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Avatar n tn My doc says I can't treat HEP C because my platelets are too low (43) not 120 to 150 is there any natural or medical way to raise the count? Did an MRI and he wants to do an endoscopy to see liver damage...Why do doctors look at you funny when you tell them you are clean and sober for 18 1/2 years....
Avatar m tn Platelet Count - Platelets are a part of the blood that are needed for blood clotting. Platelets migrate to the site of an injury where they "stick" to the injured site and help to develop a clot or scab to stop the bleeding. A normal platelet count is between 150,000 and 440,000. Low platelet count (thrombocytopenia) can be caused by HIV infection itself or by certain drugs.
Avatar f tn Hi Becksta, Could you clarify your question because you mention both platelets and red blood cells in your post? (Red blood cells carry oxygenated blood to the body while platelets are pieces in the blood that stick together when you have a wound to create clots, so we're talking two different things.
Avatar f tn my platelet rebuilding and due to my hemoglobin level dropping while I was there I had blood transfusion. So far I go for weekly blood draws and am currently getting weaned off the steroid. ITP is what they are calling this situation for right now, meaning they dont know what or why... waiting to see if once off steroid if my counts stay normal or drop again. Also I heard this may have been due to the pregnancy however normally early on and not so extreme...
Avatar m tn Sometimes clumping of platelets is caused by incorrect blood collection or the anticoagulant used. "Concerned about clumping platelets July 2003 "A patient regularly has clumping of her platelets on routine bloodwork," notes JOHN DAVIES, MD, of Calgary, AB, and asks, "Although her platelets appear normal on smear, could this be a sign of pathology, requiring further investigation?
Avatar m tn Also take prilosec about 3x a week. Could any of this be the cause My other blood tests were all normal WBC 6.0 Thousands/mcl RBC 4.67 Mill/mcl HEMOGLOBIN 15 g/dl HEMATOCRIT 43.5 % MCV 93.2 fl MCH 32.1 pg MCHC 34.4 g/dl RDW 13.9 13.9% MPV 9.5 fl TOTAL NEUTROPHILS 69.8% TOTAL LYMPHOCYTES - 29.2% EOSINOPHILS - 2.6% BASOPHILS - 0.4% MONOCYTES - 6.
Avatar n tn The stool sample was negative for parasitic or bacterial infection as well as occult blood. However, by CBC revealed a hemoglobin of 17.9, a slightly elevated red blood count and a platelet level of 136. He recommended follow up labs a month later which I had done. My Hemoglobin went up to 18.0, RBC was still slightly elevated. My platelets had gone up to 147. He is referring me to a hematology/oncology Dr. and I will be keeping this appointment.
Avatar n tn Had a cbc done, have low platelets, low hemoglobin (always have had that) and large platelet seen on hemogram review, was referred to hematologist. What will he do.
Avatar n tn I get a cbc every week due to low rbc and platelets and am monitored by hematologist. Platelets are now at 45 so pegysys dose was reduced. I get blood transfusion if my hgb goes below 8. I have had two so far and am almost finished with treatment.My doctor has been willing to do anything he can to counter side effects in order to continue tx. I can't imagine what it would feel like to go down to 6.1. Many docs use procrit to help with low rbc.
Avatar m tn , Neutros, Hemocrit and Hemoglobin. He said he was not worried about anything except the Hemoglobin which is 10.4. He ordered more blood work and believes that since Im off the Incivek the Hemo should be on the way back up? He says if not, he will reduce the RIBA to 800 daily. Anyone else had Hemoglobin rise after finishing the Incivek or did you have to reduce the RIBA intake also? All comments appreciated. BTW, I was non-detectable at week 4 and did a Tider today also.
Avatar n tn my wifes hemoglobin is 7% is aged 35 and does not take mch interest in sex is it any way connected?
Avatar m tn I think you are mixing that up with eating red meat and other iron-rich foods to keep your hemoglobin up. But even that only works if your anemia is from blood loss/low iron. Elevated enzymes have nothing to do with cirrhosis. It is not good to use them to monitor stage of liver disease. Perhaps a second opinion from a hepatologist would be helpful. Often the doctors who work at the large university hospitals are willing to be more aggresive with treatment than are local physicians.
Avatar m tn In April of 2010 I had the following basic CBC results: WBC: 4.7 L RBC: 4.61 L Hemoglobin:13.9 L Hematocrit: 39.5 L MCV: 85.5 MCH: 30.2 MCHC: 35.3 RDW: 12.9 Platelet Count: 247 MPV: 6.4 L This month I had another test with the following results: WBC: 6.1 RBC: 4.28 L Hemoglobin: 13.2 L Hematocrit: 37.6 L MCV: 87.9 MCH: 30.8 MCHC: 35.1 RDW: 13 Platelet Count: 206 MPV: 8.
Avatar n tn increased when too many are made and with fluid loss due to diarrhea, dehydration, burns. Hgb measures the amount of hemoglobin molecule in a volume of blood and usually measures 12 to 16grams per deciliter (one-hundredth of a liter) for women. Hgb mirrors RBC results. MCV is the measurement of the average size or volume of a typical red blood cell in a blood sample and usually ranges between 80 to 100 femtoliters ( a fraction of one-millionth of a liter).
Avatar f tn Each time they rebounded. I also struggled with hemoglobin and white blood cell counts, using growth factor drugs for those. I switched from a gastro to a hepatology center once I got the cirrhosis diagnosis and I doubt my treatment would have succeeded had I not made the change. Five years later, my platelets seem to still be slowley climbing out of the toilet, hitting a high water 144 last month. That's my first reading that's wiithin "normal" range, but not really normal..
Avatar f tn Thal trait simply means you have a larger amount of a different hemoglobin variant in your red blood cells (not a large amount, less than 10%), so you might tend be slightly 'anemic' -- since anemia is not infrequent in pre-menopausal women, having thal minor often goes unnoticed in women. It just means that you have a smaller than average mean red blood cell volume because of the cells your bone marrow makes, but it's such a small difference to usually not cause serious issues.
Avatar n tn red blood cells(anemia), platelets(thrombocytopenia), and white blood cells(leucopenia) or any of them individually. Causes of raised Hb are: Emphysema, severe asthma, and other forms of long-standing respiratory distress, Macrocytosis (deficiency of B6, B12, folic acid, or hypothyroid), Polycythemia vera and splenic dysfunction. An elevated hematocrit may be due to spleen hyperfunction.
Avatar n tn I went today and got copies of my bloodwork. The blood drawn last week show my platelets at 132. Last year at this time they were 167, and the year before the test showed abnormal because of clumping. So far I have only seen my family MD, but I have an appointment Tuesday with a liver doctor. Does anyone know at what count platelets usually are for someone to be treated with the meds? My viral load, etc. results aren't back from the lab yet. Thanks for all your help.
Avatar m tn My father is a heart patient, last week he went for routine blood tests, in his blood report the WBC - 48000 is very high but rest of the things are normal like Platelets - 213000, Hemoglobin - 13.8. Now doctor has recommend him Leukemia differentiation Panal test. Does person can have Leukemia due to only WBC high count or it may be some other type of infection? He does not have any other symptoms like fever, digestive problem but he has diabetes, Blood pressure and heart problems.
Avatar n tn I believe I am ready thanks to you guys. The only have a couple more questions. I am a little light on my hemoglobin knowledge. I understand what it is and what it does, but what affects it, the Ribivirin? What is the corrective therapy? Also what are within range levels and experiences with tx difficulties with surrounding it? Secondly, Vitamin C.
165308 tn?1323190145 I have had thalassemia minor my whole life. My Hemoglobin has always been low. About 9.5. However, on this last blood test my platelets are also low. (I think 141). They were never low before. Also in the manual screening it said large platelets were seen. What does this mean? Can all this be related to the Thalassemia minor? I am just sick waiting for my appt. and wanted some insight as to what you feel this may be attributed to. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Welcome, sorry about the diagnosis. there is NO question that is stupid to ask, please feel freee to ask anything. It is hard to take a Hep C diagnosis, especially when the treatment is so long and the chances of success are less than ideal. Number one to me is to get the best doctors you can and it sounds like you have done that, that is a smart move.
7596350 tn?1397593898 I am going into my 3rd week tonight of hep c treatment with Interferon, Ribavarin and Solvadi. I just saw my blood work results and a lot of low counts especially my RBC, WBC, HCB platelets that dropped from 76 to 58. One the other hand I have High counts such as mono, HCT, MPV, Lymphocytes and others...I need to take my third shot this evening and my doctor is not in today, the office nurse is away which is ridiculous and no one else in the office to talk to.
Avatar n tn Ribavirin impacts red blood cells and hemoglobin. Interferon is more involved in platelet decrease and WBC decrease. I don't see a problem with your platelet count but your WBC is quite low according to our labs and standards. Here most doctors don't worry about platelets till they get to 50,000 and some are okay until 30,000 before they get nervous. We usually care more about absolute neutrophils as a significant marker but with a WBC of 1.6 I wouldn't be surprised if your ANC is pretty low.
Avatar f tn Hi I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue, my father was admitted to the hospital Monday because his hemoglobin was down to 6, his issue that day was he had been drinking and became ill and started to vomit and did end up vomiting up some blood, he went to the ER they tested the blood and found the low hemoglobin, they did and endoscopy and found he has erosion in his esophagus which he has had already for a while and we were aware of this, he has had 5 blood transfusions since Monday
Avatar m tn My friend had to go to the hospital when her red blood platelets dropped dangerously low. She has received 3 transfusions and her platelet count has stabilized and not dropped. The problem now is she is getting sick (fever) and has to be treated with Antobiotics and she just left the hospital . My Questions is now that treatment has been suspended what is the next step? How long can she take off and get healthy enough to resume treatment. She is 6 months into a 1 year program.
Avatar m tn Literally everyone gets anemic (low RBC), and everyone sees a drop in white blood count and platelets. Your grandfather's platelets have dropped but they are still okay (not in any danger zone). Low RBC caused by RBC destruction (e.g., hemolytic anemia, etc.
Avatar n tn Advanced stages of NHL, especially if the bone marrow is affected, would present with lowered levels of different blood components such as low hemoglobin, white cells, and even low platelets. Some NHL's may even convert to a leukemia or a blood cancer, especially the high grade ones. This would present in the blood as elevated abnormal white cells, and/or low platelets and hemoglobin. REgards.
Avatar m tn Also, mild dehydration can cause an elevation in the hemoglobin, I suggest drinking lots of water before your next blood draw, this might be the only issue. I would discuss your concerns with the doctor.
116701 tn?1210262764 Both are usually lowered by IFN. Platelets represent the bodies clotting ability. Low platelets means you at a higher risk for blood loss, especially if it is internal. Fog is kicking in here, so I'm not sure if IFN, Riba, or both affect this one. Hgb is the Hemoglobin measurement which when combined with RBC indicates your blood's ability to carry food and oxygen throughout your body. One reason why fatigue, and I suppose brain fog, is related to these readings being low.