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Avatar f tn Stupid i know but it was around 5 days ago and my boyfriend still this huge knot on his left upper arm that is hard as a rock and very pain full. It almost bring him to tears if you touch it. It doesnt seem like it will ever go away, what is it and what should we do?
471779 tn?1211807109 hello everyone, I still have a hard knot near my belly button. it is about 2 inches long. No more bright red around it but still hard. I ran a full course of antibiotic Keflex and now 2 weeks after surgery it is still a hard knot. This coincerns me. anyone having this? What is under there and how long does this go on? Other 3 incision sites look excellent.
Avatar n tn with me having low blood i can bump my leg, arm, etc and form a blood clot and it'll be bruised with a hard knot..
Avatar n tn I have a knot on my left rib cage it is moveable not firm it hurts only during my period can it be a cyst or caffine related
Avatar f tn Walker's umbilical cord had a knot in it! I am so thankful he was born early and via c-section! Had anyone ever heard of having a knotted umbilical cord before?
Avatar n tn I would certainly see your doctor or go to the ER if this persists. They should run some blood work to rule out any blood clots and some other tests as well.
Avatar f tn He might have a infection, which if so is VERY SERIOUS! Dark streaks or veins can mean blood poisoning and that needs immediate attention. If it is more like just a bruise from getting hit in the leg or something thats not anything too much about. I would ice it if this were the case. I sounds to me like there was a spider bite, or infected ingrown hair. Either was MRSA is a very common infection these days.
Avatar f tn My question is. I have a large knot on the back of my leg. I have had many ultrasounds on it and ruled out a blood clot. Any idea of what else it could be? I have had it for over a year and some days it hard other days its kind of soft and "mushy" if you push in on it, it leaves a dent. Andy help with this would be wonderful as i'm not sure what to do next.
Avatar n tn I had been playing soccer in the yard with my son and husband for awhile when I noticed a very hard golf sized knot under my skin on my calf. It was immediately green and had purple and pink pinhole bruising in the center over the knot. It is very tender and hurts because its right over my muscle. I did not feel anything bite me nor did I get hit there to cause a broken blood vessel, and ideas what this could possibly be???
280234 tn?1532989849 Sounds like a hematoma - a collection of blood under the skin. She may have simply got it from bumping her hand, hit a blood vessel just right and it bled under the skin. It will be tender. But like a bruise, it will gradually break down and heal. The stress isn't helping her BP any, I'm sure, but life hands us rough times. I hope she stays on the medication. It takes time to work.
Avatar f tn My six year old son has a knot in both sides of his neck. I only notice it when he becomes excited and his veins bulge on the sides of his neck. It's not painful and doesn't seem to bother him. However, it bothers me. He gets headaches after lots of running and playing. These knots appear to be in his vein but I can't really tell. Could someone help me figure out what this is? I really need some piece of mind.
Avatar f tn I also have a weird painful knot right on the back of my neck, almost to the side that the sinus pressure/pain occurs on. I am also a hypochondriac and get SUPER paranoid so when something bothers me it's ALL i think about..and all the different things it could be. I haven't hurt my neck at all that i am aware of. i almost feel like it's a knot "moving up" into my brain stem. is that possible?? is it a brain tumor or virus?!!
Avatar m tn Long story short, I ended up getting hit in the head. Right after it happened I ended up with a huge knot on my head. I tried to stay awake as long as I could to avoid a concussion, but I fell asleep and was fine. Well, I woke up this morning and the bump has gone down... but it's very sensitive to the touch. What should I be on the look out for as far as signs of a greater injury?
591161 tn?1394253745 If it is a hematoma the doctor can remove the knot of blood that gets left by using a syringe and needle and aspirating it out. This will make it heal quicker. However, it should go away on its own.
Avatar f tn I started feeling around for whatever it was... and noticed a knot. It is pretty hard. and it does not move. On the other hand though.. it was sore for a couple days but not anymore. I googled for it and found something that said it could be a pulled rib muscle. But i dont know. It doesn't hurt to move,cough,sneeze,or bend over so i dont know if it is a pulled muscle. I just need someone to answer this for me.. Does this sounf at all anything like a pulled rib muscle?
Avatar n tn I had posterior cervical spine surgery a year ago this month and about 2 months ago I noticed a hard knot that had formed on my spine where my incision is. I didn;t think anything about it until another dr of mine had seen it and said i needed to see my surgeon again because she thought it could be a cyst. Has anybody ever experienced this and if so what was it?
Avatar m tn He was robbed about 4 years ago, His jaw was cracked, right eye had 10 stitches, 3 teeth knocked out, 20 stitches in lip, roof of mouth swollen for months. Recovery went well until a knot developed above his right eye around the size of a quarter 6 months to a year later. It is still there and doesn't tend to cause him any pain. He has never gotten it checked out and is wondering if it could be something dangerous. Thankyou!
Avatar f tn I went to the hospital the dr lanced the knots open.did a culture and it came back ok.i also seen my pcp and he wants me to get a diabetes blood test done because even after having them lanced open and antibiotics I am still getting the same type of knots on my legs and they won't heal..thanks for replying back.
Avatar f tn About 5 days ago this hard ball like knot under th skin appeared (again, but normally goes away after a few) but this time was rather larger. Day 1 I left it alone , dAy 2 became lArger and a bit more painful. I thin sterilized A safety pin an gave a few pokes an a cpl squeezes. Nothing but clear came out, a few hours same, but with a lightish blood. Next day was worse, golfball size and now sore. Still using th sterile pin, picking to about marble size hole.
Avatar n tn I have had a small knot on the back of my neck for almost two months. I have had some allergies during this time, but have not other health issues. Could this lump/knot be a lymph node that has enlarged? I just visited my doctor and she took a blood test and suggested that I come back in 4 months. I don't have any other symtoms. Any thoughts?
950570 tn?1267727201 It hurt pretty bad if I do say so myself but when I woke up the next morning it was sore as all get out and the bruise was light purple and had a knot underneath it. Well as the days have gone by it turned dark purple, and now it's turning yellowish but the knot is still there. It's not near as sore as it was. It's still a little tender to the touch but not near as bad. I'm really worried about the knot.
Avatar f tn I just returned from the radiologist where I had a mammogram screening and an ultrasound mammogram. The knot on the breast was caused from fall that I took about 11 months ago. I fell forward onto the left breast, which took the major part of the blow. The skin was never broken, but I had quite a colorful bruise and swelling. They did a great job and took several mammogram screen shots. Then I was taken to another room where they did the ultrasound.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been bothered with a knot in the lower left abdomen, it also hurts if I press on the lower part of stomach closer to my intestines. I have had constipation but it seems to be getting better. I went to the Dr. he said more fiber. A week later I went back b/c the knot had become more of a pain and also I had started to feel real tired and unfocused. The Dr. said I prolly had Diverticulitis and gave me some antibiotics and thought it would be a good idea to get a colonoscopy.
Avatar n tn i have noticed a small knot and after a day i feel like the right side looks swollen? i never really looked at it much before so im not positive, but it does feel like a bruise or some sort of pain, even when im just sitting as well as a small bump under the skin. there is no physical appearance of anything like a blister or anything, its all under the skin. I want to call my doctor, but i was wondering if anyone had this problem so i knew what to expect?
Avatar f tn What were the results of the MRA, 2-d echo and blood tests? Palpitation or unpleasant sensations of irregular beating of the heart can be due to heart issues and other medical conditions such as thyroid dysfunction. The results of the echocardiography will help rule out cardiac causes. Take care and hope to hear from you soon.
Avatar m tn Can the blood be removed with a needle , from the blood bubble in dog s ear, or does it require surgery?
Avatar n tn My daughter has a very hard knot inside her leg. It is very painful to touch. Her leg has also been hurting her tremendously. She had an MRI test and they don't know what it it. They said it looks really yucky looking. It apprears she doesn't have any tissue around it. It apprears to be in blood. What does this sound like she could have?
Avatar f tn Dogs with floppy ears can form a hematoma which is just a small collection of blood from broken blood vessels. If a little capillary keeps leaking due to the dog shaking his head, these things can get quite large and eventually rupture. You don't want to let them get to that point because the repair is a bit difficult on the tin skin of the ear flaps. Have your vet take a look at it as it may eventually need to be opened and drained.
Avatar m tn Hello, The hard knot can be due to a hematoma formation. It is because of blood trapped in tissues.This blood may need to be drained by a doctor. Till then apply warm compresses and give some anti inflammatory analgesics( pain killers) like Ibuprofen to your husband. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.