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Avatar f tn We build antibodies every-time we have a child have a infection get sick blood transfusion. She did say this is something I can not help that it is how my body is made up. So this kinda knocked the wind out of my sails I laid down woke up grumpy decided I do not want to be grumpy changed up my attitude spoke to my boys and now writing it out helps.. The Creator sure does like to test me.. Not giving up just going to be a lil harder then what I anticipated..
Avatar n tn My blood tested positive for HSV 1 antibodies, but I have never had a cold sore anywhere on my body at any time in my life. I have read that testing positive for the antibodies doesn't necessarily mean you're a carrier or able to spread it, it just means that at some point in your life, you encountered the virus and your body created antibodies to fight it off. Is this accurate?
Avatar f tn I was like that with my last baby and this one thwy just checked my levels every other visit to make sure thwy wasn't rising Sid they twll u which one it was?
Avatar n tn I recently had a blood test for STD's and came back positive for HSV2. I have never had any outbreaks or symptoms. I was due to get my regular pap smear a week after receiving the news, so my doctor said he was going to run a culture on a sample he scraped during the pap smear. That came back negative. He said that means that I don't have the virus, just the antibodies. What does that mean? Could I still possibly have HSV2 and could I pass it to a partner?
Avatar m tn Does anyone know after you have been exposed to the Herpes virus how long does it take to get a positive index reading with a an IgG test... With or with out symptoms? And can you get herpes via manual stimulation(handjob)?
Avatar f tn I tested positive for the hcv antibodies my doctor sent me to a hepatologist. That doctor said he was almost positive I did not have it after doing an examination asking about the risk factors and looking at my liver panels. He said all of my liver panels were perfectly normal. He Did however send me for the test to check my viral load. I guess my question is: Is it possible to be positive for the virus and have normal liver panels??
Avatar n tn I was tested 5 years ago and was positive for hep c antibodies.
Avatar n tn They did test for Lyme, but it came back negative and I've read that it is not a very good way to test for Lyme. I too have read that WB results can become MORE positive early in treatment since the antibiotics get the immune system working. Remember, the test detects the Lyme bacteria indirectly through antibodies. So a positive test shows that the body is fighting the infection. Take it as a good sign that his immune system is pumping. What type of doc is the Lyme doctor?
Avatar n tn Both must be tested, you can be positive for one and negative for the other. The test requires the doctor draw a vial of blood in the office, you can be tested for both at the same time. It costs roughly $160.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know how many equivocal herpes blood tests usually retest as positive???Or what reasons there are for someone who suspects they picked up the virus years ago to test as equivocal???Do the antibodies lessen with time????
Avatar n tn My oldest son has been tested every year since he was born (he is 6) and he has always tested positive for the antibodies as well. My younger son is only 4 months old and they wanted to wait 4 months to test him. I do have my test results if I could scan them and email them to someone that would be easier for me. My email is ***@**** you can email me your email if you don't want to post it on here. Thank you for all of the info.
Avatar n tn Hello DR: My question to you is, If you test positive for HCV Antibodies and are Negitive for HCV RNA PCR .Can your HCV Antibodies Titer out or go away over time?
Avatar m tn A condition known as Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is associated with a high level of these thyroid antibodies in the blood. Whether the antibodies cause the disease or whether the disease causes the antibodies is not known; however, the finding of a high level of thyroid antibodies is strong evidence of this disease." A lot more study to be done!
Avatar n tn If I currently have oral herpes (i've had them for over 10 years already) and I recently received a positive HSV antibody blood test, does that mean that I have genital herpes or is the positive antibody blood test just recognizing the antibodies that my body created from the oral herpes? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Levels of antibodies in herpes test</a>.
Avatar f tn I don't see the connection in the UTI -- but those prone to UTI's seem to get a lot of them while treating. Ironically, a blood transfusion I had for surgery for an ectopic pregnancy was one of the possible, although not probable, sources for my infection.
Avatar f tn I am 7 weeks pregnant,have history of Lupus (SLE) for 12 years and recent blood test showed anti-cardiolipin antibodies is present. my dr prescribed me with aspirin (cardiprin 100mg) daily to thin my blood. I just start the aspirin when i was 6 weeks pregnant. will that be too late? Is there any successful pregnancy in my case?
Avatar n tn I had a herpes blood test using the herpeselect and it came back negative for herpes type 1 and 2 but said I was positive for herpes IgM antibodies at a 2.01 level. I talked to a doctor who said that IgM antibodies aren't supposed to be used because they're unreliable but I am still confused. What does this mean??
Avatar n tn I had a test and it came back negative for type one and type two yet came back positive for herpes IgM antibodies at a 2.01 level. I was with a new partner and had oral and vaginal sex unprotected 2 and a half weeks ago which was 3 days before my test. I havn't experienced any symptoms but I'm not sure why that would say I am positive for IgM when I havn't had symptoms. Should I be retested?
1108194 tn?1378428122 Low positive Thyroglobulin antibodies are seen in a portion of the asymptomatic populations. My doctor says that the test are normal? Can you explain? THYROGLOBULIN, ANTIBODY Range: 0.0 - 0.9 IU/mL My value: <1.
Avatar n tn My RE did a recurrent pregnancy loss panel on after a m/c at 10wks. I'm 41 and it was my first pregnancy-so I did not have to have 3 m/cs before the blood work was done. Per my RE, I was told I have clotting issues and if I ever got pregnant again-I would need to use a low dose of heparin (lovenox-I think that is the correct spelling).
Avatar f tn Greetings, My husband (47 years old) just recently tested positive for antibodies for Hep C. He was tested because we are going through fertility treatments. He had multiple blood transfusions (prior to 1992) due to a serious infection in his leg and many surgeries. We are assuming that is when he was exposed. A doctor has been monitoring his liver functions pretty regularly for the past 3 years because he has been on lipitor.
Avatar f tn Blood test for chlamydia is useless, have a swab test or urine test. That looks for an active infection. Yes it's possible that the body cleared it or that some medication you took without knowing cleared it.
Avatar n tn The doc called me in this week to tell me that I tested positive for HIV antibodies!! I was tested last summer and it was a negative result. In Sept/Oct, I had the flu vaccination and the Hep B vaccination, could this interfere with the results? I know that my husband nor myself have been exposed to anything!! What are the procedures for testing? Is it the ELISA and then the Western Blot? B/c I was just tested for antibodies in my blood and now the doc ordered HIV/DNA test to be done?
Avatar n tn I also have a long history of geographic tongue but now have lost ~25% of the taste buds on one side of my tongue. The testing I had included blood work for vitamin deficiencies, anemia, and a celiac profile. All was fine except the IgA anti gliadin antibodies was 26 (normal <11). Total IgA and the Tissue Transglutaminase IgA were normal. My husband spoke to a gastroenterologist friend who said "not to worry, it's not celiac disease". What causes anti gliadin antibodies??
Avatar n tn I am in a relationship with someone that has disclosed that he has had HSV-2 outbreaks (1-3) in last 10 years. I have to add that he has never had serum testing, however his ex-wife was positive for HSV2 and he always "assumed" that this is what his "lesions" were. I have never had an outbreak of any type of lesion at all, but i was curious and had serum testing done. My HSV2 IgG antibodies were positive = 5.5.