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Avatar f tn my baby is fine though. so just watch if you start to get sick more then usual. And just let your doctor know at your next appt and see what they say.
Avatar m tn Ok so here's the deal.. Back in June I tested for everything (including herpes) positive for Chlamydia & BV. Boyfriend & I both got treated. Tested again for clap, negative.. tested again twice for hsv 2 IGG type specific (last test six months after exposure).. yada yada yada. HOWEVER!!!!!.... I still bleed on occasion after sex and every other month or so I have been getting a raw patch on my clitoral hood? It's never a blister or scabs or anything.
Avatar f tn re dehydrated and really straining to vomit..but this morning as usual I got up to get sick and there was like blood mixed in with my bile, not just strings like I get once in a while this normal ? It really didn't feel normal, I don't feel any different or anything but I don't want to call my Dr if it's nothing to be concerned with, any advice?
Avatar f tn I am 30 weeks today and THE WHOLE time i have been pregnant i have craved a couple different things but nothin as bad or as strong as this.. i crave Red wine and Red RAW meat. (mainly when i cook steak) It makes me feel like some kind of vampire lol. I have never had either one since I've been pregnant THANK GOD! But it is hard to resist. Anyone else crave raw meat?
Avatar f tn BUN: 38 and Crea: 2.2. He said that all other values are normal. He said that there is some kidney problem. As she is a greyhound and raw feed i know some values can be higher than "normal". But how high? The blood was taken 12hours after she had her last meal and 10 hours since she drunk water. she is also on cyclosporine and i've been told that this medication can increase creatine levels. Are this values saying that something is wrong with her kidney?
Avatar f tn Oh, I saw on Wife Swap a little while back a family actually ate raw meat and canned raw fermented meat. About gagged me. That was my first thought. About the high iron I had phlebotomies to reduce mine. I know nothing about platelets & wbc's.
Avatar n tn Ask to get those fillings removed by a dentist who specializes in removal;sounds like mercury allergy or toxicity, which can cause neurological problems.
Avatar m tn It's for cooked eggs, since eating raw eggs can be dangerous. However, raw eggs actually help fight cholesterol because raw egg yolks contain the best quality lecithin of any food, and lecithin helps liquefy cholesterol and keep it moving. Remember, cholesterol by itself isn't dangerous, it's only when it oxidizes that it is. I don't think the latest research backs up such a strict restriction on egg consumption.
Avatar n tn I asked the question about why I have had no intestinal complaints from drinking raw sourdough milkshakes and eating the dry raw sourdough chips. I asked this on August 19, 2020. Since then, I have been researching if PHYTIC ACID might be reduced in the sourdough environment. I am not certain that low pH has any negative effect on PHYTIC ACIC. I'm not going to post my entire blood chemistry nutrient profile but I now suspect I am not absorbing all the nutrients I should.
Avatar f tn me and my boyfriend got our cat mister from a friend of a friend the original owner got to old to take care of him. I've come to notice that during the winter months he licks his back by his tail and his side back legs so bad that it bleeds and just is slimy looking. when it gets warm out again his fur grows back I don't notice it during the warmer months but that didn't mean he's not doing it.
1142059 tn?1261079561 and im taking about raw vegan, so you wouldnt exactly eat raw meat .. lol . .so coming off meats and becoming a raw food vegan .. if not 100% at first at least most of your foods ..
Avatar n tn Like I said, wet and fresh blood was coming out of my hand and the blood that got onto me was wet and fresh as well. Pleas keep in mind that the blood dropped/pushed against and into directly into this gash and other surrounding cuts.
Avatar f tn The next day I had some burning and itching of the skin, on Saturday I could see small opened cuts on each sides of the opening of my vagina, and at the bottom of my vagina. I scratched this area a lot, which the next day these cuts became sores that hurt. They did not pop, but the skin around them became white and they seem infected. I went to a "doc in the box" and told them what happend, they looked and told me they were abrasions from the rough sex.
Avatar f tn /......any other ladies have this problem?
Avatar n tn Am I at risk? I am concerned because my shaft became raw and I used the same hand I fingered her with to masturbate, and my tip/shaft may have touched her vagina. I don't know if the fact that I became raw increased the chances of exposure. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
Avatar n tn Raw Cornbeef blood splashed into my eye while putting it into the pot. I didn't think to rinse my eye and I woke up this morning with a puffy eye and pain. The pain is coming from the corner of my eye next to my temple and it hurts to blink. It is very tender as if I were punched in the eye. What issues can come from raw beef blood and what can I do? I've heard stories of maggots growing in eyes. Is that a possibility? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you!
Avatar m tn thanks,i think ill hold off on that raw thyroid until i can get some health care.i had no idea that could happen.its just frustrating cause iam tired of feeling like this.i had a blood test done about 5 years ago when i had health care (KP).i checked my blood test online,and everything seemed in normal range.i didnt request any specific blood test,so maybe thats why they didnt talk to me about far as your family goes,why does it skip around like that and only 3 of the 6 have it?
Avatar f tn by having them sit at me house and if they left one of their snorting tools around my house, could the virus go from the snorting tools them to me or from enviornmental surfaces to me because i have been picking and blowing my nose a lot after they were here and i have blew out blood in my nose and picked out blood, my nose is raw. So basically from enviornmental surfaces to my blood. I am so scared. Also, when should i test?
Avatar m tn I would personally recommend you get a blood screening done on all your vitamin levels to ascertain which ones might be deficient, etc.
Avatar f tn Alll this uncertainty after such a horrible experience as m/c seems like the final blow. Good luck to you, let me know how you get on!
1237757 tn?1323143119 Ok here's a story for you, last year in March I was feeling depressed at work as a financial planner with the GFC in full swing. I went to the doctor and the prescribed me Endep which launch me into Mania for 4 months. Now I've read that during periods of mania with your brain flying at full speed it can give you genius level problem solving.
Avatar f tn She was playing on her phone and then asked me to fix an app. I did, but I forgot that I have a raw cut on my finger. Can I catch anything on my finger since I was grabbing her phone and she had like a min since she used it?
Avatar m tn It has been clinically proven raw chocolate reduces blood pressure.
Avatar f tn Since your Gastro told you that you had a Hiatal Hernia, and your stomach was raw, it seems to me that you are suffering really bad from reflux. Did he mention anything about that at all? He probably put you on the meds (probably proton pump inhiibitors) for the reflux. In my case they hurt more than they help. I find that if you do a lot of other things, sometimes they will help. I will list them here, but if your gut is really inflammed or raw, these may take some time to help.
7945295 tn?1397658820 yes, raw meat makes me super nauseous.. raw meat, cooked meat, any meat! lol I have my days.. I was able to eat a sub last week, and spaghetti yesterday.. most days I can't stand the smell of meat though. glad I'm not the only one!