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Avatar n tn I've been prescribed and taking Suboxone for approximately 30 days and have noticed a significant increase in my blood glucose level. I've asked my pharmacist for her opinion but she knows very little about the topic. I haven't asked my shrink yet but will at my next appointment. In the meantime, this has me spooked. Anyone know???
Avatar n tn Well the taste in your mouth doesn't fit what I experience with a high blood sugar as far as taste goes. I get a dry taste in my mouth almost like that of the after taste of peach tea. To be a bit more technical the taste that diabetics get is that of acetone (yes the same stuff in your nail polish remover). The nausea fits vaguely but that could really be anything. Excessive thirst is a very common symptom of a high blood sugar and keytones in your blood system.
Avatar n tn My sister in law takes her blood sugar reading with a One Touch Ultra Smart tester. She gets a reading of 440. Sometimes the numbers are even higher. How can this be so high without major problems? My husband took his reading and got 86. She is a believer of herbals and supplements. Could one of these make a false reading? We have tried to get her to go to a Doctor, but she won't.
2135035 tn?1345463035 Oh, also, having a blood glucose tester at home has allowed me to consistently check my sugars after every meal. I don't know if you did your test at home or at the doctor. But, this blood glucose tester has kept me motivated. I also use myfitnesspal to find out the exact calorie intake of practically anything that you eat. another useful tool. Again, best of luck with your nutritional goals.
Avatar f tn Hey ladies, I failed my one hour glucose test. So now I just took my three hour test. Those of you who have done this, how long did results take to get back? Thank you in advance!!
Avatar m tn Your dad is correct, disruptive sleep patterns caused by sleep apnea have been linked to elevating glucose levels and diabetes, high blood pressure, lack of energy, moodiness, and cardio unrest. Getting a good nights rest is one key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Avatar f tn Ive been type 1 diabetic for 6 years, youll feel very tired, drink and eat a lot, extreme weight loss, constant urination.
Avatar m tn t reply to my question-there is no need to because I will no longer prick my fingers 5 or 6 or 7 times before I can get enough blood to put on the tester slip. This is par for my life. Everything I have done crumbles this is just another effort I have tried and it has failed. Failure is my name and unfortunately my family and especially my wife have suffered all their lives because of my failures.
Avatar n tn There is no other way to test. You have two choices. First is think about what could happen if you didn't test your sugars. Secondly, you need to talk to your doctor about your anxiety. There are many good meds out there that can possible help you. Get up in the morning, don't even think about it, use the pediatric tip on your tester so it doesn't hurt as much and do it. I'm sure that once you've done it, the fear will leave. I have a question. what are you terrified about?
Avatar n tn t washed since the last time he ate), you can contaminate the blood glucose strip and it will read higher than it should (even if you don't see anything on your hands). Always check with your pediatrician though if you have any concerns about your son... the vomiting after eating and stomach pain are serious conditions that may need to be checked out.
1258539 tn?1293840202 And has your doc checked thyroid and blood glucose? My husband, who has MS, and Low VIT D count has been complaining of high anxiety lately even though he is on the highest dose of his meds so I started checking his blood sugar (we had a tester in the house from another family member) every time he complained of anxiety and sure enough it was a blood sugar imbalance.
225237 tn?1333138999 Keep in mind an A1c measures your glucose over the past 3 months but does not provide for daily levels. A glucose tester is better to see what your daily pre and postprandial levels are.
Avatar m tn Also, a finger stick is much more accurate than a forearm test, as it takes longer for the blood sugar in the forearm (less blood flow), to reflect the actual blood sugar than the fingers. So testing post eating blood sugars do recommend fingers.
Avatar n tn m in good health, I have high blood pressure that is controled by meds. I bought a AccuCheck Active tester. I check my blood sugar regularly 2 hours after I eat, it usually ranges between 118-125. In the mornings when I wake up, usually sleep 5 - 6 hours, my test reads anywhere between 111-118. My question is am I a Diabetic? I don't have increased thirst, I don't frequently urinate. I have noticed when I get hungry I have a burning sensation in my stomach.
Avatar n tn hi im 23 years old recently i have been really thirsty and urinating about 8 times a day, i used my step moms tester to test my glucose level, checked it in the morning it came out 87 then 2 hours after i ate and it came out to 107 do i have diabetes?
793305 tn?1493925518 My biggest problem is I don't believe one tester, maybe new strips.
Avatar n tn You can buy a glucose meter over the counter without a prescription (so your insurance won't freak thinking you have diabetes). I found a pocket, disposable one at Walgreen's (so I'm sure other major retailers carry them too) that costs about $30 for a tester and strips - you just have to purchase a separate lancet. Best way to find out is to check your blood as soon as you wake up then before and after meals throughout the day.
325405 tn?1262290178 I was diagnosed this past October as insulin resistant. I had a two hour glucose test and my blood sugar tested normal, but my insulin level was through the roof. My morning readings were 125 to 135. I was put on 500mg of Metformin and started low-carb dieting & exercising. My Metformin increased to 1000mg one month later and then in December my insulin was tested again it was finally normal.
Avatar m tn However, the test administrator told me he was positive. I did not see any visible sign of his blood. However, he did not use any latex gloves while wiping the blood off my hands with the gauze and he openned the bandaid for my fingers. What is my risk of contracting the disease from him?
Avatar f tn The way to check for diabetes is with a blood test. A fasting blood sugar could be taken and a normal person would have under 100. A pre-diabetic would have 100 to 125 and a diabetic would have 126 or over.They could also do an OGTT which tests response to a sugary drink over a period of a couple hours (and again, test the blood). But the standard to diagnose diabetes is a blood test that measures A1C which is an average of blood sugars for a period of about 3 months. An A1C under 5.
798555 tn?1292787551 The local chain supp store did not have it, maybe the independent one will. Sound like its best to use this with a blood glucose meter. It time I ask my doc for one - sometimes they are free.
250084 tn?1303307435 Here's how the effects of tx on blood sugar were explained to me. Not very scientific, but the doc brought it down to my level of understanding. Blood cells have normal life span of 90-120 days. During that life span the cells pick up glucose and then die their normal death.
Avatar f tn I failed the 1h glucose test and told dr I wasn't going to do the 3h one. After much debating and searching for alternatives, I decided to have the 2h one, which is just one blood draw. You have to take 75grams of glucose and then get blood drawn and that's it.