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1323047 tn?1279197519 Using Amlodipine Tabs 1 daily
579848 tn?1225832147 reading okay, not great camping okay
Avatar f tn Tonight My blood Pressure is normal
Avatar f tn My blood pressure is normal again today
1315420 tn?1344302961 been at daughters for several weeks taking care of babies who are sick and babysitter in hospital. it was hard to sleep and rest well. stress some.
1315420 tn?1344302961 highest BP reading was 151 due to being away from home for about three weeks and taking care of two beautiful sick babies while baby sitter ill. not taking the extra time for good rest and eating better.
1315420 tn?1344302961 inhale (shorter) thru nose. exhale (longer) out thru mouth. this will help keep oxygen about the 90's. breathing is main issue due to lower oxygen levels. 10 minutes of continous walking while checking pulse & oxygen.
Avatar n tn 135 / 75
Avatar n tn 132 / 78
1315420 tn?1344302961 9:30 am 125/73 p - 67. resting/nap 10:00 pm home from shopping. ate mexican. a little salty.....
Avatar m tn RIGHT WRIST: 133/87 PULSE 72
Avatar f tn 116/71 HR: 58
1315420 tn?1344302961 heart rate should be 160 at exercise with a sweat.
1523917 tn?1302219471 been pretty worried about my blood pressure so I'm now going to start charting it on here.
967168 tn?1477588089 Please take your blood pressure AND heart rate while lying down and standing on three separate occasions, preferably early in the morning at least 2 hours after a meal. You can have this done by a nurse in your doctor’s office, you can have a caregiver help you do this if you have a home blood pressure machine.
1025040 tn?1303245190 118/54
Avatar f tn been told today i have high blood pressure normaly low
1398284 tn?1297159873 The next morning, I made mention to family what happened, just in case anything ever did happen to me, they would have info to disclose to whom ever needed to know. But after learning my blood pressure was low Monday, I decided to research low blood pressure. Well now I am really concerned! I had some testing done today and I requested my blood pressure to be taken, it was 91/67. Borderline low I guess, still lower then I normally run. And last Friday at my GP it was 103/69.
1315420 tn?1344302961 15 = 133/72 p 68 11:15 = 132/75 p 66 81 blood sugar aft brk. shaking, vision and little confusion disoriented weak and tired. body feels strange. feel a little flushed around face. no sweating at this moment just warm. getting a little hungry again.
1315420 tn?1344302961 9/10/2011 7:30a 142/71 p 70 up BP 11:30a 125/64 p 88 6:10p 116/74 p92 after a nap/rest time 6:49p 106/70 p88 took two tylenol XS. feel nausea, flushed in face, disoriented, pain in thighs, legs, and right shoulder blade.
1315420 tn?1344302961 feeling much better. getting more rest. blood pressure has finally settled back down. blood sugar is ok for today.
1315420 tn?1344302961 8:30a 148/77 p 81 4:44p 140/81 p 81 feel better
1315420 tn?1344302961 7:00a 151/80 p 72 bef pill
1315420 tn?1344302961 bp 133/82 p 71 @ 2:50 am slight headache
1315420 tn?1344302961 out of medicine
Avatar f tn 116/75 HR 84 @ 9:55 am
2121068 tn?1334901658 I haven't been taking my blood pressure medicine for months. I just started back on it, so my blood pressure is high. I'm taking Linsopril, 20mg.
Avatar f tn 134/84
Avatar f tn 116/84