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Avatar f tn I started talking codeine//fiorcet for headaches to stop aspirin because of my low platelets. My last blood test before starting treatment for the first time was over 3 million. I think your test was probably read wrong. My doctor has always knows about the codeine use and has not told me to stop.
Avatar n tn I have very low platelets also. They were 24 on the January blood test. They have been hovering in the 20's and 30's for a year. I mentioned it to my doctor and he said "We'll worry about your platelets." I think, however, that your previous heart problem may be the deciding factor for your doctor. I urge you to see a heptalogist or another liver specialist. Perhaps, there is a university near you that you can check with.
2062453 tn?1350336542 Within a month after stopping dual therapy in 2009, the virus resurfaced in my blood stream at 1.
Avatar n tn 2 million no bx as he is afraid to do since platelets hover around 64k He has asked me each time that I see him if I would reather see some docs at the hospital (kind of makes me think he is a bit unsure of himself) but he said that I should get to know them so if I need a liver transplant they will be familiar with me. He also said that he believes that I am probably a stage f4 or begining cirhosis. and chances are 40 percent I will need a transplant.
12035768 tn?1423034322 I am seeking information about viral loads. I have a viral load just under 8 million. With syptoms. I am going to be seeing a specialist in March 2015. What i want to know is why does this virus load matter,and why does it cause severe nausea/vomitting. Pain and inflamation also? Also is a gastroenterologist the best doctor for me? Thanks any advice is apprecated. I have not had a biopsy to date.
Avatar n tn The liver bio showed micronodualr cirrhosis with moderate inflammatory activity. In all the blood work done I show the Platelets Count higest at 102 and lowest at 40. Glucose also seems to be high on most test One person we know said that the counts level off when no acohol is consumed but I have not read anything about that anywhere. Drinking stopped completely when the news arrived we had this. The current doctor is a Gastroenterolist who will not treat with a low platelet count.
Avatar n tn My husband, in week 15 of ribi and interferon started to take Levaquin for a sinus infection. To make matters worse, his platelets had dropped last week, but now they are fine, but he got a call that his Sed Rate was at 99 and I thought this was odd. I have looked up what this might mean and thought it might be a problem that some others on this tx might have had. The Levaquin is said to be a very dangerous drug and I don't like the idea he is taking it while on this tx.
244899 tn?1313628239 w/800 mg daily Riba my ANC went to 545 with White blood cells at 1.8. My doctor recommended Neupogen to boost white blood cells. She said if the ANC fell below 300, she would have to reduce Peg/Int & Riba and thus my chances of clearing virus not as good. At my request, I asked what else could be done as I did not want to take Neupogen (just did not want another drug and it was very costly to me).... Doctor said I'd have to have blood tests every 2 weeks and I opted for that.
Avatar n tn The research, published Thursday in the journal Science, will not immediately benefit the 3 million Americans and 180 million people worldwide who remain chronically infected with hepatitis C. The virus leaves them at risk of eventually developing liver cancer or failure, and claims 10,000 to 12,000 lives a year in the United States. "It brings us closer to understanding how the virus works," said Dr.
Avatar f tn However this week I have woke up every morning looking like Robert Pattison with dried blood all over my mouth and pillow from my bleeding gums. Joe, I hope your numbers are good. I get winded pretty easily. I was running before I started treatment but I had to stop because I sounded like an asthmatic oompa loompa.
Avatar m tn unless you have bleeding and so have to be constantly making new platelets. Newly made platelets begin larger and then get smaller over time. Or maybe your past infection caused the high MPV. Do you ever get food stuck when swallowing?
Avatar f tn I went back to the Doctor yesterday and it seems I am bordering on Cirrohsis, the liver is very stiff and the right lobe particularly bad scarring, also viral load over 3 million. This was only the GP reporting back on the copy of my results he received, and he admitted a lot was over his head, so I still won't know what the Specialists consider best for me until the 25th of this month, only another 14 days to go.
10947 tn?1281407852 Thanks for sharing your lab units with us. This was very helpful. Let's look at your two lab results first (before we compare to the tracker). For WBC: 1st lab: 10^3/ul 2nd lab: thousand/mm3 These two are really the same thing. 10^3 is scientific notation for thousand and mm3 is the same thing as ul. So these labs are exactly the same. For RBC: 1st lab: 10^6/ul 2nd lab: million /mm3 These two are also the same thing. 10^6 is scientific notation for million and mm3 is the same thing as ul.
Avatar n tn I've had this problem about 10 years ago. I would get a ping sensation in any one of my fingers and seconds later it will fill up with blood and look bruised. I had it once so severely that I went to the emergency room where they gave me meds to open my arteries. My index finger was so swollen that if I waited a day or two longer it would have gone gangreen. I've been to vascular surgeons, cardiologists. hand surgeons and regular md's and no one can help me.
Avatar f tn They said on the trials for these new drugs no one got colitis. I want to start treatment again. My viral load went from 8 million to 1 million in 2 weeks. Can anyone out there tell me why this is happening or if anyone experienced this. Thank you very much. I am a 61 year old male with hep c genotype 1 a. I also have factor 5 lieden. I am on warfaron for that. 6^ years ago i went on treatment with interferon and ribavarin. Put me in the hospital with ischemic colitis.
Avatar n tn That seems to me higher than even current expectations for genotype 1's treating. They even found a 57% SVR rate with reduced dosing! That is pretty good, for type 1's!
665881 tn?1248930597 I also noticed a million sparkles over my hands and face. I do not use anything that could cause this and you can only see it in the sunlight. I took lime juice put it on my hands and looked under a jewelry scope and small thread like fibers coming out of my skin.. I looked it up and it says morgellansL( it is very itching stinging is insane. Itching is in the head and face mostly. Please check for small pepper like flakes on hands under magnifying glass.
Avatar n tn There are many more important ones you need to check out as you go along. The way I read that Viral Load is that you have over 6 million IU/ml or about 15 million copies of the virus, which is high. Lot's of us had high VL at the beginning, so don't worry about that too much. Are you going to treat?
Avatar n tn most normal except slightly elevated liver things enzymes, blood platelets, B12 level and maybe couple more I cannot recall. My neuro here (who being in short supply) said I should see a specialist who deals with demylinating disese but my FORMER PCP just brushed off all tests saying normal including ANA count so I got a new PCP!
5095426 tn?1363544645 Cortisol, AM (baseline)= 23.9 (lab range 5.0 to 25.0) Testosterone, free serum = 0.86 (lab range is 0.06 to 2.57) Testosterone, serum = 44.5 (lab range is 8.4 to 48.1) Thyroxine (T4) = 8.5 (lab range is 4.5 to 12.0) Thyroxine, free (RIA) = 1.22 (lab range is 0.83 to 1.62) TIBC, Component = 322 (lab range is 228 to 428) TSH = 3.330 (lab ranges are 0.270 to 4.2) I noticed that their TSH range levels are not .3 to 3.0... should I look for another doctor??
Avatar f tn "every morning, this morning in particular my mouth s full of blood and clots." This may be a sign of bleeding varices. When the blood clots it is usually dark and sometimes black and has a jelly like consistency. Bleeding varies are highly dangerous and can cause shock and death. You should go to the nearest large hospital near where you live and tell them you have cirrhosis and portal hypertension.
Avatar n tn Once the blood clot has passed through, there's no more blood and the next urinations are clear. Over the years, I made some mistakes and learned a few things along the way. 1. No medication I tried never made any difference. 2. The only thing that makes my condition improve is abstinence for a week or two (which drives me absolutely nuts). Sometimes, even 2 weeks isn't enough and blood still comes out. It seems the amount of time required to heal keeps increasing over the years.
Avatar n tn Was told I had Atopic dermatiti, which is basically a catch-all phrase for itching all over. Anyway I started taking Hydroxyzine 25mg. 1 each night. It does have the side effect of making you tired at first and it takes a month or so to really have an effect. But I am now 36, still take 1 Hydroxyzine 25mg a night and I have not had much of an itch for about 15 years.
Avatar m tn Hello, I was diagnosed in type 1 hepatitis C, with a count of 1.7 million units in the blood and a little high ALT - 50 , I passed biopsy and the change of liver is minimal to moderate without signs of fibrosis, probably I have the virus over 20 years is USSR . All other tests labs was OK.
Avatar n tn Pegasys and Riba have both been reduced because platelets dropped to 19. As of last week, platelets are up to 31, Pegasys was increased from 90 to 135, however, I remain on 800 Riba. Beginning PCR 1.9 million 2 week PCR 444 4 week PCR 179 8 week PCR 77 Although I continue to go down, not being undetectable by week 8 is of some concern to me. PCR will be done again at 12 weeks. Doc said she will not stop treatment unless I am not undetectable by week 24.
Avatar n tn The RBC is your red blood cell count, which usually ranges from 3.6 to 6.1 million red blood cells per cubic millimeter of blood. MCH and MCHC are called red blood cell indices. They measure the average amount of hemoglobin contained within your red blood cells. Don't worry about minor abnormalities in these indices. These tests really don't deserve all that much attention and is common when your HGB drops.
Avatar m tn I recently had blood work done and it indicated that my Platelet count has dropped to 126,000. I have always had my blood checked at least annually and my platelets have always been in normal range. I wonder if this indicates that I am now cirrhotic or getting there? Has anyone ever heard of dcereased paltelets in the Hep C patient inidcating anything other than this? Your help is appreciated.
Avatar n tn Taken off then completely for 1 week. Back on at 1/2 dose for two weeks and pulled off again with only 1 wk left, platelet crashed to 105. The range on my blood test show normal should be 140 - 400. I know ranges vary by who does the test, but yours seems very low. My PA told when your platelets drop to low, the tx doesn't have any effect. As of October of 2003 I was clear at my post year tx. Keep the faith and listen to your doctor. I wish you the best.
Avatar n tn There isn't as much difference as you would think between a viral load of 83 million and one of 20 million. Expressed in log10 form 83 million is 7.919, and 20 million is 7.301. Not that big a difference really, and logs is what counts when it comes to hepatitis C.