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Avatar m tn this is my test results, what does this mean???
Avatar f tn I'm 28 Weeks today and I got my glucose test done, I was wondering how long till you ladies found out the results?
551604 tn?1333986735 * Fasting blood glucose level ≥95 mg/dl (5.33 mmol/L) * 1 hour blood glucose level ≥180 mg/dl (10 mmol/L) * 2 hour blood glucose level ≥155 mg/dl (8.6 mmol/L) * 3 hour blood glucose level ≥140 mg/dl (7.8 mmol/L) I also failed the 3 hour one, but many people who fail the 1 hour pass the 3 hours with flying colors. Dont stress Jen, try to take it easy....Keep us updated, good luck!
Avatar f tn Wow my test results came back in from my hour test I had 100 that is really good, good luck to everybody that hasn't taken there's or waiting on the Results
11294269 tn?1422406507 I got my results back from the one hour glucose test. It was 170. I have to go for a 3 hour test. My. doctors office said that just because i failed the first doesn't mean ill fail the next. Is 170 really bad? If i do fail to what happens next? Im a ftm... So nervous.
507875 tn?1423163861 I just got a call from my nurse with the results of my glucose test and she wasn't too happy. My level was 144 and she said it should have been 130 no more than 135...~sad face~...So now I have to do a three day "diet/fast" beginning on monday and then I have to do the three hour test on Thursday...I really, really hope that the results are better with the next test...I don't want to have to go on insulin..I am tired of needles!!
Avatar f tn I just got home from by blood glucose test and feel really sick and tired. Is this normal? Does it mean something is wrong?
1813627 tn?1337725975 Had about 10 viles of blood taken which I gather is normal the first time. They also had be do an hour blood glucose test done which I thought was done later in pregnancy. So today I had to go for a 3 hr test sinces yesterday my number was 141 and they wanted me to be under 135. Anyone that can shed some light on this would be wonderful.
Avatar f tn Well i failed my first glucose test. They didnt tell me not to eat or drink prior to the test. So now i have to do the 3 hour test. I have a feeling im going to fail that too,..... what does it mean if i have diabetes during pregnancy? Will it affect my baby? Am i high risk pregnancy now?
Avatar f tn Ok so I failed my one hr glucose test. I attempted my three hr one but after the first hour it all came right back up and my face was really broke out for two days. So now they want me to take it again. What if it comes back up. I'm almost 32 wks and I just feel like they should give up already or find another solution.
Avatar f tn For best results, you must be on an empty stomach. If the 1 hr glucose test comes bk abnormal then you will have to do the 3 hr test. Trust me, there's alot more sugar in that drink and alot more blood draws.
Avatar f tn In going for my glucose test tomorrow and I was wondering if it was OK to eat before the test or not. I have heard it was ok but I have also heard that you shouldn't because it will mess the test up. What should I do?
551604 tn?1333986735 So you ladies know that I work in the hospital where I'm going to give birth, so therefore I can look at my own test results. Well I had my Glucose challenge this morning and the test came as 138mg/dl (without having nothing to eat prior to the test). I called my doctor right away, but I left him a message.... From doing some research online, I see my number is too high!!! What do you guys think??? Please help, I don't want to have GD!!
508203 tn?1233238404 Today I had some good and some bad news.... The good news is that I had a blood test done to screen for the presence of antibodies (as I am rh negative) and the results came back negative!! Great news!! The bad news is that I failed my glucose test and need to have a second one done this saturday; My mother had gestational diabetes so I won't be surprised if I have it.
Avatar f tn It went away after I had my daughter. I did my glucose test today and I'm assuming I might have it with this pregnancy as well.
Avatar f tn well, I found out literally minutes after they took my blood for my 1-hour test.. I failed.. so I'll be taking my 3-hour test on Aug. 7th.. if I'm not mistaken I'll be able to find out that day.. maybe it depends on if they're able to test your blood there or not?
Avatar f tn I have my glucose test in the morning. Does it take one hour or three hours? And when do you get the results?
Avatar n tn So yesterday I did my glucose test they drew blood and I had to urinate in a cup but they also gave me a jug to urunate it for 24hrs to record it but I'm going to start Sunday and turn it Inmonday They told me yesterday it will take a few hrs to know my results they didn't call yesterday later about it or today so I hope everything is ok :) Anyone else done the glucose test
Avatar f tn who had there glucose test already??
Avatar f tn I got one of those done today(the glucose test)...they also took 5 vials on me too!! When should those results be back?? I forgot to ask!!
Avatar f tn You don't need to fast prior to the test. It's to see how your body metabolizes glucose. If your results fall within 'normal' you should be good to go. If not you'll have to do another glucose tolerance test. For this one you do have to fast (12 hours) and it's usually a 2 hour test. You'll have your fasting blood drawn, drink an even sweeter drink and then you'll get your blood drawn again 2 hours later. Again, you have to remain on premises. It's all to test for gestational diabetes.
Avatar f tn You can't eat from midnight the night before your test. You have a blood test, drink 2 big cups of lucozade. Sit in waiting room for 2 hours. Have another blood test and go home. It's horrible I wanted to throw the whole lucozade up. If you eat breakfast it will mess us your results. This is in the UK though not sure where this page is based.
9535172 tn?1409023389 I've token my glucose test should be 3 weeks now and never got my results is that good news or bad news?