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Avatar n tn Are you asking if there are any exercises which can cure high blood pressure?
Avatar f tn Everything was good except my blood pressure was high for the first time. They told me not to worry and im not. But just wondering how likely it could be that id get pre eclampsia. I only have three weeks to go so thought i was safe from that. Lol. What should i look out for or do till my next appointment?
Avatar f tn The benefits of BP meds could outweigh any risks of high blood pressure. I know that I will have to take BP meds when im pregnant. You should really consult your physician to see if this applies in your case. Aldomet is a BP med that is considered safe in pregnancy. I was on BP meds when I miscarried but had nothing to do with it. BP can be a serious problem in pregnancy and should not be ignored.
212161 tn?1599427282 ok this time took bp while in potty room. my blood pressure went from being 130/67 to 187/90 just because i went bathroom. any ideals. went back to normal after , there was no pushing just bad cramps, with my IBS.
Avatar f tn My blood pressure was 127/91 the other day. My normal is around 120/80. Is it just me or is this a little higher than normal? 10 weeks on Sunday.
Avatar f tn I'll be 37 weeks any my blood pressure keeps going up it was 136/82 at the hospital and today when i checked it at home it is 145/92 the hospital told me to have it checked at the doctor tomorrow, anyone else had this happened to them ? If so what did the doctor do?
8186845 tn?1415020547 Anyone elses blood pressure rising but no protein in their urine causing it? My dr wants to see me weekly now because my blood pressure is 138/88. Im almost 34 weeks.
Avatar f tn I had legit pregnancy hypertension and it was that high during birth so that after, I had a blood pressure cuff that took my pressure every 2 hours for 24 hours. (THAT was a pain as it wakes you up as it squeezes your arm). Just talk to your doctor Paige next visit or even call in before if you are worried.
Avatar f tn Been having problems with my blood pressure. I was wondering if theres a certain med for this that's safer for the liver. Any info appreciated.
Avatar f tn I went 2 my gyne due 2 Pain nd when I came bck he prescribed me Adalat XL 30 mg dnt knw if I'm developing high blood pressure or what??? Who else had that does it mean im going 2 develop preeclampsia?
12693075 tn?1442246392 this is my second blood pressure test and they both have been low. 81/56 and 90/60.
Avatar f tn So I went to the doctor the other day for my blood pressure ( I was on blood pressure meds before I got pregnant and doctor took me off because it was to dangerous) well my blood pressure was going crazy so I went to the doctor and I was seeing a midwife and now because it's so serious they're making me see an actual surgeon. As my regular doctor. Which worries me...
Avatar f tn Hey everyone my blood pressure has been bottoming out a few hours ago my bottom number was 70 then in a matter of a few mins it dropped to 40 I started to sweat vision got very blurry and I thought I would pass out it happens all the time what should I do when it happens
Avatar f tn How do you know when you have a high blood pressure,normal pressure and low pressure...i need help????
Avatar f tn I had high blood pressure with my first. So far I've been good but it could if been high if you were even just a little nervous or even the walk from the waiting room back to the room could of made it go up. Mine has gone up once this pregnancy, the nurse checked it and made a note for my Dr and when he came in after a few mins of me sitting down and he re did it,it was normal again.
Avatar f tn My blood pressure is a little high I'm 33 almost 34 weeks pregnant. It started to go down and now it's going back up a little. Should I call my doctor? It's not too high should I be worried?
Avatar f tn I'm 27 weeks pregnant blood pressure 100/40 having extremely bad headaches is my blood pressure too low?
Avatar f tn Blood pressure should be measured several times to get a good impression because it can vary during the day. So, one measurement is not good enough to conclude that it is too high. Also a lot of people have higher blood pressure during doctor's visit that normalizes again when they are home. I would say 171 is not dangerous for a short while but if you have this blood pressure for prolonged periods it could cause damage.
Avatar f tn I would personally look into the natural ways of doing this, at least research them, as medication for high blood pressure, as with so much medication, can have consequences that are as bad as the high blood pressure, such as pulmonary problems. Again, as always, we have to do our homework and then make a choice.
Avatar f tn In hospital for high blood pressure. I am almost 36 weeks with my baby boy. If doesn't go down we have him tomorrow! !
10064121 tn?1415176073 Anyone else dealing with high blood pressure? I have a machine at home my cardiologist gave me and I use it 3x a day. My last BP reading was really high. I feel hot and basically just terrible.
9650366 tn?1407443358 I went to my specialist appointment yesterday and my blood pressure was bad enough that it landed me a 2 week stay at the hospital for 24 hour monitoring. Not quite what I wanted at 29 weeks.
Avatar f tn I'm 28 weeks having a baby girl and my blood pressure was a bit low it was 102 80 is that too low?
8594632 tn?1410183693 My blood pressure has been dropping to 80/70 & 90/63,leaving me extremely week, dizzy, puking,head ache & diarrhea. I'm 25+4.Dr said get rest & plenty of water. I'm confused, what could this be?
Avatar f tn I'm 26 weeks pregnant and had normal blood pressure until yesterday when it suddenly got high, up to 150/90...since then baby is kicking all the time...went to the doctor who told me to test for anemia and thyroid hormones. Anyone else maybe having (or had) same problems? I'm soooo worried I can't sleep well either...