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Avatar m tn but my fear is I had a raw skin mark on the shaft and Im worried if that was covered or not by the condom .
Avatar n tn a dvd called FOOD MATTERS showed me WHY I need to be eating raw is naturally detoxing because if you're eating raw you're not eating processed..that's a detox right I began the food cravings went away quickly and I just couldn't eat things I KNEW were bad for me...I'm not 100% raw but that's my goal. ALSO a new movie due out on DVD in Nov. of this year is Food Inc. you can go to YouTube and watch parts of it right now.
Avatar n tn its not blood blisters,its a blood vessel under the skin like your vein pops and then there is a bruise for about 2 days then it goes away
Avatar f tn also i am eating all raw food. no sugar, no nothing. just salad and 10 lbs of carrots a day which equals 10 cups a day.
Avatar f tn when I was 16, i was at a cheerleading competition and this pain came on, they rushed me to the ER because I sa the snow drenched in sweat, tachycardic, severely high blood pressure, while in a cheer uniform. I had tests done, but my doctor concluded it was an intercostal strain. Bull. When I was 18 I was still getting this pain, and experience symptoms of IBS. My doctor concluded that it was wheat allergy. I still ate wheat even though it made me go to the bathroom literally 12 times a day.
Avatar m tn So my friend, sa paghahanap niya sa website ng mga cure nahanap niya tong gamot, natural medicine. Tinawagan niya at ang sabi puntahan ko raw kasi need ma orient ang patient para malaman ang status at ng ma-umpisahan ang treatment. So to my eagerness nagpunta ako sa address na binigay niya sa akin, sinalubong ako ng nurse sa reception area at tinanong kung paano ako matutulungan/ano ang concenr ko, at nung sinabi ko yung pakay ko hiningi agad ung mga lab test ko para matingnan.
Avatar f tn In plain vinegar, the ingredients are acetic acid and water. Clear apple cider vinegar has none of the benefits of raw organic apple cider vinegar. Through its processing and distilling, it’s been stripped of everything beneficial. Apple cider vinegar with the "mother" left in it has more than 40 vitamins and minerals. It looks like you have a condition called Pica. "Pica is a medical disorder characterized by an appetite for substances largely non-nutritive (e.g.
Avatar n tn Try to work your walks up to, at least, 30 minutes/day. You can also try things like yoga or walk videos that are done inside. You can look up free videos on youtube. Last, but not least, you should have your doctor check your thyroid to make sure it's functioning properly... sluggish thyroid (hypothyroidism) will make losing weight very difficult, if not impossible. Ask your doctor to test TSH, Free T3 and Free T4. Insulin resistance, will also make losing weight very difficult.
1550149 tn?1340004330 Dr. T. Colin Campbell speaking about his research findings on the relationship between nutrition and disease. Dr. John McDougall speaking about auto-immune diseases. Go to the testimonial about reversing rheumatoid arthritis by "Phyllis Heaphy." Also listen to Dr. Mc Dougall's discussion about the dangers of dairy consumption here. Charlotte ****** Lecture Series - Speaking About The ****** Therapy And Its Ability To Cure Chronic, "Incurable" Diseases.
280369 tn?1316705641 My toes curl too.. lol. I do not have blisters, I had bruises (or maybe it was dried blood??) the first couple of day.. then they peeled, and now they are pink again. I think I might do the free visit from a lactation nurse. Do you guys have that in your area?
Avatar n tn Watch how six obese and unhealthy people with diabetes ( diagnosed by doctors incurable as diabetes is) were cured in just 30 days when they went on a raw food diet.It is a documentary called Simply raw reversing diabetes in 30 days.Here is the trailer on YouTube for this documentary
Avatar m tn I would focus on doing things to optimize pregnancy! Take a high quality prenatal I recommend Garden of Life Raw prenatal . Raw Iron Nordic Naturals algae omega for Epa and Dha imp. For babies brain. Raw Co Q 10 our older bodies produce less Eat lots raw organic spinach. I have 5 oz. In smoothie everday. You mix with fruit and don't even taste it. Check out videos from natural Dr.on you tube suggesting some of these and more to optimize pregnancy! Oh drink lots water and get lots of rest.
Avatar f tn I know it will be hard with your new baby and work but exercise is important start by trying to get 90 mins a week thats just 30 mins three times a week! I use spark people also and they have some videos there that are just 10 mins long but they are enough to make you break a sweat!! Again welcome aboard!!
Avatar f tn By switching to a regimen that consisted mostly of cardio, my health further improved. I take raw apple cider vinegar twice a day and raw garlic whenever I can get my hands on it. to date, I've avoided taking insulin. It has everything to do with my diet and exercise program.
Avatar n tn When he was 27 he decided to start eating fish for protein. He had the best vitals and blood (blood pressure and blood levels and cholesteral) of anyone in the place. : ) He is the one who inspired me to cut out the red meat and stick to chicken or fish. I eat mostly fruits and vegetables now. I hope you get tot feeling better.
Avatar f tn eating isn't always the best because fiber seems to cause me to have flares. I have to cook all raw ones...too hard to digest. Also, avoid milk or milk products except for yogurt and cheddar cheese...only soft cheese or processed cheese. Other foods to watch out for are: sodas, espcially colas, meats, and any processed foods. Good luck and God bless.
1051697 tn?1254093445 My dog was not well a few weeks ago, she was yelping and her back legs were shaking. I took her to the vet and she had blood tests and x-rays. the vet said she had a high white blood cell count and her intestines seemed to be he put her on medication for about 1-2 weeks. she was suffering from toxicity for the medication which seems to be gone but then developed a breathing issue, the vest said possibe brochitis but leave it for a few days.
Avatar m tn Over the course of a nasty, week-long stretch spent in SoCal (emergency room visit include) without any opiates....I came to find out methadone has an extremely long half-life and i had enough in my blood to skip a day and not feel it.
Avatar m tn Completely nothing except constant burping and little heartburn. I had my blood examined and the result were very okay. I've been on a diet for over a week. I eliminated fatty stuff and acidic stuff I eat like 5% fat cream cheese, lettuce, broccoli, etc I drink fresh carrot and apple juice every morning, yesterday I started aloe juice, and I'm still on anti-acid meds(the med is called Polprazol). Nothing seems to actually help.
Avatar m tn Even within your blood supply there is variation – blood that has circulated around your stomach has a lower pH than blood in other parts of your body. This is why taking raw unfiltered Apple cider vinegar and HCL supplements 15-20 min before a meal will greatly help digestion in our case. We lack acidity. As for probiotics taking a few or lots of capsules will not make much of a difference. You have to make it a life style and eat more probiotic rich foods as well.
Avatar f tn Some really good points in the videos. One of the videos stated that the seizures in children could start from age 6 to 12. That's typically the time that ADD or ADHD begins to be treated. So yes, it would be important to know that a child was not prone to seizures before starting treatment if you choose to go the medication route. I can understand where a seizure might be confused with ADD. I think it would be very difficult to confuse ADHD with a seizure.
Avatar m tn My dog was diagnosed with familial nephropathy 2 years ago when he was 4 yrs old following a pre dental work blood test (the dental never went ahead as we began investigations in to his kidney health). At the point of diagnosis he was in the latter stage 2 on the Iris scale. He has remained fairly stable since with occasional bouts of tummy trouble (which Shih Tzu's are prone to anyway). He had a recent bout of sickness and not eating and went off his chews together with a really foul breath.
Avatar m tn I went to an internist who ran a plethora of blood work, and then referred me to a cardiologist for tachycardia, elevated blood pressure, and mild chest pain, but couldn't find anything other than low Vitamin D. Cardio work up checked out fine, I was put on blood pressure meds that have since been lowered since I changed our family's diet and my blood pressure has done quite well since. Chest pain is thought to be muscular in nature.
Avatar f tn In the last few days i have tried a food experiment, and cut out fatty foods, most dairy and alcohol ( i only had a couple glasses red wine a week anyway). I am taking a probitoic, milk thistle, and eating lots of raw foods like beets, beansprouts and salads etc. I had noticed that cheese made me feel sicker. The results of this have been interesting - i feel quite a bit better. Last night i had a fatty meal, followed by a few sips of wine and i felt terrible!
Avatar dr m tn Your nose has vital nervous system connections to your lungs and heart. Not breathing well through your nose can alter your heart rate and blood pressure, as well as to increasing your stress response. Your nose makes about 2 pints of mucous every day. If your nose isn't working properly and mucous isn't cleared, the stagnant mucous can lead to infections such as sinusitis or ear infections. Lastly, not breathing well through your nose can aggravate snoring or obstructive sleep apnea.
Avatar f tn The foods he likes, or will allow me to put in his mouth and he chews without spitting out, are french toast, sometimes hot dogs (I know those are bad..sodium, etc), toast with butter, and some raw meat pieces from the vet that I cook a little, as he will not eat them raw. He won't touch rice, veggies, things like that. Sometimes cheese. He has also been tested for leptosporosis, just to rule it out. Next step might be a sonogram, but I am out of $$.
Avatar n tn I don't know, maybe I didn't really deal with the others like I thought I did because I was alone. (support wise).Maybe I just pushed the feelings away. I just feel raw right now. am I making any sense? Maybe I'm also feeling this way because I'm mourning that I will probably end up with a histerectomy and never have children again!!!??
Avatar n tn What do they leave behind? yes, raw soft fat. Fat cannot dissolve in blood because blood is made up mostly of water, so you can end up with clumps of the material leaking into the blood stream to become trapped, causing ischemia. Now, your heart has a wonderful backup system. We are all coated with collateral vessels which open up when a blockage forms. For these to work, we need one or two clean native vessels. Unfortunately there is nothing chemical in our bodies to remove that soft fat.
501205 tn?1227349042 Has your vet done some investigating to make sure that there's no actual physical problem that's causing him to overeat? I'd get bloodwork to check thyroid levels, kidney function, and blood sugar levels. There may be some more things to investigate that are slipping my mind at the moment. Maybe someone'll come along and throw some more ideas out there for you to think about.
Avatar n tn The pain in high up, right below my sternum, and feels like my stomach is full of food, even after waking up and not having eaten for 10 hours. I also had low vitamin D (14ng/mL ref. 30-100ng/mL) and hypochromic, microcytic anemia when my blood was first tested. Both of which I was put on a supplement for, but have not felt any better with these supplements. I also went on antibiotics but did not feel better.