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Avatar n tn Now every year I have a physical, and they do a rectal and every time it comes out positive for blood and my blood tests always indicates borderline anemic. To this day they still have not found the cause for the bleeding. I have had ct scans, colonoscopies, upper GI, and small bowel follow through. No findings- Does this sound familiar to anyone else? If so, have you found out the cause?
Avatar m tn Then since the last week I have been suffering from constipation. Now I have also noticed then when I do go to the toilet there is blood in my stools. It is a dark colour, so it seems to be coming from somewhere deeper. Obviously, this has got my slighty worried. I have been to the doctor yesterday and prescribed me a strong laxitive and took some blood tests. My quesion is - WHAT MARKERS IN BLOOD ARE EFFECTED BY CANCERS?
Avatar n tn Had a sigmoiodscopy and found a small internal hemorroid, no polyps or diverticula. Started checking stool and noticed red blood on somewhat flat stool. Streaks of blood and spots of blood on almost every bowel movement. Had injecction sclerotherapy done 3 days ago. I have noticed that my stool is very flat lately. Still some blood. No constipation or diarhea. Can the flat stools be from the hemorriod, sclerotherapy or something more serious. Very worried!
Avatar f tn The immunochemical test detects globin, and though there is a small chance of this being false positive; blood in stools may not necessarily indicate cancer. Occult blood can also be found in a number of GI infections, inflammations, benign growths/ masses, ulceration, erosions etc. Occult blood testing is just a screening test, which if positive would indicate the need for further investigation. Hope this information helps. Take care!
Avatar m tn It is sort of difficult to remember back to last fall how much and how often I had some rectal blood with stools. I am still on treatment so it all runs together. I know I had some rectal bleeding, but not every day. I usually got it if the stools got soft or if I had diarrhea. If I recall, as long as I kept my stools quite firm (with loperimide as needed) the rectal problems were not bad and I had no rectal bleeding.
Avatar f tn I feel the urge to have a bowel movement and when I go there is blood... When my back is not hurting, there is no blood... What are we missing?????????????? Thank you in advance, Sherrie i had called the doctor and he said it is my bone in my lower back that it can occur because of stress, or arthritis? also he still maintains the bleeding is from the hemmorrhoids. if hemmorrhoids are not treated can they become cancer?
Avatar m tn Gas, mild abdominal pain, and flat stools for a week could just be a transient problem related to diet. I assume that you are not having any black stools or blood per rectum. If you are 45 years of age or older, a colonoscopy would be an appropriate test. I encourage you to follow up with your doctor. Share with your doctor my thoughts. I hope this helps.
Avatar m tn I have been having chronic loose stools/floating stools on and off, there are days when my stools are fine and days when they are loose/floating. I have been diagnosed with an allergy to soy and I was eating soybean oil/soy lechitin up until recently where I have been cutting out almost all soy. Could this film be related to a food allergy, or could it be part of a bacterial overgrowth problem?
Avatar m tn Now i don't have no cramps or pain i do have hemorrhoids and when stool is hard i do bleed. Some times i have flat stools and sometimes not. I have had blood test and stool test that came back normal. Stool test was taken 2 times in 2 weeks. I am 30 years old and have anxiety that controlling my life, and this only started when the doctor told me of the thickening.
Avatar m tn I finally can think clearly tonight after months of suffering but still have terrible sleep breathing problems/sleep apnea. I had an allergy blood test but it didn't come up positive for gluten or they didn't test it.
Avatar f tn Just got a call from my doctor letting me know that two of the three sides for my fecal occult blood test came back positive. I'll be scheduling my colonoscopy in the morning. Right now I'm trying not to worry and to consider all the possibilities that aren't cancer. I've been reading about colitis, diverticulitis, IBD, Celiac etc so long the symptoms have started to blend together. I'm posting this in hopes something might call out to someone or I can at least get an idea of what to rule out.
1166402 tn?1303850656 often it shows up when we apply for life insurance, or as a course of employment blood test, sometimes donating blood, etc. Panic episodes and GAD are no fun to deal with; why not go ahead, get tested so you can move on with life; I promise you, even if the test results are positive, you’ll manage along with the rest of us… really :o)!
Avatar n tn is it blood in your stool or not. Answer can be get easily with FOBT (fecal occult blood test). If this will be positive, further investigation (uper endoscopy) will be probably needed.
Avatar m tn ,for the past 10 months,whenever i eat something,my abdomen started paining,,, i was forced to stools with gas formation,,, until the stomach is completely empty, no loss of appetite, i felt very hungry ,but was afraid of eating, because of the loose stools,, d stools were semi liquid with some foam type thing, now i m surrering d same problem again in month of june doctors examined me with all sorts of test which included colonoscopy,,ultrasound,,some blood tests,,urine & stool tests,,test
Avatar n tn My supervisors thought that I might have leishmaniasis, but when I went to Walter Reid in DC, the blood test were negative. I got a stomach virus in November of 2004. In January of 2005, My stomach was starting to feel upset every 2 or 3 days. By the begginging of February, my stomach bothered me all the time, always upset. I ate maybe once a day, or every 2 days. At the end of March I went from 165lbs to 148lbs.
611254 tn?1223918441 I have not noticed any blood in my stools. I have to say, I'm rather embarassed to write these issues, but I'm not sure if it is just my body changing due to aging or something to be of concern. Thank you anyone who can offer any advice.
155534 tn?1275415855 did a test to check my sedement rate,thyroid function and an ANA blood test. The Ana is the only test that came back positive .The dr said something about the pattern??IDK She ordered a complete ana autoimmune profile..she said that way she can distinguish if it is SLE or another connective tissue disease. I am going to get that blood work done tomarrow...
Avatar f tn Did anyone test positive for ANA and ASMA? I did and my titres are ANA 1:160 and ASMA 1:20. I have read that it means cirrhosis. Anyone else have this?
Avatar n tn Since the encounter a year and a half ago I have experienced- The first thing i noticed that was my saliva became more watery. Totally different to before loose stools but no diahrroea chicken pox bumps on my inner thighs that seem like jock itch. One at a time A rash that looks like tinea on my inner groin Loss of facial fat Loss of fat in thighs- My weight has stayed the same tho or even increased?
Avatar f tn It helps keep the amount of fluid inside and outside of your cells in balance. It also helps maintain proper blood volume, blood pressure, and pH of your body fluids." If your level was only one number off, your doctor may not have thought the deficiency to be significant to warrant further investigation.
Avatar n tn always loose and always has mucus. Doctor gave me occult blood test kit. Result came back positive. They have me scheduled for further consult in three weeks. I will worry every day until then. I do have an anal fissure that bleeds from time to time... especially after passing a large stool. Cancer always comes to mind. Haven't lost any weight. Have been very fatigued lately. Had a low grade fever yesterday... about 99.1 Any thoughts or reasons I shoild not worry?
Avatar n tn stool. Out of the next 3 stools 2 of them had blood and mucus, but less : : each time. I saw a doctor and he had me take the hemoocult slides home. : : after the holidays I was able to perform the tests and turn them in. They : : were negative. My rash had developed a bacterial infection with a pyogenic : : granuloma within the rash site. I went on dicloxacill 250mg 4/day for : : 10 days. The p.granuloma went away.
Avatar n tn she was menstruating at the time and there was exposure to blood). 3 weeks later, when I was informed of her positive status, I had an Anti-HCV test. This proved neg, as did a second Anti-HCV test another 3 weeks later (6 wks after exposure) Obviously, due to the accuracy of the Anti-HCV test that early, these can prob be dismissed as inconclusive.
Avatar n tn No Urgent bowel motions. No feacal Blood. No jaundice. No hernia or Ulcers No weight problem. Ive had a patch test done on my skin and its fine. Im male - early 30's - smoker - non drinker without history. Any clues? or am i just having a panic attack over nothing? Thankyou for your time.
Avatar n tn In 2005, I was diagnosed with parathyroid failure which caused my intestinal muscles not to work normally and autoimmune pancreatic insufficiency, all causing me to have multiple dumps. After the Hpth problem was controlled and I was placed on enzymes for every meal, the stools were better controlled, but increased in frequency. My worm/infection tests on my bowels were negative.
Avatar f tn My son is 5 and has been having very loose/mushy stools and sometimes full out diarrhea on and off for a little over 3 weeks now. Most are light brown and very foul smelling. He varies how many BM's each day. Some days it has been 2-3 and some have been 3-5. He has no other symptoms of a cold/virus and is just as active as always.
Avatar n tn So I'm male, 21, normal bmi (a little on the underweight side), several months ago I had 2 blood tests, endoscopy, stool test (parasites) and a h. pylori test. Neither family doctor, nor gastroenterologist found any problems. As the title says, I've been experiencing (for ~2 years or so) mushy stools, sometimes pale (perhaps due to problematic fat absorption?), usually floating, discomfort in abdomen area, sometimes heartburn, somewhat frequent flatulence.
Avatar n tn Hi, i'm HCV positive, VL 13,000 IU/ml. blood enzymes normal as of one month ago. i'm 25 years old. i havent cleaned my toilet for a month now. i see a strange deposit in the toilet bowl... its a centimetre thick reddish-orangish line all around the toilet bowl, just above the water line. i'm wondering if it is fat deposit, and could i have fatty stools? i read that fatty stools are a sign of cirrhosis? i'm really worried...plz help!
2085202 tn?1373203340 Then on top of it I am extremely weak and fatigued. I am also starting to pass bright yellow stools. I'm only 26 and I'm thinking this is not normal...that I should be healthy and full of energy with no pain. I find this hard to believe it's just from having some anxiety. I feel completely hopeless and thrown out to the curb to die. I do have to give the Dr. credit for running the tests he has though which I am grateful for. I'm just lost, hopeless and scared.
Avatar f tn All I know is that I have a consultation with a colon/rectal associates office. I also tested positive in all 3 fecal occult blood tests. The visible blood is always bright red.I usually have about the size of 2 silver dollars on the toilet paper. Thank you for any answers. Also, is it typical that I am having a consultation 1st or could that indicate bad news already?