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Avatar f tn There are many causes of Thrombocytosis (an increased number of platelets) and anemia. Most are unrelated to hepatitis C or liver disease. These are blood disease disorders. Good luck!
Avatar f tn The platelet function tests help to study the functioning of the platelets. Various platelet function tests are used to evaluate the ability of platelets to clump together and begin to form a clot. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
408795 tn?1324939275 The spleen stores red and white blood cells and platelets (fragment of cells that are used to clot blood). An enlarged spleen traps platelets lowering levels in the blood which can lead to the inability of blood to clot. This is called Thrombocytopenia and is common in people with cirrhosis. You don't necessarily have any physical symptoms with an enlarged spleen. Is there a better way to guide the progression of HepC than a liver biopsy?
1693621 tn?1318906571 hello, thank you for responding.. on my platelets being so low.. and I do have other chronic disease that I do deal with. but, anyhow... my oncologist, had mentioned to me that he didn't want to see 30 because that's when the bleeding of the nose,gums. and sometimes in the brain. could take place. so ,I do go right now every 2 months for updates, and my last one was 'adequate' as he wrote on my chart on my online reports from drs.
Avatar m tn Platelet Count - Platelets are a part of the blood that are needed for blood clotting. Platelets migrate to the site of an injury where they "stick" to the injured site and help to develop a clot or scab to stop the bleeding. A normal platelet count is between 150,000 and 440,000. Low platelet count (thrombocytopenia) can be caused by HIV infection itself or by certain drugs.
Avatar f tn my liver gets better over time as I hope it will, and my PHT gets better my IDS believes that my platelets will increase. My platelets remained the same during my treatment with S&O. At my last visit (SVR24 cured/discharged) she said that the ID Clinic was seeing remarkable things happening to their patients who are now cured. People are literally coming back from the brink.
Avatar f tn Hi Becksta, Could you clarify your question because you mention both platelets and red blood cells in your post? (Red blood cells carry oxygenated blood to the body while platelets are pieces in the blood that stick together when you have a wound to create clots, so we're talking two different things.
Avatar m tn In other words, how low would a doctor allow those levels to get before giving the person platelets or whole blood? Thank you.
Avatar f tn You definately need a good second opinion on this matter. Low platelets, can be found in quite a few illness,s and those need ruling out. Thrombocytopenia, ITP, APS, and also bone marrow conditions. etc etc. I had a low blood platelet count, but it was linked to my auto-immune disease of APS. This needs attention . If they arent clever enough to give you a reason why, then you need someone else. Dont give up searching.
Avatar n tn There are certain other conditions like food allergy or liver disease also can cause thrombocytopenia. Oncologist are specialist in reference to blood cells, hence a reference is placed.
1475202 tn?1536274577 You have plenty of platelets to properly clot your blood. The biggest issue with low platelet counts is that hepatitis C treatment that includes interferon reduces platelet counts even more and may reduce the platelet count to dangerously low levels below 20,000 in cirrhotics.
Avatar m tn which makes the spleen continue to enlarge....and the platelet count continue to drop. Platelets in the blood causes your blood to clot if a blood vessel is cut. They have no affect on how you feel. If a person's platelets count goes down below 25,000 is there may need to intervention. Intervention is only a temporary fix. Platelets will start to drop again a day or two after treatment. The only treatment is either a platelet transfusion or drugs that can raise platelets. You need neither.
Avatar n tn platelets at 80 prontobin time 14 viral load at 25 mill doctors wont treat me can i take anything to make platelets go up so i can take treatment yes or no
Avatar n tn The RA text came back as okay however my GP advised there were some abnormalities in my blood, HB 15.6 RBC 5.42 HCT 0.47 Platelets 660 Blood film also showed a large amount of platelets. My GP has told me its quite normal, My symptoms are, Swollen painful foot, cold feet and hands Short of breath Tired itchy skin after a bath headaches Blotchy skin Has any one had similar symptoms and been brushed off by their Doctor?
Avatar f tn i'm stage IV and have been on Xeloda for the last 18 months, but my TMs are rising so we have been discussing having chemo.. when I went for my last blood test, I was shocked to learn that my platelets had dropped by 110 points in just 6 weeks and then in the 7th week they dropped by a further 6 points. now down to 50. has anyone had any experience in this area. oncologist not sure if its bone marow mets, autoimmune or the xeloda thats bringing them down.
Avatar f tn hi everyone, in the past month my platelets have gone from 483 to 559 and i am anemic hg 94, any suggestions? I am waiting to have some tests done but still 2 weeks away from that.
2030686 tn?1351692148 Certain medications can reduce the number of platelets in your blood by confusing the immune system and causing it to destroy platelets. Examples include heparin, quinidine, quinine, sulfa-containing antibiotics, interferon, anticonvulsants and gold salts. Pregnancy. Being pregnant may cause mild thrombocytopenia. Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). In ITP, your body's immune system mistakenly identifies platelets as a threat and forms antibodies that attack them. Autoimmune diseases.
7510956 tn?1411675017 As the spleen enlarges, it traps more than a normal amount of platelets. (The amount of platelets in the bloodstream is thus reduced because the larger spleen traps more of them). The blood is frequently “shunted” around the liver to return to the heart by smaller vessels, which may become enlarged. In the stomach and esophagus these engorged blood vessels are termed “varices” and are at increased risk of bleeding, which is another major complication of cirrhosis.
Avatar n tn Problem is now my HMO has decided they can't re-treat because at last check my platelets were at 49. What does this mean for me and should i start worrying about bleeding. Also is there anything I could take ,like procrit to help my blood and energy level, real lethargic of late. Doc doesn't seem too concerned but I am.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone.. It's 6 months post treatment, but platelets are lower than month ago. They were 64, now 59..can it because virus is back? If anyone Has experience, please tell me...
Avatar m tn Sometimes clumping of platelets is caused by incorrect blood collection or the anticoagulant used. "Concerned about clumping platelets July 2003 "A patient regularly has clumping of her platelets on routine bloodwork," notes JOHN DAVIES, MD, of Calgary, AB, and asks, "Although her platelets appear normal on smear, could this be a sign of pathology, requiring further investigation?
Avatar n tn You are right that grapes (which contain flavanol) may alter platelet function, and this effect is being touted as the reason why taking wine may seem beneficial for those with cardiovascular disease. Discuss the level of your platelets and your risk of bleeding – if there is a relatively low risk, it is unlikely that taking grapes would be harmful.
Avatar n tn My brother, 51, went to the clinic for what he thought was a uti..blood in his urnine. Later that day, he got a call from the clinic saying his WBC was 121000 and to go to an ER in a nearby town. Long story short, he was diagnosed with leukemia, type is still unknown to us. He had his first round of chemo last week and it ended Friday. He is having a hard time getting his platelet count back up. He said they want it over 50 and his is around 37, and they are giving him platelets daily.
Avatar f tn Platelets are clusters of proteins that act like bricks to form blood clots. They are produced by cells in the bone marrow. Platelet counts often drop if you are on interferon and ribavirin therapy. This can put you at a higher risk for bleeding. If you have a low platelet count, you should pay particular attention to bleeding. Nosebleeds and bruises are more common. If you are concerned that you are bleeding or can't stop bleeding from a cut, seek medical attention.
Avatar m tn I have the blood disease Myelodysplasia, which in my case manifests itself by lowering my platelets and white blood cells. I am reluctant to undergo chemotherapy. Can anyone suggest a natural therapy that could slow the progression of this disease?
189269 tn?1189759425 I just had a routine physical and doctor told me my blood platelets were way above normal, don't have the exact count. Viral load 4 mill, red and white blood cells not to bad. First thing on her mind was HIV. I did treatment 3 years ago and it did not work. Why should she assume this right off.
Avatar n tn Fecal exam with no findings. Blood work report noted low platelets at 6, low Mg at 1.4, low T4 at 0.2. Globulin appeared typical (high level sign of ehrlichia). Vet recommended specialist, noting thromboxytopenia and intestinal bleeding concerns. Discussed tick borne disease possiblity. Vet noted IV sites on front leg clotted normally, but small bleeding point on right front paw, and minor necrotic tissue on leg. Vet administered antibiotics prednisone and meturmidyne?.
Avatar m tn Was just wondering if any dietary changes I could make to keep the platelets up above 40. I already heard exercise might elevate platelets. Was wondering about suplements maybe I should take. We don't eat much red meat and was curious if I should be eating more. We eat soy protein and milk and organic as much as possible to reduce fatty liver.
Avatar n tn You are seeing the Gyn/Onc on Friday, and he best be honest with you. Do they know why you are losing blood and your platelets are going up? That doesn't usually occur with OC, unless we are on chemo or had surgery, maybe you also need a hematologist. Keep us posted good luck and report her.