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Avatar n tn This blood is surely not a sign of lung cancer, given your age, your trivial smoking history and the normal chest x-ray and CT scan. Blood in one's phlegm should never be ignored but you should not need any further testing beyond the imaging you have already had. And, it should not be assumed that the "speckle of blood" came from your lungs. The normal CT and x-ray suggest it didn't. It is just as likely to have originated in your nose, throat or sinuses.
Avatar n tn irritation of the throat from violent coughing, blood clot in the lung, bronchiectasis, bronchitis, cancer, cystic fibrosis, inflammation of the blood vessels in the lung, nosebleeds, pneumonia, tuberculosis or inhaling blood into the lungs. Are there any other signs or symptoms present? Chest x-ray, complete blood count and complete medical and physical examination is needed to help with the diagnosis.
Avatar n tn i can taste infection when i swallow and i keep coughing up mucus that has blood in it, what does blood in my mucus mean?
Avatar m tn About 3 days ago I got a real bad sore throat and its getting better, but for the last two days I wake up and I cough once and my mucus is thick with blood in it. It only happens in the morning and then i am fine the rest of the day. I am a smoker and about 3 years ago I had an infected lung.... which was easily fixed with antibiotics.... what can be causing this? I have no other signs of a cold and i am getting regular headache but i have had that my whole life ...
1283791 tn?1276818314 I am a smoker could this be lung cancer? Everytine I have coughed since it was clear mucus I am 29 yrs old been smoking since i was 15. But over the last 2 yrs cut down to a half a pack a day. Someon pls help....
Avatar f tn However, in this case, there is no mass in the lung at all, only something in the bone. It would be pretty unlikely for cancer in the lung to present in this manner. The question would be if the finding in the bone appears malignant. If this was the case, it would likely have been discussed with you. An abnormal bone island or cyst is not cancer, but due to its presence, it may produce pain. Discuss the nature of the shoulder finding with the doctor and make a plan as to what's next.
Avatar f tn // It's in your best interest to see a doctor and they do sometimes work out payment plans. Let us know how you are doing.
Avatar n tn Two years ago I was diagnosed with stage 1a lung cancer, treated by removal of my right middle lobe, no radiation or chemo. On a followup x-ray last week, the radiologist mentioned that there were changes (larger chest) indicating COPD is worsening. I am very active and don't smoke, age 51 female. The pulmonologist that saw me once for lung cancer two years ago said I was too healthy to be her patient. Should I be taking something to stop the progression of COPD ?
Avatar n tn Colonoscopy should be done to find out the cause of blood and mucus in stool ================================================================ The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem. - Ratnakar Kini M.
Avatar n tn s just flecks of blood it could be that your sinuses are irritated and/or very dry, Blowing your nose too hard can rupture the tiny blood vessels in your nose, drips down your throat and it gets coughed up with the stagnant mucus in the morning. Try a humidifier in your bedroom if your climate is dry, or use Ocean Spray during the day, wait a few minutes then blow your nose gently. If you're coughing up more than a half cup of blood see your doctor asap.
Avatar m tn Cancer has spread in the lung. Now blood is beginning to accumulate in his lung. We were told when blood starts to accumulate that is a sign he is in the final stages and we can expect a rapid decline going forward. Would someone shed some light on this for us? What should we expect?
Avatar f tn could it be anything other then cancer in my lung, my family has a history of lung cancer, and I quit smoking in 2001. could the pain in my butt be related to the nodule in my lung? could the kidney be affected? please tell me it's probably nothing more then a cyst.. I'm 54 years old and already went through the grind.. I'm a postive person, but still quite frightened at the prospect of having to go though it all again! I appreciate any responses ..
Avatar f tn One thing you have to bear in mind is that smoking give lung cancer and aspirin always make bleeding worse. so i think you should see an doctor more examination and never use aspirin while bleeding.
Avatar m tn Im not sure whether its the actual stool or the mucus that is attached to it that is red... did some research... cancer cancer cancer cancer is all that im faced with :s Anyone give me any light on the situation? Many Thanks in Advance!
Avatar f tn I'm having difficult breathing. I find myself taking TRYING to take deep breaths every other minute... My stomach is supporting my breathing. I dont feel that I am able to take deep breaths and I feel as if something is stuck in my throat. Certain areas of my lungs hurt when I go to the gym and try to excercise. I suffer from asthma and have been to the ER twice for respiratory complications/acute bronchitis. I'm currently not taking any medication to keep my asthma under control.
Avatar f tn my seven year old son was admitted to hospital in december with a collapsed lung it was his left lung investigations showed it was due to a mucus plug that caused this he was treated for this and sent home.
Avatar n tn This summer I had flem with blood in it. I got a chest x-ray, and CT done in July to rule out anything fatal. Everything came negative, lungs were perfectly normal. Soon after, I was diagnosed with cough variant asthma. I think I've always had asthma before but I just recently started taking pulmocort. I am 27, quit smoking a year and a half ago, only been smoking for 6 years, and only smoked between 2-8 cigarettes per day.
Avatar m tn Other rare but serious causes are esophageal cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer etc.What are the other symptoms you have been having? A clinical examination and work up like X-ray chest, blood counts and endoscopy may be needed. I sincerely hope it helps. Best luck and regards!
1349377 tn?1276705526 I just read an article today on msnbc talking about vit B-6 deficiencies in smokers and a relationship to lung cancer.
Avatar n tn little blood came and 5 weeks before, i tried to find out whether some blood is coming from my mouth too, so i did a deep breathe and tried to take the sputum out for 6 times, 7th time when i did deeply some blood came in the sputum, Not sure whether its blood or RED wine which had some 20 minutes before this experience ( but after having RED wine i had my dinner and drank water too).
5592048 tn?1370507202 i started recently spiting blood as soon as i wake up in the morning. the blood at first is mixed with sputum and looks a piece of gum... then 2 or 3 spits later, it becomes more liquid and /or as stream in spit bright red... and i taste the blood... it stops after about 6 or 7 spits... during the day i sometimes still taste the blood. any comments please?