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Avatar n tn it didn't, the article just said DO NOT EAT RAW shellfish. I always eat sushi, but it is always cooked cause i don't like raw fish anyways. But as long as it is cooked thouroghly, it sounds like it is okay.....
2035635 tn?1332520375 Hate to be a pain, but if you posted your blood test results you may get more input. specifically ALT AST Bilirubin PPT Platelets albumin Also, what do you mean "lesions" ?
Avatar n tn A few weeks ago I went to the ER because I had little red dots on my legs, feet and back. They looked like petechiae. In the past I had platelets that were on the lower side, but docs never thought it was a problem. The ER doctor said he needed to run a cbc with platelet and some clotting tests PPT, and PT and something else I forget. Anyway, my platelet count came back normal at 184000. The rest of my cbc was fine, all normal - and my clotting tests were normal.
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Avatar n tn None of the REs are doing bloodwork because the studies published, other than CASSON in 2000 didn't track blood levels so they have nothing to go on. I tracked my blood for almost 2 years and 4 cycles. Please trust me tracking your blood is important and you need to just be firm and tell them you want it. They will give it to you if you demonstrate determination.