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Avatar f tn My doctor never told me I had to stop eating before the test they just told me I couldn't eat after the test before I got my blood drawn. I passed my test.
7757724 tn?1396283186 Ill update as soon as I get the results (:
Avatar f tn What did yall eat before going in for your glucose test?
341551 tn?1266984330 I hated the waiting in between my 3 hr glucose test ... so, if you're going to be stuck doing nothing for an hour or more, bring a book, some music ...anything to keep you busy and keep your mind off the time.
Avatar f tn a lot of women fail thenone hoir test. The three hour test numbers are a larger scale. If you fail the three hour it means gestational diabetes which mean yiur obgyn may put younon a special diabetic pregnancy diet and sometimes combined with meds or insulin depending on how high the numbers are. Dont worry as with care from your OB it.can be kept under control. Also, just because you failed the 1 hour dont mean you jBe gestational diabetes.
Avatar f tn Not sure if this helps or not but when I had my glucose test they added on a blood test called HbA1C...that measures the hemoglobin level just n your blood which essentially is an iron test....I have been very anemic throughout my pregnancy as well. The tests seem to go together....I think it has something to do with the absorbtion of the glucose...I think. I know it ***** but I do believe they go together...
Avatar f tn On my return trip to the doctor he checked me for parasites and redid my glucose test which was only at 57 after eating. They tested for blastocystis hominis in three different samples all of which were positive. The doctor put me on Flagyl which I was only able to take for three days because of severe adverse side affects.
Avatar n tn So my questions are what do you guys think is going on, why would I still be feeling weak, and what would've caused the abnormal amylase, glucose, t-bil and co2 results on the first blood test? Why would I still have an abnormally low amylase on the next test? At present I have no fever, my pulse is normal and steady, BP is normal and WBC is within normal range.
Avatar n tn Hi Everyone. I am new to the list. Thanks for all of the posts on not testing too soon. I am 33 yrs old and had my transfer on Sunday (3/9/08) of two embryos on my first IVF/ISCI cycle. They retrieved 7 eggs, 4 fertilized but only 2 were developed enough to transfer. An hour ago, I took a old hpt I had from almost a year ago and it was negative. That caused me to panic, googling 'negative pregnancy test ivf ' and that is how I ended up here.
Avatar n tn There was definitely some blood left in the machine and the prep pad had blood on the edges when I wiped the slot that you insert the test strip into with it. Although I'm pretty sure I was careful not to handle the prep pad where there was blood on it I'm still concerned that it may have seeped through the pad and touched my fingers and I may not have noticed. After lab was done, I washed my hands with soapy water and I do not have any cuts or scrapes that are visible on my hands.
Avatar n tn Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought your prominent symptoms occurred this time, not 10 yr ago. The more subtle symptoms are consistent with a chronic infection that only now showed up on a lab test. Also, I didn't think to ask about what test was done. If trichomonas organisms were observed on a pap smear, that is a very unreliable test and likely you don't have it at all.
Avatar n tn The strips themselves absorb the correct amount of blood for testing, and the results are almost lab-accurate (I have done comparisons when having blood drawn in labs just to see how close the finger ***** method is to lab results, and they are very close). Any slight difference in final glucose number based on size of blood drop is going to be not enough to change treatment based upon that particular test.
8524235 tn?1406161222 twice a day on top of what you normally eat), this way your pancreas gets use to producing a little extra insulin when you consume such a high concentration of glucose at the 3 hr test. It's not cheating the test, it's allowing your body to prep for the test to insure when you do consume sugar ur body is able to handle it. Sometimes the healthiest eaters are the ones to fail simply because they don't consume sugar/carbs on a regular basis and their body is shocked during the test. Good luck!
485720 tn?1218539760 If so, it indicates either bleeding or the dr hit a blood vessel. I'm not a dr but I would think if he hit a blood vessel the fluid would be tinged a bit? I saw it as he was transferring it to the vials. It was clear and normal looking. I don't know what Nucl Cells, Fluid are. Also, it says the interpretation is EBV by PCR but I tested positive for EBV through blood work so I'm sure this is probably why. The IgG is also below the normal ranges.
Avatar f tn Normally, before I knew I had Hep C and when I did other lab work, I fasted because usually they were doing a blood glucose level and cholesterol levels. Since I have been on treatment, I have not fasted for any tests. There really is no way to fast for lab and still pack in the 20 grams of fat and a meal 4 times a day. If you want to be absolutely 100% sure, call your docs office and get the lab's number and call the lab.
Avatar f tn I am scheduled to have a post prandial glucose test tomorrow morning and am beginning to think maybe the dizziness and lightheadedness along with the nausea and feeling of vomiting is related to this, although my glucose was 101 which puts me in the prediabetes category, although its slightly elevated (the range is 100-120, I believe) is it just coincidence. My blood sugar is not low and dizziness and lightheadedness would mean a low blood sugar.
Avatar f tn I'm prescribed Zofran for the nausea, to be taken every 8 hrs, which seemed to help some with the nausea. Two weeks prior to the appointment I start having trace amts of blood and mucus in my stool, and am told to monitor it, if it gets to be more than a tablespoon go to ER, otherwise wait to see the GI dr. Finally get to see the GI dr, he pushes on my stomach a little bit after taking a history. He seems puzzled by my sensativity and orders the Colonoscopy and EGD.
Avatar m tn Late October 2015 I sought out an infectious disease Dr who was knowledgeable of Truvada as Prep. Prior to him giving a prescription I was required to have a full blood panel along with a HIV test also screened for Hepatitis. This is when I discovered I was Infected with Chronic HBV. I had elevated alt & ast as well as a viral load in the millions. Upon diagnosis I was ordered to have an ultrasound which showed I have some fat on my liver.
Avatar n tn Oh yeah...thanks for bringing up the blood test thing. I was tested for a long of things at the onset of my symptoms getting worse. Right after Christmas (about a month ago) I had bloodwork done for the following tests: vitamin B12, vitamin D, thyroid hormone, something for diabetes/glucose, and iron. Everything was normal besides my vitamin D. It was low. Thanks for everyone's responses and interest!
Avatar n tn I'm now 24 weeks 2 days and this little one is moving all the time now, i go in for the glucose test in 2 weeks and see my new Dr in 4 weeks. How have you been feeling? When are you going on your Mat leave? I can't believe how fast time goes by when your pregnant, I haven't even started on the babies room yet. DH and I are trying to get the outside of our house ready before the snow starts to flow, It probably won't be for another month or two but you never know. How is your DH doing?
20825205 tn?1535392656 Based on your fasting glucose level in prediabetic range (100 - 125 mg/dL), I'd recommend a HbA1C test and an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT).
Avatar f tn I don't smoke, no high blood pressure, no high cholesterol nor diabetes but impaired glucose which is being treated with metformin, otherwise nothing else to cause this at age 43 with onset of symptoms initially in my 20's ( neuro said past history fo migraines can do this but I don't know of migraines causing hemiparesis for one year now with ataxia and other host of issues for me. I was told with the vascular you have to treat the underlying causes and I haven't had migraines in 4 years.
525485 tn?1314364901 Hi all, well I went and had my 1 hour glucose test today. Fingers crossed I passed. Also took my daughter Quinn today for her H1N1 vaccine at her peds office. I have yet to get the vaccine but at least she is protected. My OB office is not getting it in and all of the local clinics ran out in a matter of hours. So looks like I am out of luck for now. I am now 26w2d preggers and it seems to be flying by so quickly. Been having a lot of pelvic pain and pressure.
Avatar n tn Well the next test she did is a 24 hour blood pressure cuff to take readings. Everything was normal. My blood pressure never peaked so she dissmissed it and didnt think it was necessary to look any furthur. i did push her more so she orderd this 24 hour urine test and I still have yet to take it and its been 6 months. May I ask how you got diagnosed... did they see it on a ultrasound or something or a blood test?
Avatar n tn I had a glucose tolerance test, and they were fully expecting to find diabetes. I was having migranes, dizzy spells so severe I would have to put my head between my knees in public places, and beg for food. I was found wandering on a campus in the middle of the night with no recollection of it. It is not some trivial thing to me. I was quite ill. Additionally, for your information, I spoke with three nurses who all confirmed the description of the prep for this test.
Avatar n tn My hypoglycemia is not just a little shakiness. I had a glucose tolerance test, and they were fully expecting to find diabetes. I was having migranes, dizzy spells so severe I would have to put my head between my knees in public places, and beg for food. I was found wandering on a campus in the middle of the night with no recollection of it. It is not some trivial thing to me. I was quite ill.
Avatar f tn It's being done through QUEST and theres conflicting information on test prep. Some directions say to rinse your mouth out with clean water and wait 10 minutes before doing the test at midnight. Others do not tell you to rinse. Does anyone know what I am supposed to do? Nobody at Kaiser is familiar with the test. Also, can my thyroid problems have anything to do with cortisol problems?
435139 tn?1255463991 Good Monday Morning Ladies! Whats up? This week I have my glucose test today (fingers crossed it goes well!). I packed a book to tide me over for the hour because I am not the most patient person! Tomorrow I have a normal check up with my ob (28w) right after work nad then I have to go back out for my childbirth prep class in the evening. The rest of the week I just have work and nothing else in the evenings...phew! MY SHOWER IS ON SATURDAY!!!! I am so excited...
Avatar n tn But this is what one can do without seeing the person) (c) Did you have a Glucose Tolerance Test? (Measuring glucose level in blood every half our after a meal, for 2 1/2 hrs) Hope this helps. Best, Dr.