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Avatar n tn Gav took the call from Dr Hamish whilst I was conducting a skype interview. Couldnt wait for the result so interupted the interview to ask him. So disappointed as again inconclusive!!!
Avatar f tn I have this painful throat (not the raw sore) but painful. Could this be Strep? I went to my RA Dr. two weeks ago hoping that she could help me figure out what is wrong with me. She did blood work, and once I get the results I am going to see about going to a General Practioner. I am supposed to call my RA Doctor back in 2 weeks for the results of my blood work. Two days after my appt. I received a call from the Dr.
Avatar f tn You are not being realistic, fact is you couldn't possibly have caught it like this,I don't understand why a man would turn up to an interview with blood on his neck either.
Avatar m tn hand raw today like the skin has been removed. waves of crushing burning stabbing in hand wrist and elbow lower arm a bit in shoulder too.
11061831 tn?1418754137 t know where you are from, but your first apt in canada, is an interview, the press on your stomach to make sure everything feels OK. Then you get blood rec to get a lot of blood work completed. At 12 weeks ou then get the Doppler so you can hear the back ies heart rate. At every appointment they will check you blood pressure and weigh you.
Avatar f tn going for blood work to get tested for celiac ate high gluten food yesterday and have a huge list of symptoms bloating,muscle cramping,joint pain in all joints in my body,headake,feeling like my bowels are wanting to work but its hard to get anything out pain while going stool soft no diareah supriseing right side is so painful , and back pain is about a 9 for the next couple of days ill eat no gluten and give me a couple of days of feeling decent i hope
495673 tn?1240014727 down there wen i put my hand by pants to feel it was indeed wet and i had blood on my hand...I went to the bathroom and the bleeding was just pouring out of me and would not stop. My sil took me to er and theey finally got a fetal heart rate and the dr did a pelvic, by this time i wsa lieing down for an hr and he did not see no blood! He Left and I got up to leave and next thing i kno im bleeding out ran and got nurse and showd hre the pad and she ran and got dr...
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Avatar f tn re dehydrated and really straining to vomit..but this morning as usual I got up to get sick and there was like blood mixed in with my bile, not just strings like I get once in a while this normal ? It really didn't feel normal, I don't feel any different or anything but I don't want to call my Dr if it's nothing to be concerned with, any advice?
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Avatar n tn I failed to fully ready the project requirements and upon returning home today from a trip out of town i learned that a short interview was required. My subject is becoming a pediatrician and i would greatly appreciate anyone filling out the below interview. 1. What is your name? 2. What is your occupation? 3. How did you get interested in this career field? 4. What type of education do you need for this career field? 5. Please briefly describe a typical day at work. 6.
Avatar f tn I had an interview for a job I really wanted and almost passed out during the interview!!! My blood pressure has always been normal with my medicine, but after the interview I went home and checked my blood pressure and it was 150/106, I thought I was going to have a stroke!! I took a valium and it went down to 118/81 after an hour and some relaxation. I am still not convinced that anxiety can cause a spike like that.
Avatar m tn Is the listed cholesterol for the -raw egg- or for the -cooked egg-? or does cooked over raw have any bearing on the listed cholesterol numbers at all?
Avatar f tn I was actually just looking through many web sites and stumbled into this one. I am doing a descriptive article for my magazine writing class. I need to interview a few people. I want to know your story and how you feel. Let me know if you would be interested please.
4530757 tn?1358353386 So i got a letter in the mail yest saying i had a scheduled interview with the state next week. Heres my problem the job is really demanding and a few counties over plus im 31wks. When i applied to take the exam for the job i was not pregnant and it was over a year ago and i took the exam for the job over the summer a month before i found out i was pregnant so this is really unexpected!
Avatar f tn Yaaaay!!!! I just got a call saying I have a 2nd interview with Family Dollar on Monday at 3!!!! Yaaay I'm so excited because I have my gender confirmation on Monday 2. God is great!
Avatar f tn Praise God!!!! I have an interview this morning at 9:30 a.m. I am 17+4 with my first, but it's a big baby so I'm showing but I've been praying that the Lord opens a door for me and he has! I pray that I get this job so that I can save up for my child and be the proper parent that I should be. To all my believers and warriors please send a prayer up for me in today as well as my bd. He has a 2nd interview for his 2nd job.
7122105 tn?1407103099 Finally! After 5 months I have a job interview as a kenneling person with a veterinarian clinic. I'm not really sure what the job requires, but hopefully they'll hire me even though I'm pregnant. Wish me luck!
1746242 tn?1318209702 Thanks for posting and letting us know about this interview. I am glad you are doing it. I agree with everything Frijoli said. LOL. I admire you for treating so many times and coming back time after time to keep trying. I surely hope this last treatment is the one that gives you a cure. Wishing you SVR!
Avatar f tn So i lost my job earlier this week. I had a job interview this morning. I got a call back this afternoon for a second interview with them on Monday. I didnt mention im pregnant and dont plan to. Am i wrong? Its for a life insurance company so its not like its strenuous.
Avatar f tn So I have a job interview tomorrow @1 && nothing in my closet fits me anymore, except for a dress and skrit lol.
Avatar n tn For the last two weeks the inside of my nose has been raw. When I blow my nose some blood comes out but I have not had a bloody nose. It feels like my nose is stuffed up some of the time, but I don't have a cold. I don't do drugs, so it's not that. It hurts and really is starting to get to me. I am 35 years old and have never had anything like this happen. Any idea's on how to fix this would be great.
Avatar f tn About 2 days before my period my anus feels raw it is painful.Then it goes away a day or 2 after i start my period. what would cause this?
Avatar f tn I was in an unfortunate situation and had blood in my mouth after having to give oral sex to someone who may possibly have HIV. I cannot confirm who this man is or if he is infected but I am terrified. Not only did he come in my mouth but his penis was raw and bleeding. My mouth had a possible raw or open wound do to the situation. What are the chances statically of getting it. Am I at high risk?