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Avatar m tn I wiped myself and noticed blood, bright red. as the day progressed i later noticed mucus along with the bleeding. Im not sexually active with my boyfriend. the only thing we have been involved in is oral sex, or hand job. im afraid i may not have cleaned myself well after he ejaculated. i also have no other symptoms. please help. i know it may sound stupid but im afraid to be pregnant.
Avatar f tn That all started when I first started metformin now I've been on it for almost three months and I just started mid cycle spotting at the end of May. I got an order for blood work cd21 test but I'm going to wait and use it during a cycle that I use the femara.
Avatar f tn Our cervix is very vascular or our hormones can cause mid cycle spotting. Some women get twinges of blood when they ovulate. So, do you get an annual exam? That's really important for all women. Go once a year for a pap smear and ask about this when there. Again, I know you say you are anxious but would not think this is anything to be concerned about. but get checked out so you know for sure.
Avatar f tn Hi, Cycles that come between 20 and 31 days are considered normal and hence ovulation can be safely be taken as occurring at mid-cycle, around the 14th or 15th day of the cycle. Trying around this time increases the chances of pregnancy. Fertility is low in the week immediately following the periods. Ovulation can be detected with help of changes in the cervical mucus, rise in basal body temperature and some women may have ovulation pain or spotting at the time of ovulation.
Avatar n tn Causes of little red blood clot in mucus in mid cycle
541196 tn?1293556536 I was asked to stop taking birth control (Loestrin Fe) for at least 4 weeks prior to some blood work that needs to be preformed for kidney, adrenal, pituitary, thyroid and other things. I stopped it immediately after the blood tests were ordered so I could get the test done quickly. I quit the pack with 8 active pills left in the pack. Typically I start my period on the 4th day of inactive pills then begin a new pack the next day.
Avatar m tn I wiped myself and noticed blood, bright red. as the day progressed i later noticed mucus along with the bleeding. Im not sexually active with my boyfriend. the only thing we have been involved in is oral sex, or hand job. im afraid i may not have cleaned myself well after he ejaculated. i also have no other symptoms. please help. i know it may sound stupid but im afraid to be pregnant.
Avatar f tn Anyway, I don't usually bleed with ovulation, but I got my positive OPK on Monday, DTD Monday morning, and woke up Wednesday morning with very thick, blood-tinged mucus (sorry if TMI); this morning it was the same thing, but the blood was a little darker. Does anyone else have this with ovulation? I don't usually bleed at this point in my cycle, so it's a bit concerning to me. Thanks so much!
Avatar n tn A day later I started spotting very lightly for 2 days. After that I was able to find traces of blood in my cervical mucus a couple of random days. I am now on day 22 and still no sign of ovulation. In the year that I charted I always ovulated. I also have had three different phases of egg white mucus, but the fertile mucus does not match up with the position and feel of my cervix. Oh, also I have been having much more mucus than I have ever had before.
Avatar f tn You didn't say at what point in your cycle you noticed the fresh blood you have experienced, if this is mid cycle, it could be due to ovulation (egg releasing). Some women may experience mild pains and can also spot a little at ovulation time. Intercourse shouldn't be painful and is something that should be investigated. If you have only very recently become sexually active, then it may be understandable.
Avatar f tn I have heard that your egg releasing can cause mid cycle bloody cervical mucus but is very rare for women to see it. I have my tubes tied so honestly don't think that would apply since my egg never actually drops but mucus was about as thick as your pinky and had bright red blood not light pink or brown in it.
Avatar n tn Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), which is allergy drops under the tongue, has been used effectively in Europe and is now being studied in many centers in the U.S. Specifically, there have been studies of SLIT for individuals seasonally allergic to birch tree pollen that show significant improvement in lung function during the pollen season.
589816 tn?1332980371 my IUI was accompanied by Femara this month, Clomid last month (my m/c month was without meds). It's nice b/c if you're cycles are unpredictable the daily blood and ultrasound mid-cycle tell you exactly when to try. My MD thinks I have mild PCOS so the meds ensure I'm O'ing each month and the u/s and blood confirm the timing. Peterjl-- might be worth looking into if you're not already... my cycles are much more predictable & I'm O-ing which you don't always do with PCOS...
Avatar f tn ) im have lower abdominal pain in my right side no blood or nothing just poped up outa no where in these late hours of the night( 1:55am) does anyone know what the cause would be xx SSBD to EVER1
693804 tn?1304724074 LOL I was useing the Clearblue Monitor so I was just about to give up and quit testing for O'ing becuase it was getting so late in my cycle. Glad I didn't! Well I sure hope everyone has a Great and Safe day!
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Avatar n tn in the last two weeks i have had three blood vessels just pop in my fingers. i was not doing anything out of the ordinary. what could be causing this? should there be a cause for concern?
Avatar f tn would that have an effect on my cycle? There was a time when i began regularly having sex in january (before the peirod i had in february) that i took the morning after pill which i think may have made my period a little late...could that still be effecting my cycle?
Avatar f tn Now I am on day 19 of my cycle and have been having some mild low back pain (just bothersome), and this afternoon when I went to the bathroom I had brown dried looking blood on my underwear and when I wiped there was some mucus tinged blood there also. Later this evening I had some internal pain (felt like I had to have a BM sort of) and had more blood tinged mucus when I wiped. Can you please shed some light as to what direction I need to go with this...
1441678 tn?1414180272 just waiting for my new Nurse to call me so we can meet and give me all the new stims meds ill be using for this new so excited but at the same time soo scared..but i know that trusting in GOD everything will be possible..we just need to BELIEVE & TRUST IN HIM!!
Avatar n tn Whatever I put in my stomach seems to somehow manifest itself back up in my sinuses. Would a tear in the stomach lining or GI tract spill out into the bloodstream and cause the immune system to attack the food particles like a foreign substance? I have been reading about CANDIDA and "Leaky Gut" syndrome, and think this may be the problem. I have no pain, and can eat all kinds of different foods. I am so frustrated I don't know what to do.
631676 tn?1333721803 Hi everyone. I had my AF show up while in England. So I was not able to do any drugs this cycle. No sense doing any bloodwork or scans at this point. I am CD8 now. Any old fashioned advice? Thinking of going back to ovulation sticks and maybe trying PreSeed if I can get my hands on it. Thanks. I am starting to panic a bit I have to admit. It's now 4 cycles without conceiving. And my business partner has just reminded me that she is due in 9 weeks.
Avatar f tn My cycle is has been regular, occuring every 24 days ( give or take a day) and i always experience abundant cervical mucus mid cycle. This time i have not seen any cervical mucus. My main query is that am i experiencing premature ovarian failure or even perimenopause. What tests can i do to determine my fertility status.
1339395 tn?1317267421 where are you at in your cycle? How many days past ovulation? How did your body react with Clomid? Any side effects? Momo1409: Have you taken anything to induce af? or is she coming on her own? Renee82: Im with Freds_baby questions above? :) Pepsi, Linzola, Jenkaye: How are you guys? Fill us in!! :) Freds_baby: soo funny that you are a day ahead of me...I am not sure if we should start BD now considering the last couple months I "O" around CD19 ish? I may start Sunday or Monday?
280700 tn?1210287416 I think when people see miscarriages with clomid, it's because they are being watched so carefully that they find out they are pregnant much earlier than they normally would, so they are aware of miscarriages very early in the cycle that if ttc naturally without doctor intervention, they probably wouldn't know about. I would have never known about that twin if I hadn't been being scrutinized with an ultrasound probe every week from very early on!
318181 tn?1336447096 I should start AF soon I take my last bcp tonight and then as soon as she comes I call the RE and he is helping us out and letting me start in then come to the office mid-cycle. This time its 150 mg. So lets hope and pray this is it. Its officially been a year since we started TTC and close to that since the first miscarriage/molar pregnancy (unsure which since my stupid obgyn didn't do any tests) and its been pretty stressful. Heather I totally understand about company....
1160836 tn?1332333769 Ok so I just got back from lunch and out of nowhere a fairly intense cramping in my lower left abdomen it me. Surely its not me ovulating this late in the cycle is it? Also do any of you experience a slight itching in the inside of your nipples (sorry tmi)? it happens off and on through out my clomid cycles but this month its more constant I just want to scratch like crazy!
Avatar n tn Well last night I had a few sharp pains in my right abdomen, and today one instance of blood tinged mucus from my cervix when I was checking for CM. But nothing more. I had started bleeding in the middle of the night on 02/10/07 starting the miscarriage. I was wondering if anyone O'd that soon after D&C & ended up pregnant. Or thought they were and were not pregnant.