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Avatar m tn Quantity of hbsag: if you have hbv ,the quantity of hbsag will be detected(almost the whole); DNA: not like hbsag, the dna is may be not detected ,when you are a hbv carrier,May be you need not to care about it ,if your DNA is und without any treatment; Quantity of hbsag: hard to decrease; ,1-2 years decrease for 1-2 log for antivirals DNA :easy to decrease, one or more months will be undetected in blood test for antivirals if you can change the dna to und and hbeag from pos to neg ,hbeab from
Avatar n tn I hope the answer from the experts to this question can give reassurance. It has always been said the a significante amount of VIRUS (ie, infected blood, fluid, semen etc..) is necessary to be present in order for transmission to occur, and even small amounts of infected fluid (as nurse girl put it in THE FACTS) to cuts etc..
Avatar m tn He has done great, PSA drawn every 3 mos for 2 yrs and now every 6 mos. the blood draw is done in one place for surgeon. The PSA has always said less than 0.03. When hubby has his yearly physical blood draw is at another place and there it always. Is less than 0.04. I understand that discrepancy. However the lab yesterday sais PSA was 0.01. No " less than" language. Have some labs dropped the language " less then"? Gosh I hope so.
Avatar n tn Alt/tgp = normal although close to the highest limit Ast/tgo = a bit higher I checked the quantity of aghbs in week 42 which was 1235,55 ui/ml. I know that it doesn't say much since I have no other value to compare with. I don't know how it was before starting the treatment, either in week 12 or 24... To consider myself a responder (at least 1 log10 decline) should the baseline of aghbs have been about 12355,50 ui/ml??? I find it very high. Or I am not a responder?
5591624 tn?1370498236 I was diagnosed with alcoholic cirrhosis and hepatic encepalopathy about two years ago. I had no idea I was sick until I began bleeding, couldn't stop and then turned yellow. A few months later I was lifelined to the hospital with septic shock, renal failure, liver failure, etc.-my system was shutting down. I have not touched alcohol in over a year now and I have given up Tylenol, but my "numbers" are not good. Platelet count is averaging mid fifties, wbc 2.
Avatar n tn For more than a year, I have often been getting a large quantity of bright red blood in my (bloody wet) stools. I was wondering if it is due to my lactose intolerant nature or my consumption of multivitamin pills (with iron). I would like to receive some suggestions from the MedHelp community, as I would like to try some of the suggestions before going to a physician. Thank you!
Avatar m tn it lucia.
Avatar m tn Creatin/Serum : 1.11 (0.6 - 1.40mg/100ml) GGT : 27.6 (3 - 35 U/L) AST : 27.3 (6 - 25 U/L) ALT : 19.5 (3 - 30 U/L) A.F.P : 3.50 (<20ng/ml) HbeAg Pos S/Co = 5.08 ( S/CO <1) Alpha2- macroglobulin : 3.12 (1.5 - 3.5 g/L) Lipoprotein_APO-A1 : 1.1717 (0.95 - 2.23 g/L) FibroTest Score : 0.37 (METAVIR F1-F2) ActifTest Score : 0.09 (A0) HBV-DNA : Undetectable HBsAg (Architect Dilute 1) POS S/Co = 5357.65 IU/ml (<0.
Avatar m tn What is your opinion about my urine albumine/creatinine ratio which is 12,9. Do you think this is serious matter to worry about? Also, I often times have high blood pressure. My doctor wants me to be on a permanent hypertension medicine, but I'm not positive to that. I feel that the permanent medicine would damge my liver and kidney further complicating the problem. I feel that in the hope of treating the high bp I would be exacerbating the health of my liver and kidney. Any opinion about this?
Avatar n tn ) A couple of nights ago, I had some bad chinese food and spent the night being very ill, and during the latter part of the night there was a small quantity of blood in my vomit. I have never encountered this before, and the last time I can remember vomiting was well over 5 years ago. I have not been ill since, but my throat is still a bit tender and my chest in the area of my sternum is very tender.
Avatar m tn what is the quantity (in ml)of whiskey/ gin that a 60yr old male and 54yr old female should consume per day / week? male does not have any problem of blood pressure nor of heart problem; on the other hand female takes amlodac2.
Avatar m tn Plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs) are professional IFN-a producing cells and they contribute to most of the IFN-a production among peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC).Previouse literatures have shown that reduced frequency and impaired function of pDCs in CHB patients and after Lamivudine treatment, reduced HBV DNA level was accompanied with elevated pDCs population, which suggests HBV is important in pDCs deficiency.
Avatar f tn What are the best supplements to take both for quality and quantity? Here is a list of the ones I've been taking. Some of them are for overall health... N Acetyl cystine 2000 Queens delight (royal jelly) Coq10 ubiquinol 200mg Inositol  Omega 3 dha  X FLM K37 Metformin pcos Neevo DHA prenatal Folic acid 800mcg Floridix iron supplement Vitamin D drops My acupuncturists isn't a believer in DHEA but has anyone had any great luck with it or anything else.
3221284 tn?1346375637 blood pregnancy test was negative...quantity of hcg in my system was 0!
Avatar m tn I did the tests today at local doctor in Germany and prices not so bad Hbsag quantity 14 euro Genotype 99 euro Vitamin d. 20 euro AFP. 10 euro Hdl/LDL etc... 50 euro ALT/AST. 20 euro " But he didn't mention what lab was it in Germany... I wonder if I have to go through the same hassle of getting a doctor note or a prescription, or is there like a private lab I can just go and get the test done if I pay the money upfront.
Avatar m tn Anyone know where i can send blood samples by courier for hbsag quantity test in south africa????
Avatar m tn Eating almonds and walnuts (in small quantity) by a diabetic person, is it good?
Avatar m tn hi this is gk again here for ur suggestion.. i need to improve my blood quantity in my body so could you people give some advice of what type of vegetables i have to take daily...
Avatar m tn In addition I noticed tonight that while self cathetering i noticed blood tinged urine. I was wondering if I never needed a turp and that my bladder problem might be neurogenic. In addition I cancelled 2 colonoscopies in the past year because I could not handle the prep a day prior. (SInce my gastroenterology problem is in the bowel, why can't I have a simple fibersigmoidoscopy ?
Avatar m tn I have read your previous posts. It seems that you have ongoing fears about contacting HIV+ blood. Giving you a quantity will only feed your anxiety, so I am not going to do that. If you are not in a healthcare setting working with HIV+ patients, and are not involved in an accident with serious, heavily bleeding injuries, this is not a concern for you. If you work in a healthcare setting, please discuss HIV risks and procedures with your employer.
Avatar m tn You all are saying that the blood on the end of that needle CANNOT transmit the HIV virus? Even if the needle was used an hour or so afterwards by someone else?
Avatar n tn I did blood test and the result is: ALT 118 ALKP 108 AST 52.5 what does it means.
Avatar n tn Blood with coughing can have nose, throat, stomach or lung sources. The range of causes is wide including the lining of the nose being dry to ulcers to tumors. Although your symptoms are infrequent and minimal, you should get examined by an ent doctor. Good luck.
283921 tn?1218529106 My understanding is that the irregularity of the heart beat may cause some confusion on blood pressure monitoring. Is this true? If I take three blood pressures in a row the third reading is always lower, is this a valid way to measure?
Avatar m tn Hi Teak want to ask u if some semen and blood carries an hiv risk if it get into the eye