious how long it will take to completely get back to feeling normal and getting shredded losing that 2-3 percent bodyfat and getting down to 5-6% to look ultra ripped!