Blood raw watch how i do this

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439903 tn?1380137882 No how about 4 months early. How do i do this? How do i look at these woman and not be angry and jealous and upset? How do i not think about those other people i know, family and friends, who didn't want to get pregnant but now have babies and either are the proud parents they should be or the irresponsible children they will always be?
1680047 tn?1468911829 They will not listen to me, no matter what i do they do not behave! We have tried everything, spanking, grounding, taking previlages away, a token system where if they do chores and their homework they get a token to watch TV. They just do not listen. What can i do, they just will not listen!!!!!
Avatar f tn Well,,thru the night had lil spurts of the runs and this morning another episode and it was bloody,,bright red blood. Small amount. I still have some abdominal cramping and just took some Immodium as I seem to have the feeling that I have to go all the time. What the hell happened to me??? I feel bad for scaring my husband so bad i think I actually gave him a heart attack. I feel ok this morning just some abdominal cramping and the feeling like I have to go to the bathroom. Im scared.
5685035 tn?1423932969 Keep Breathing : You wait in darkness For answers that you can't see You know what you deserve and You're wondering why your life is Not what you thought it should be When the night breaks, your heart still aches How can you face the day, you just Keep breathing, you'll make it Don't give in, you're not done yet Sometimes all that you can do is Keep breathing and believing Don't let go, just hang on tighter, a little longer When you feel like you're dying Keep brea
425691 tn?1203661932 As the days go by I get weaker and weaker, I told my friend tonight that all I wanted to do was use, she held my hand and told me how proud of me she was for staying sober for so long and that I can't quit now. I want to be that person but I don't think that I can. The pain from my dislocation is still strong but I try not to think about it, i tell myself I am making it worse because I want to use, but today I suffered pain. REAL pain.
1502069 tn?1289353988 Need to watch what I eat or I am going to be a diabedic before long...
Business woman2 I just dont understand how i got this n i know theres no cure i feel bad all the time i dont know what to do to feel better.
145992 tn?1341345074 I'm sure most of you know about Richie's sister and how she pawns her daughter off all the time. Well, she broke up with that guy, hopefully for good but I think she's considering working things out with her daughter's father. Not sure but I did have a long talk with her on Wednesday night about how she is letting the wrong men in her life and she's so afraid to be alone she rushes into relationships.
509215 tn?1363535823 I am writing this for my sister and myself. My sister and I have both been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, bronchial-asthma, degenerative disc disease, carpal tunnel, scoliosis for myself and lordosis for her, I have arthritis as well, we both have sciatica problems, spurs on our feet, both have been told to wear orthotics inserts in our shoes, we both have all of the problems that come with fibromyalgia, as well as issues with migraines.
644988 tn?1236364548 Woke OK but early, but felt overwhelmed by coming day/week and though coped well with my four patients was close to tears when anyone spoke to me, cried when Cristina came in.
Avatar f tn Very light headed while getting up ...everything turns black. A little weak today but fine this evening.
1537569 tn?1334808262 So now I have to go to the hospital to take 3 more test to see if I have diabetes this ***** I hope I do not......
172023 tn?1334672284 Work called. I generally don't answer the phone, but I thought it was someone else. Anyway, the unit manager asked if I would be on call tonight from 7p-11p. The reason I don't answer the phone is that I am incapable of saying "No" when they call to ask me to do things like this. So, I say "Ok", weakly, and prepare to hang up, thinking there may be a chance they won't need me.
675316 tn?1234215095 all this with my kids is over whelming. i can't deal with it alone. i go back to dr tomorrow . hopefully things get better.
764229 tn?1322519884 t even under stand it much less help, and the way she lefted this world, how do I deal with that, or my children how can they make sense of any of this, I hope she knows how loved she really is, I know that her time on earth she didn't always feel loved, and I hope now that is all she can feel, Aunt Julie loves you so Courtney Mae!!!!!
Avatar n tn today is the start of my plan, i moved to new area where the bus stop is right outside my house and i'm turning into a flump.
1296484 tn?1272534577 The road to survive from sex
Avatar f tn Im new and dont know anything about this site. How do I join a community? I am recovering from foot surgery 6 days ago and would love advice and meet new people.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm Meghan and I'm about 4 weeks and 4days if I am pregnant.but when I Woke up this morning and felt really bad. Iv been feeling noseous but still not sure if I'm pregnant what do I do?? And how do I no for Sure??
Avatar n tn no I've never had the Raw feeling. but every time I got pregnant I knew I was pregnant before I took the test. I've been pregnant 4 times.
1142059 tn?1261079561 and today my older brother asked if i wuld ever want somethin to smoke, i said not now because i dont know how it will affect my BGL. he knows i have to be careful, and i was just diagnosed this past June (june 1st 2009) im not sure on alot of things, im not sure what (if any) i suld smoke, as i get older... I wana try just once, but i think ima tell him no. its stupid, so ima trust this decision.
551958 tn?1217450889 Don't really want to do this journal anymore....
1201929 tn?1293708072 DONT ASK .. but yes I need to do these I'm getting a double chin and sagging already This is a must watch.
Avatar f tn I took plan B one step and I had spotting 5 or 6 days after for a day then the next day I had this brown and white thing that looked like a fetus on my panties. Did I miscarry some how?
Avatar f tn A way to get some sleep that would not invovle meds would foods high in natural sertonin as in turkey--bannanas --boiled eggs --cheese --nuts-but some of these might not suit in ibs depends on what or how u can eat --exercise hot baths--camoline tea-passa flora -valerian tea are all good but watch the valerian on the liver .natural sleep is best.come off all caffine and high sugar foods.
790775 tn?1275678959 i cant imagen what people think when they are first told that this is an addiction a deasise that it is incruable i will always be a recovering addict i know that but i took me over 3 years to admit it i hope everyone else has someone their to help them to explane it to them keep them sane when i whent insane trying to stay alive for a few more years.
Avatar f tn I'm taking an unbelievable amount. "very high mgs" of methadone for 8yrs. I can't think, move, talk, walk,or plainly function without some in me at all times. It's all prescribed for several ligament reasons but I go to recovery mtg's and have been to detox several times, but my insurance doesn't cover my stay even close to any substantial time. Just long enough to start the process. I only have a single doc prescribing but my body screams for help!
526311 tn?1229286330 I was talking to my mom the last day I had percocet and she told me how my step sister cried to her about how I wasnt me anymore. Im pretty sure that was it for me. they say you have to hit rock bottom, and hearing that I did. It was at that point that I decided I was going to be me again. I know its only five days but I feel like a whole new person. im not thinking about my next fix, im not begging or stealing. im not an addict. and words cant describe the way that feels.