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Avatar n tn I usually spit a lot, the spit usually contains mucus. But this morning when i spitted the mucus out, i noticed it contains blood. Yesterday, my throat felt sore, but this morning it has relieved. I have been going to my doctor about my problem of spitting mucus every 20 minutes especially after eating but after taking injection and the drugs he gives me, the problem never ease. I have lot hope about the curing my spitting mucus a lot. Do you know what my problem may be? Thanks.
Avatar n tn When he gets up in the morning he used to cough a lot to clear his throat as he used to say the mucus builds up in the back of his throat. When he used to cough so much he used to get blood in his mucus/phylegm. He used to say that is the only time he used to get that. However, yesterday around 3:30pm he went to just spit without a cough and he had blood in his mucus. He says he spit three times and all three had blood. Then stopped after 3 spits.
Avatar m tn Beginning Sunday, I started spitting blood mixed with mucus in the morning when I woke up, not alot about a spoonful. I don't have any other symptoms (no cough, fever etc) and I feel perfectly fine, the only difference being sometimes during the day I have excess saliva mixed with mucus (no blood) that I spit out now and then. In the mornings though I feel a salty accumulation at the back of my throat and i get out of bed and spit out blood .
Avatar f tn My doctor gave me Omeprazole for 90 days I asked if I need endoscopy she said no need. then 2x in July I had blood in my spit in the mornings on two separate occasions usually when I wake up. Now after a month of stress free worry free mind I try not to focus on these matters, and I drank a 5 ml of aloe vera and honey juice before breakfast.
Avatar m tn very frustrated and as i mentioned earlier when i do a hand stand and bend my legs forward blood comes in the spit 4-5 times . now im taking generic protonix and does not work i do believe correct me if im wrong generic medication is not the same as brand names .
Avatar n tn It has been for a while now every morning when I wake up I spit mucus with blood?
Avatar m tn I know that the odds that the person who spit was HIV positive, the virus survived, the splash back actually travelled into my rectum and the virus survived presumably in the persons saliva/blood mixture in toilet water for an indeterminate amount of time are very very very low, but I can't help but worry. Should I get tested to ease my mind, or is this something I shouldn't not even be worrying about?
Avatar m tn and also when i blow my nose....also when i spit normally the first spit is normal, second one is little orangish, and after that blood...they said it could be gum problem. so please if anyone can give me some advice? i am scheduled to go to a capital city hospital to see better ENT doctor who ll tell me about my sinus and nasopharynx problems..also scheduled for allergy test.thank you all for reading this...
Avatar m tn Like why does almost everytime i vomit, i spit blood afterwards but i dont see blood in the vomit only in the spit?? I dont underst5and cause i had the upper endoscopy and nothing was wrong and then an ent looked at my throat and saw nothing? I suffer from GERD LPR where the acid comes back into my mouth and it burns, but now this doesnt happen anymore as im takin nexium and it works.
Avatar f tn Please share, because it really aggravating, trying to talk and midsentence having to spit
Avatar m tn For about 4 weeks I have notice red blood in my spit. sometiems i feel the taste of blood and I spit and I see blood, other times I spit normaly white and when I spit again there comes the blood. Lung x-ray looked ok. Since I suffer from acid reflux I did an endospocy all was fine (just one small polyp found in my esophagus which was not problematic after the biopsy was done). Did a visit to ETM doctor, he checked my sinuses and said no sign of blood.
Avatar f tn Hi- work in sales and was talking to a customer. He leaned in to tell me something and some spit came into my right eye what felt like twice. Anything I can possibly get from this gentleman spitting in my eye?
Avatar n tn So i was in a bathroom ( in college library) and i really had to go could not hold it in, went to the bathrom and then i saw in the toilet seat what looks like a spit with like mucus in it kinda light i took a bunch of toilet paper and wiped it off without it touching my skin fingers. Then i took some more toliet paper and wiped over the same spot again. Then i sat in it to go to the bathroom.
Avatar f tn Hi Ieft my drink on my desk and I am worried that a colleague has put blood or spit in to my drink and I drank it hours later ?
Avatar n tn I have acid reflux and I recently stopped taking Zantac since there was a recall on it. I had two episodes of blood in my spit in the morning after waking up.
9700808 tn?1405488881 I finally realized i spit up blood just now and im at work so im going to the ER At 7AM When I'm off.....the back of my mouth like my throat area hurt . I spit all day and the past wk its been alot of cold come up..Anyone else had this happen??
Avatar n tn There can be situations whereby infections or damage to the nasal cavity can cause minor bleeding, this then overnight has chance to pass down the pharynx into the trachea resulting in a 'bloodied' mucus. However, in this case it is impossible to make any form of diagnoses without knowing a little bit more about your situation. How long this has been going on for? Also do you smoke? Is the blood present as a pink mucus or as diluted blood (ie with saliva)?
Avatar n tn Can you please help in regards of constant mucous in my throat it feels like i have a lump that i need to spit out all the time also i am continually clearing coughing to clear this is so annoying and that i am always trying swallow and then it is back with in seconds if you could help it would be appreciated.
5640933 tn?1374342164 Idk about the spit, but the bloody nose is completely normal.
Avatar m tn That happens when I'm sick. I can get mucus from my nose to my throat and spit it out. Lovely, right? Does it go the other way with food? I'm not sure what you are asking.
Avatar m tn m not good with grammar even though my first language is English, anyways about 30 mins or so ago I was just watching a program and I noticed a blood taste I then spit in my hand blood appeared I freaked out went to the bathroom and got tissue paper spit in it and it was confirmed blood it wasn't super thick more like when you drink red kool aid afterwards it only lasted for a few seconds I keep spitting in tissues but no more blood I'm very frightened also I had been under stress a lot
Avatar m tn Then the symptom was streaks of blood but not mouthful of blood. I was on lansoprazole then. My x-ray, blood test, ECG and stools check in end of May 2013 were normal. The specialist has also checked my nose and throat in mid June 2013 and found normal. I was given omeprazole and taking 1 capsule twice a day since end May till now. No endoscopy was done this time as the doctor believe it is due to GERD. However, I am still spitting blood on and off. May I seek your opinion is it due to GERD?
Avatar n tn t bother me in any way and i have no obvious symptoms of any disease but a problem i always had was in the morning, i always get a bit of sore throat that disappears after i drink some water and spit out the mucus buildup in my throat and i think this is post nasal dripping. Even during the day, i sometimes feel a buildup of mucus and a need to spit it out. I was wondering if post nasal dripping can cause the bumps in the back of throat or is it something else such as oral HPV.
Avatar f tn Has anybody else experienced excessive mucus in their throat? I'm 26+5 and its my 3rd pregnancy and its driving me nuts!
Avatar n tn s pretty much the model of what a sinus infection is all about--a sometimes solid mass of microbes, white blood cells and the toxins produced from fighting them, with blood from irritated mucus linings. The Sinus Flush I developed effectively flushes out this mass. However, the ability you have to do it without saline solution indicates that you have amazing sinuses, which may perhaps represent an evolutionary advance.
Avatar f tn What can be wrong if I wake up with blood in my mouth to spit out after sleeping? I'm not a smoker and never have been, but I do snore and have dry mouth, allergies, asthma and peritonitis (bleeding gums). It's like I suck the blood while I sleep from the top of my mouth. Some times my throat is dry but not always. It's almost daily now. After I brush my teeth or am awake, and spit, it no longer has blood.