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Avatar n tn He explained that this was normal and happens because when we awake in the morning the liver will release extra glucose into our blood stream to provide the energy we need to get going with our day. As we get active we will burn off this extra sugar and our blood glucose level should drop.
Avatar n tn You are in the correct prediabetes forum, Bhanu68. Improper testing techniques comes to mind - not cleaning test area, uncalibrated test equipment, etc. To be certain of your blood sugar levels get an A1c [HbA1c, HgbA1c] test. An A1c test will inform you of your blood sugars levels for the past 2-3 months, the lifespan of new red blood cells. Excess blood sugars attach to new RBC's never getting absorbed for use as energy. The A1c captures this.
Avatar f tn I had routine blood work done and was told that my cholesterol (albeit okay in total) was out of range. the good was too low and the bad too high, though the combined total was still "normal" at 135. My hemaglobin A1C was on the higher side of normal and my glucose was 122 which was high. I had been experiencing a lot of abnormal heart pounding and a feeling of being short of breath. My doctor basically told me in about 2 sentences to not eat fatty food and watch my sugar intake.
Avatar f tn Try have a protein snack before bed to hold your glucose levels through the night. Might be worth checking your glucose levels as well.
Avatar f tn The A1c provides an insight on your past 2-3 month glucose levels. Red blood cells live on average 2-3 months. Excess glucose rides on new red blood cells, the A1c captures this and provides an estimated three month daily average. " If a result such as 5.8% translates into an "average daily" value of 120 mg/dL, how can 5.8% be considered normal?" An A1c of 5.8% equates to an eAG [estimated daily Average Glucose] of 120 mg/dl, key word is estimated.
Avatar f tn That means there is a lot of variation in size , shape and possibly the color of the red blood cells. The variation is usually seen in anemia and other things. If you start to feel worse. I would go in early to the nurse or doctor to collect a sample.
Avatar m tn Also, a finger stick is much more accurate than a forearm test, as it takes longer for the blood sugar in the forearm (less blood flow), to reflect the actual blood sugar than the fingers. So testing post eating blood sugars do recommend fingers.
Avatar n tn i am a newly diagnosed diabetic and dont understand highs and lows do not have a nacheene as i was told odnt bother testing it wont tell us much any way a few months ago i started feeling very tired and unwell i was drinking all the time and eating like anything i could get my hands on was allyas still am allways very hungry any way i started getting what i thought were sleep starts panic attacks twitching limbs and flashes in my vision when i visited my gp i explained all of these symptoms had
Avatar n tn Then a week before Xmas (while still working) the blood glucose went higher and higher and he increased his insulin until new year when he was up to 10 & 10 with rapid being 6,6, & 8. Even with this regime the BG struggled to get below 15. Then after a big hypo (1.7) the BG has lowered again and he is on 10 protophane at night, 8 in the morning and no rapid again. Still he has unpredictable hypos and unexplained high numbers.
Avatar m tn With lemon juice, t2 diabetics can digest food easier without risking elevated glucose levels or putting their glucose levels at risk. So go ahead and enjoy those lemons.
Avatar n tn The reason for ketosis is due to not enough glucose and so the body has to break down stored fat and convert it into energy instead. Metabolizing fat raises blood ketone levels therefore leading to ketosis. Ketosis can occur with type 1 diabetes, alcoholism, starvation, and with a low carbohydrate, high fat/protein diet.
Avatar n tn Hello, Actually I was wondering if having a cold will affect your blood sugar levels? I had gestational Diabetes with my previous pregnancy, But was kept very much under control with diet and execersize. I have decided to get a monitor to keep an eye on my levels with this pregnancy. Up untill yesterday I have never had a reading above 140. Then yesterday It got up too 201 and within 1 1/2 hours of that reading it was back down to 98.
1538488 tn?1331483305 My fasting blood glucose is 110-125 mg/dl.hba1c is 7.96. My age is 57 years.After 2 hrs of b/f 165-190mg/dl. No medication.Glucose level slightly increase after exercise in the morning .What action is to be taken?
Avatar n tn In the event that you had an arbitrary blood glucose test, an ordinary outcome relies upon when you last ate. More often than not, the blood glucose level will be underneath 125 mg/dL (6.
Avatar n tn Hello, A diet that includes fruits, vegetables, fiber-containing foods, and low-fat milk is advised. Consumption of foods with a low glucose levels appears to reduce postprandial glucose rise and improve glycemic control. Reduced calorie and nonnutritive sweeteners(better avoided in epileptics) are useful.
Avatar n tn I'm a ftm and I'm still really early at 8w2d. Last Friday I had my first appointment and had a lot of blood work done which is normal but I'm getting the tests back with not a lot of explanation. Its making me a little nervous. The thing that worries me the most is that the glucose test came out about 5 points high and I have to go in for the 3 hour glucose test. Has anyone had this happen and ended up not having anything wrong? I'm fearing the worst and hoping for the best.
Avatar n tn I went to the ER not long ago and I was told I had very high blood sugar, I had not eaten anything for more than 8 hours other than toast.
Avatar m tn s situation, but only to the high blood glucose. And the fact of that is that she needs to get it controlled. I'm not sure why her doctors are letting her go on with blood sugar that high and out of control. Perhaps because they feel the tumor is the problem and they are treating that? Perhaps she should see an endocrinologist. Yes, insulin would help her blood sugar and sounds like an option since the oral meds are not touching it.
Avatar f tn If you are worried about the solution they have you drink, which is a viable concern, there are other options. I would suggest you talk to your doctor about it before hand and reach a compromise. Some moms have eaten jelly beans or a candy bar.