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Avatar f tn I have heard that drinking mountain dew is really bad for the baby. Is this true?
Avatar n tn Are you still experiencing the pain that you mentioned? Rocky Mountain spotted fever is an infectious disease brought on by a specific type of bacteria carried by ticks. For diagnosis, diagnostic tests such as antibody titer by complement fixation or immunofluorescence, blood tests, urinalysis and even skin biopsy taken from the rash to check for R. rickettsii. Treatment usually cures the infection. Have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation and diagnosis.
Avatar f tn my blood test came back pos. for rikettsia 2 weeks ago after I had already been medicated for a week. so?? could it be something else or in addition to this RMSF? I was diagnosed w/ fibro. abt. 8 or 9 yrs ago, could that have some sort of affect? overwhelmed....
Avatar n tn What I want to know is the low thriod related to the Rocky Mountain fever and how long can this Rocky mountain fever last?I have a fever still and I am so weak and shakey and I still do not feel like eating. My Doctor does not seam to have the time to talk to me and on one accation was short and rude. I know she has been very busy but that is no excuse. IF you can help me with these questions I would appreciate it very much.
6535593 tn?1382203656 I had a mountain bicycle tire explode as I was attempting to check the tire pressure. I had just used my floor pump and removed the pump attachment from the Presta right ear & face was within 6 to 8 inches of the tire and I was attempting to get a handheld pressure gauge reading. The tire was properly seated...and had been used on a 30 mile rural road ride just a few days before at 44 psi I have never had a sudden auditory trauma like this event....
Avatar f tn This vet has been super informative and let us take home the lab report and explained each of the blood results to us so we understood what it meant. She wants to do blood work on our dog in 3 months again to see how she's doing. She's currently still on Renal support E (wet food) and we've inquired about supplements so she recommended Aventi Kidney Support (about 5 large scoops a day because she is a large dog).
Avatar m tn About 6 weeks ago I came off my mountain bike by flipping onto my back at around 20-30mph. The impact was mainly on my left side and was hard enough to knock the wind out of me. I was wearing a water bag, which probably helped protect my spine. I didn't take a direct impact to the front of my ribs as far as I remember. It happened very quickly. I had a lot of pain initially for around two weeks on the front, left hand side of my ribs.
Avatar f tn My husband developed what we thought was Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (rickettsial bacteria carried by dog ticks)in early June and was very sick for 3 weeks. He was a textbook case...fever, then a spotted rash that started on extremities and went all over including palms and soles of feet, muscle pain, joint pain, headache, loss of appetite, swelling of hands, feet, face, symptoms of meningitis.
Avatar f tn ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPOTTED FEVER? how long it lasts? I have multiple neurological symptoms from this that are driving me crazy! Burning in different parts of my body. Severe chest pains, jaw pain, pain in arms and legs, headache, muscle pain. I have been to er 4x"s thinking I was having a heart attack. Shortness of breath. I have been on doxycycline but still have had these syptoms now for 3 months. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn In my non medical opinion this could very well be a co-infection of Lyme disease which is just like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever called Bartonella. Most of us did not ever get the round rash that most mainstream doctors say you should get from a tick bite. Swollen lymph nodes, joint pain and stiffness , confusion, fatigue are a sign of Lyme and bartonella. I have both of those illnesses too plus another co-infection called Babesia which is like Malaria.
Avatar n tn It has to be great 'cause I hit a blood vessel Friday nite and #23 kicked my $%#@!! Bought me a farm (closing today) and will be building a house on it soon. I was a developer/builder in my earlier life so I will build this with my own 2 hands and feel extremely lucky to be able to do it. Life as I used to know it may never be the same but I will do everything in my power to get back to normal. Been displaced from my 3 kids during most of tx and really miss them.
584903 tn?1233834986 I took a couple of aspirin to help keep my blood thin and walked out, with no difficulty. After that episode, I resolved to investigate ablation. I was fairly well controlled with sotolol, but I did not want to be just fairly well controlled. I felt the a fib had the potential to restrict my outdoor lifestyle which I enjoy so much. I decided to have an ablation which was performed about a year and a half ago.
1082001 tn?1260025598 I suffer from sleep apnea, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and hypothyroidism. While I know I can never correct the thyroid issue, I am convinced that I can correct the other three. They are all due to my trip up Fat Butt Mountain. Slowly, but surely, new problems began to show. In addition to those diagnosed diseases, I also suffer from the following: 1. Inability to stand for long periods of time - lower back pain due to holding up my massive belly. 2.
Avatar f tn After suffering for about 3 months with a myriad of symptoms, my gp did a blood test for Rickettsial Disease. My IgG Titer came back at the cut off of 1:64. IgM Titers showed no detection. I have gone through 2 rounds of antibiotics, but I am still feeling sick. My main complaint is constant head pressure with a burning sensation that travels down my neck. If you touch my head and neck you can feel how "hot" it is compared to the rest of the skin on my body.
175688 tn?1297560247 I am not sure if this is the right place to post this question or not but I will give it a shot. My husband has high blood pressure and he is also a truck driver. In order to pass his DOT physical TOMORROW he has to get his blood pressure down. Does anyone know of anything that he can do before his appointment to help maybe get his pressure under where it is suppose to be? He is running about 149/93 and it has to be under 142/90 or something along those lines.....any suggestions would be great.
Avatar f tn With high blood pressure mountain climbing is not recommended. Check your Blood Pressure near your Physician and also other vitals and if required start anti hypertensive therapy at an early stage. Take care!
Avatar n tn I was negative for Lymes but positive for Rocky Mountain spotted fever. I do not ahve actgive fever or rash symptoms. I have high blood pressure and had ecclampsia with my second baby. A recent MRI of my brain without contrast revealed a few scattered punctate 3 to 4 mm T2/FLAIR hyperintense foci withini the left peritrigonal white matter, left anterior thalamus, right posterolateral thalamus and left mid temporal lobe white m atter.
Avatar f tn Hi my wife, who is 26 years old, mother of 14 months baby boy, found blood spots since few days. Also these spots are less frequent. Like noticed after 1-2 alternative days. 1 week before we had climbed over Girnar mountain in Gujarat India. Which consists 6000 steps, And at that time she was having her menstrual cycle. So after her cycle finishes. She noticed spotting. Even after having intercourse we find. So any doctor can help us. Is it due to Stress which cycle??? or any STD occurred.
Avatar n tn low red blood cell count low hematocrit high mean corpuscular hemoglobin high mono% high mono# explain please
Avatar m tn They did bloodwork and said that everything looked good but when I got home and looked at blood results it says the following are too high/low, which has me very concerned.: MPV 10.9 High Platelet Count 129 Low Mono Absolute0.7 High Can you please tell me if this is something to worry about? My son is a healthy 20 yr old who follows a healthy high protein diet and exercising 4xs a week. No other health concerns besides some joint soreness that comes and goes. Thank you so much.
Avatar m tn Pope's blood stolen: Pope John Paul II's blood vial may be used in satanic rites January 27, 2014 A vial of Pope John Paul II’s blood was stolen from a church in Italy, which is one of only three vials of the late Pope’s blood in existence. Authorities believe the thieves entered the church just to steal the blood vial as other things of great worth were left untouched, according to NBC News on Jan. 27.
559187 tn?1330786456 Does anyone know if donating blood is allowed if someone has MS? We were having a debate at work about who can donate and who can't since we have this blood drive coming up next week. I know it may not be a great idea for us to donate, but is there a prohibition with the meds we commonly take for MS like the DMDs and nerve pain meds.
4250330 tn?1388624779 What Can I Eat For Low Blood Sugar I Feel Really Shaky And My Hearts Beating Fast And Everything This Happened Last Time I Thought My Blood Sugar Was Low.. Im 31 Weeks and 6 Days pregnant..
Avatar f tn Is he mountain climbing? That's the height of Mount McKinley...
Avatar n tn I recently had a CBC blood test. Reason, I want to take Accutane again for my adult acne and it requires pregnancy, chem 8, and CBC testing first. The CBC came back low white blood cell count. I wasn't told how low, probably because I didn't ask, and don't know which white cells are low, but I've been researching online and found that the Antibotic Doxycycline 100mg my doctor put me on 30 days prior to the test can cause a drop in the WBC.
Avatar n tn Including Coca-Cola and Mountain Dew, if he enjoys these beverages. All blood pressure medications have side effects. I believe your dad's physicians have taken this into consideration, along with his personal wishes. One thing to remember is that "blood pressure" medications, in general are appropriate onloy when the blood pressure is consistently high.
Avatar m tn You use a pulse oximeter to do that. You can search med supplies websites for them. I found a medical grade one for under $40 US. If you are more interested in a "big picture" or just monitoring your O2 levels you can buy a mountain climbing supply store. I hope that helps. God bless.
Avatar f tn 75 mg Aspirin and sent home. My blood pressure prior to that was never higher than 115 over 65. It's now between 110/65 and 95/60. While in hospital my saturation reading was on the low side, and they kept me on oxygen for a lot of the time. Do I really have heart failure ? And with my low blood pressure levels, do I really need an Ace Inhibitor and a Beta Blocker ? I've had them reduced right down to 2 mg Perindopril, 20 mg Furosemide and 1.5 mg Bisoprolol - and feel exceedingly well.
Avatar n tn 5mg of Glipizide and have been for about four years. My doctor discourages blood glucose testings -- says that's only necessary if I were on insulin. However, I will occasionally check my blood sugar -- maybe once or twice a month or if I'm not feeling well. I checked it on Sunday and found it was running somewhat high. Just for the heck of it, I checked it when I went to bed and it was 336 around 10 p.m. I happened to wake up at 3 a.m.