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Avatar n tn IV needles inject blood directly into the blood stream, the glucose is a superficial prick that just breaks the skin.
Avatar m tn I had a gloves on. I used 33 gauze lancet. I did come in direct contact with her blood(whatever blood left on that lancet). What is my chance to get HIV or Hepatitis C. I asked her about her medical history but she said that she did not have any disease.She is 22 years old black female.Please help.
Avatar m tn i did a test for hiv and i am worried about something the guy changed the lancet that pricks me but it is from the same pen so the same outer cap is still on and it might contain dry blood is there any risk for hiv or hepatitis is there is dry blood on cap ?
Avatar m tn m a medical student, two months ago i was working on a research regarding diabetes, where we measure their glucose level using the glucose measuring device. i was wearing gloves while measuring glucose level from a 40 year old married man with two kids who seemed healthy and unsuspicious for hiv.
Avatar m tn some weeks ago one of my friends wanted to test her glucose by a rapid test we sell. i wanted to help her. i pricked her finger by a lancet for testing. after that i forgot to dispose that lancet. and i was describing the test procedure to her while i was playing with the lancet (in my hand) without me noticing that it was used by another person. suddenly i found out that my finger was touching the lancet needle and i immediately threw out the lancet!
Avatar n tn i have been done the blood glucose test when i pregnancy 28 week in a clinic, i worried that the dr forget to change the lancet and i have the risk exposure to hiv. the dr is using the multiclix lancet. am i at risk if dr forget to twist to change the lancet. 1. i need to do the hiv test? 2. am i at risk? 3. the posibility of infection is high? 4.
Avatar n tn Hi, My mom is a diabetic and I was just wondering to check my glucose levels to make sure that I am okay. She has an On-Call glucose monitor. I changed the lancet in pen stick to puncture the skin and then used a new strip for readings. So my question is that I used new lancet and strip so is there any risk of infection whatsoever? And also tell me that if i will catch diabetes this way.
Avatar n tn Is using lancet for blood glucose monitoring purpose the same as sharing works with other IV drug abusers? If the lancet is used by HIV people.
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Avatar n tn I am not an expert on blood glucose testing, but I am fairly certain that the lancets are only meant to be used once and then disposed of properly. If only for the sake of getting a proper reading, everyone in your family should be using their own lancet and not reusing them.
Avatar f tn that would be because hiv is not transmitted through environmental cannot survive outside it's host. see your doctor if you are having health's not hiv related.
Avatar n tn If they both used just the lance but new lancet each time I would say highly unlikely unless blood was transferred to the the new lancet by the previous person. My husband is a diabetic and I have used his lance to take a reading on myself just to see if my glucose was normal. He has been tested and does not have the virus. Anytime there is blood involved, it's always wise to use extra precautions. I don't think I would routinely use someone elses lance who is infected with hepc.
Avatar m tn Today I was teaching a pt how to use a glucose meter and lancet ,the pt had a hard time taking the lancet out of a device; the lancet finally came out and landed on my led and poke me. I asked pt if have any other conditions besides diabetes and she said HIV!. I'm worry, I reported the the office manager and I got tested right away, and I have to be tested for a year. What are the chances I can get infected with the virus. Thanks.
Avatar n tn s heterosexual married male with diabetes) allowed me to use his glucose test kit so I could examine my blood sugar levels. I cleaned my fingers with alcohol before he used his lancet to stick my finger, and obviously drew a tiny drop of blood.
Avatar f tn I checked my blood sugar this morning using one of my family member's glucose meter out of curiosity today. I am wondering if I have to worry about testing for Hep C as I do not know that person's status. Key things to note - 1) I placed a brand new needle inside the lancing device, although the device belongs to my family member 2) I placed a brand new glucose testing strip inside the meter Do you guys recommend I get tested? Thank you everyone!
Avatar m tn Got question in my mind not is that im doubting the test. Is it possible to re used a lancet needle? Because ive done a finger pricked rapid test. What kind of lancet needles is having a safety feautures that will retract the needle that impossible to re used again. If it is not a pen typw lancet needle is it possible to re use a lancet?? Is it possible to get infected by hiv virus by reused lancwt.. Thanks...
Avatar f tn This is called the window period. Because it can take 3 months or more for the antibodies to show up in a blood test, it is important to wait this long before having an antibody test if you suspect you have recently been infected.
Avatar n tn ) and we were discussing it. Soon he brought his accu check and checked his glucose. Without recognizing i also pricked with the same lancet within @ 3/4 minutes gap and checked the same. After realizing the next morning i asked him whether he had any issues regarding blood. He said he was not affected with HIV or other issues. Consulting with one of my Dr. friend i asked him to confirm @ jaundice. He got his blood checked & confirmed -ve.
Avatar m tn You are right I am sorry and I am so confused. It is a test glucose test for sugar in your blood, and I know that no one will reuse a used needle but I did not see him open it and the needle was unprotected....
Avatar m tn hello doctor i want to know 2 things first i went to a pharmacy to test my sugar levels the man opened a lancet and took my glucose level it came good but i am concerned about 2 things that are major : 1- the pen outer had dry blood on it what are the chances of HCV (hepatitis c ) and HIV my concern is raised due to 2 thing i tested my sgpt sgot they are high i think due to the acne medicine i am taking but from this encounter do i have any risk ?
Avatar f tn I would like your opinion on which glucose meter is best. My insurance will pay for one either from Abbot or Lifescan. I've gone online and I get mixed reviews on the One Touch Ultra and Freestyle. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn i poked myself 1 week ago with a used glucose lancet that a nurse left on the glucose machine by accident. The nurse was almost a month old and the patient has hcv. is there a chance that i could get hcv? i am very worried because i'm pregnant.