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Avatar n tn blood in stool, mucus in stool, narrower stools, cramping, nausea, diarrhea. Thanks for your help!!
Avatar n tn i have blood and mucus in my stool - began with green stool, went to grayish diarrhea, now thin bowel movements with the blood and mucus. there is enough blood to see but not enough to change the water color in the bowl.(I am a 45 year old woman.
Avatar m tn Lately everytime that I blow my nose I get real green mucus with streaks of blood in it along with a headache that comes and goes daily. I asked my doctor if it was a sinus infection and he said, maybe and left it at that. could it be a sinus infection and what can I take for it because my doctor never gave me anything to treat it .
Avatar n tn so i have mucusy weird stuff in my urine for a day. then it becomes mucusy weird stuff with blood in it. then i start my period the next day - about 4 days early. is this normal? all 10 years that i have had my cycle, i havent experienced this- have you? should i worry?
Avatar m tn Along with the red urine, i am now also passing white mucusy lumps that are slightly blood stained. they vary in size, anything up to the size of a 2 pence piece. Is this normal in a uti, and what causes these lumps?
Avatar f tn That remains true. Threads of mucus are common in the urine -- which is why the urinalysis report did not report them as abnormal. If there were an infection, the white blood cells would have been elevated. Nothing is wrong. My guess is that you read a website or other information somewhere about mucus threads as a sign of urethritis. Indeed, sometimes persons with urethritis (NGU, gonorrhea, chlamydia) have visible threads that may be more prominent than in the absence of urethritis.
484074 tn?1526838884 Another thing, the liquids that carry hiv accross, in one site I heard about anal mucus, but usually it's not mentioned, anyone knows anything about that?
Avatar m tn About 2 weeks ago I had some blunt eye trauma. 3 stitches in eyebrow,black and blue eye,minor swelling,some blood in eye. All has cleared and vision has gone back to normal. I've made an appt to get my eyes checked for this coming week. I haven't done it in years and thought maybe it would be a good thing to do. Anyways since this accident I've noticed that sometimes when I blow my nose the mucus coming out looks like chocolate almost.
Avatar f tn It's a brownish discharge with blood tinted. But when I'm in the bathroom all I can smell is the smell of period blood. Anyone else?
Avatar n tn i am going to start im pretty sure i have (tmi know) blood tinged mucus. im just so confused about these darn pg feeling bbs. its best im not for now anyway. of course i am disappointed. i guess you all were right about those dollar tree tests. next time i have to take one ill use a better one. i have taken them before though and had absolutly nothing. does anyone know why you get evap lines on them? i wish af would just get here and be done with it already!!!
Avatar m tn Usually coated with a thick white mucus and occasionally bright red blood. For the last month it has been literally only mucus and occasional bleeding with no pressure being exerted. At least once every day I get an immediate and extreme need to go and get to the bathroom and only pass mucus and gas. The odor is terrible to the point where I am uncomfortable to use a public washroom. There is a history of bowel and colon cancer in the women in my family so I am a complete mess.
Avatar n tn ask my husband its a matter of who gets to sleep first(he snores to) It is common in heavier people, so with pregnancy and the added weight I would imagine thats why. I snored alot louder with pregnancy than i do now. Good girl Gonza with so little days left you deserve a break!! Put your feet up!!
Avatar n tn Hi ladies - well i got my first BFP this morning at 15dpo. I just want everyone to know how much this forum has meant to me since I had my m/c in Oct. I don't post a lot on here but I come to the site almost everyday - it helps keep me sane!! Anyways, I am really scared about this and I haven't told dh yet (I will at lunch) but I wanted to share it with you ladies. Thanks for just being here!!
Avatar f tn My 8 year old pug is having gagging/coughing due to mucus in her throat. She tries to cough it up but doesn't and has a hard time breathing when this happens, I have been giving her a product "mucus-Clear"..but I;m not sure it is doing any good. Its at its worse when she sleeps as it must gather and then she cant breath so must get up and try to cough it out. I haven't been able to find anything on line regarding thid specific problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated ??
1563533 tn?1345369896 My 4 year old male, domestic longhaired cat had a little blood and mucus in his stool, it was a loose stool also. He is acting fine and spends most of his time indoors, although he does take a nightly prowl around the neighborhood. He is eating normal and drinking normal. And seems to be acting the same, what could be the problem?
Avatar n tn I need some help with understanding cervical mucus and if I am ovulating. I know you have egg white mucus when you ovulate, but is that when you have already ovulated and it is too late to get pg or can you still get pregnant when you see the egg white mucus? Any help would be appreciated.
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116879 tn?1266519849 decogrl, so sorry to stick myself in here but i saw was open forum and don't want to take up another forum with a quick question that can probably be answered by one or two people. decogrl, jifnif, and clevelandlady: wanted to wish you luck!! hoping everything goes easily and smoothly and you're holding your beautiful baby in your arms real soon.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the STD forum. Blood in semen is not a common symptom of STD or any other inrection. Most cases occur exactly in the situation you describe, after sports-related trauma to the prostate gland area. Biking and horseback riding are especially common triggers, as you might imagine, but vigorous straining from any strenuous physical activity can do it. If it happens only once or twice and clears up fairly soon, nothing need be done.
10931374 tn?1413916121 Hi first time posting (hope I'm in the right forum, I couldn't find what else to post this under). I wore a menstrual cup a little too long last month and I got quite sick, I removed it and felt like I had a bug or something, just didn't feel myself and I blamed it on the cup.
Avatar f tn This can happen in hemorrhoids, rectal polyps, diverticulosis (outpouchings from the bowel wall), inflammatory bowel disease, or dysentery. In hemorrhoids the blood falls after the stool. In fissures it lines the stools. In all other problems the blood is mixed with stools. Since now it is predominantly falling after stool, it could be hemorrhoids. There are hemorrhoidal creams available in the market which you can apply. Sit in a tub of warm water for 10 mins at least twice a day.
Avatar n tn I had a similar question that I posted in the forum a couple years ago. I would see blood in my saliva in the morning and at night, and it went on for at least a year and half before I got it checked out. I was diagnoised with G.E.R.D( acid reflux disease). Since then I try not to eat big meals and I sleep with my head propped up on pillows when I sleep. Also, I looked up folk remedies for acid reflux and learned about apple cider vinager.
Avatar m tn Hi, welcome to the forum, blood in sputum is called hemoptysis. These symptoms strongly suggest that you may be having acute sore throat infection. In such cases tiny tinge of blood in sputum is common. Some other possibilities are polyps, broncheictesis, lung cancer, gastrointestinal bleeding etc. Firstly you need to start a course of broad spectrum antibiotic as an empirical therapy if infection is suspected.
Avatar f tn Thanks for using the forum. A small amount of mucus is always present in stool(it keeps your intestinal walls lubricated), just not in amounts that are visible. A large amount of mucus in stool should be reported to your doctor especially if you notice blood, or a change in your bowel activity. A large amount of mucus in the stool can be related to intestinal infection, Chron's disease, ulcerative colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome among other ailments.
1061755 tn?1269138071 Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! It can be bladder debris. Parasitic infections like schistosomiasis and filariasis can result in worms in urine which appear as fleshy substances. Fungal infections like candidiasis too cause fleshy substance in urine. Bladder cancer, polyps and stones are other reasons. Pea sized lump in the neck could be a lymph node, a cyst or a neurofibroma (benign collection of nerve and fibrous tissue). It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage.
Avatar m tn It means that blood is being transferred in the alveoli. The causes could be infectious tuberculosis, excess coughing, infection, tumor, or a blood disorder. It is impossible and not worthwhile to speculate. Go to a physician and get a work-up and an in-person evaluation.
Avatar n tn Also at work started to feel nausea but i haven't vomited, dizzyness while i was siting or standing for a couple of minutes, and in the middle of week also pains in lower back and around kidneys especially when i stood up, my breasts are sore on touch, had white discharge and i'm horny. Yesterday also my stomach, belly and muscles on the lower back started to be sore on the touch or when i move a lot, but nausea was away this morning with driving in the car.