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Avatar n tn how uniform in size the platelets are. Abnormally high values here occur in thrombocytopenia, some leukemias, polycythemia vera (a bone marrow disease), rheumatoid arthritis, renal failure, Hodgkin's disease, pancreatitis. You need to get a detailed examination done from a physician or a hematologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
550622 tn?1247656720 Was looking again at my last lab work report. Noticed there are elevations in the CBC/Platelet area of the following: RDW - Normal Range - 11.00-15.00 Mine reads 15.90 MPV - Normal Range - 7.54-11.24 Mine reads 11.50 Does anyone know what this means? All others are normal. My Endo didn't seem too concerned. This is the first time I've noticed any of the blood counts being elevated.
Avatar m tn 40 male in great health. Some question. RBC was normal, Platelets Normal, Hemotacrit was normal, Hemoglobin was 18.4 on a range of 17.7. Any concerns as other tests normal. No smoking and no high alt...hemoglobin was 18.1 in 2016 on range of 17.7.
Avatar m tn The important values are the result column and the normal ranges column. If it were my results, the 2 of most interest would be hemoglobin (it's the oxygen carrying red blood cell) and platelets, but I would also notice the hematocrit being lower than normal. There are several websites that explain the tests and what the results indicate.
Avatar n tn Mean Platelet Volume (MPV) is a measurement of the average size of platelets found in blood and is typically included in blood tests. Since the average platelet size is larger when the body is producing increased numbers of platelets, MPV test results can be used to make inferences about platelet production in bone marrow. Abnormally high MPV values correlate primarily with thrombocytopenia, also known as ITP (abnormally low platelets). Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn you have to keep in mind. Your blood values (red cells aka hgb? and white cells and platelets) will drop real low but hopefully not too low. And from what I remember you sound fine. You should be able to look @ it (your labs on paper) and see the reference ranges. It will tell you if you are high or low and to the far right you will see a normal reference range. Good luck and I think you sound like you will be fine. My gi said he would not worry unless I got to 25 on the platelets.
Avatar f tn Mean platelet volume is the size of the platelets. The higher the MPV the larger the platelet size and the lower the MPV the smaller the platelets. High MPV can cause a person to be at a higher risk for strokes and heart attacks. Low MPV can cause a person to be at risk for bleeding problems (too much bleeding that is slow to stop). There are some natural anti coagulants that help lower MPV blood like flax seed oil and fish oil.
Avatar f tn My blood values werent quite normal at my 3 month post labs, it took until my 24 wk labs, for my values to return to normal. If you have cirrhosis, the platelets arent expected to go back to normal.
Avatar f tn It seems pretty normal - hard to interpret this as posted. It appears that your Hgb (hemoglobin) is 14 and your HCT (hematocrit) is 43%. That would mean that you are not anemic, which you could get if you have not had enough iron. Many of the indices are not particularly relevant if your blood count is normal. Realize that the "normal values" that the laboratory reports represent the values seen in 95% of the healthy population - that means that 2.
34957 tn?1515170194 Optimum values for an adult male is 14.0 to 15.0 g/dl and for an adult female is 13.5 to 14.5 g/dl. RBC: Optimal values for an adult male are 4.70-5.25 million/mm3 and for an adult female are 4.00 to 4.50 million mm3." Hemoglobin: Optimum values for an adult male is 14.0 to 15.0 g/dl and for an adult female is 13.5 to 14.5 g/dl. Hemocrit: Optimum values in an adult male are 42.0 to 48.0% and in an adult female is 39.0 to 45.0%. Platelets: Optimum values: 230,000 to 400,000 mm3.
Avatar n tn At the hospital, we had discovered that his blood tests had come in already and the results were that his platelets were really low...27. We chose to have my dog stay over night at the hospital to be monitored. One day later, his platelets dropped even more...12 and his red blood cell count was lower than before. We have also been informed that they were giving him more meds. I am so concerned as we haven't gotten any answers yet. How soon til the meds start working?
745313 tn?1323142298 Has anyone had lab values that included GIANT PLATELETS? My bloodwork is and always has been all over the place in my 11 weeks of treatment - but this is new.
2131202 tn?1339964103 My hubby is in 4th week of triple tx, and has developed a bad cough and low platelets. I don't know the platelet count, but his nurse called him this a.m. and wants him back for another blood test on Tues. next week. His words to me were that his platelets "bottomed out". Also, he has had a horrible cough for about 5 days now, not sure if it is tx related or if he's gotten a cold or flu. The last 3 or 4 days have been his absolute worst.
Avatar n tn If your platelet count is 80 and your prothrombin time is 14 this could be an indication of cirrhosis of the liver. Looking at two blood values is not enough to make an educated guess on anyone's health condition and doesn't explain why the doctor won't treat you. Others with similar levels have been treated. So there must be more to the story than you are presenting in your post.
1648173 tn?1373342935 I am supposing you had baseline labs and those along with the labs you just had might help. Namely the values from your CBC (complete blood count) such as platelets, Prothrombin time PT) (how your blood is clotting) and so on. Baseline VL & current VL. Changes in VL often reveal how well or rapidly you are responding to the meds. Since you mentioned platelets it sounds like your doctor might want to evaluate your platelet function.
Avatar m tn What was your exposure? Have you tested? Symptoms are NOT a way of diagnosing HIV. Testing is the only way.
Avatar m tn Your grandfathers lab values seem pretty good for the most part. They are expected to drop while on's very normal. I'm a genotype 3 as well on week 22 of treatment. My WBC got at low as 1.9 my RBC,s in the will find others on this site with even lower lab values. You mentioned the MCV but it's only 2 points outta range. His platelets do seem kinda low but I'll let someone else comment on that as I'm not really educated on them.
Avatar f tn my liver gets better over time as I hope it will, and my PHT gets better my IDS believes that my platelets will increase. My platelets remained the same during my treatment with S&O. At my last visit (SVR24 cured/discharged) she said that the ID Clinic was seeing remarkable things happening to their patients who are now cured. People are literally coming back from the brink.
950213 tn?1247964228 Another clue in the CBC is the mean platelet volume or MPV, which is an estimate of the average size of platelets in the blood. A low MPV number may suggest platelet production problem, whereas, a high number may indicate increased destruction.
Avatar n tn Hi, My pet dog (PUG) is 2 years old and has been diagnosed with low Platelets count(0.25). It needs to be BTW 2.0 to 9.0. How do I get his Platelets count up. Is there a diet( Vegetables/ Fruit) that would help.