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Avatar f tn Use one of the trackers here or a piece of paper and take your BP often, preferably the same time of day and use that to establish a baseline. Are you having the test in a doc office? Is this for growth hormone or something else? Take someone with you to be your advocate so if they don't watch you enough, someone is there with you plus testing is bo-ring! It does feel lonely but hopefully you will meet up with some other people like you.
Avatar m tn A vet will usually complete a thorough physical examination, take a comprehensive history and blood tests (for white cell count, the liver enzyme ALP, blood glucose and cholesterol. A urine test is also helpful to diagnosis. Urine will commonly be diluted. The bladder may also develop what's known as a silent bacterial infection (rarely with any obvious symptoms), so the urine should also be culture tested for this and for urine cortisol/creatinine ratio at the same time.
1916673 tn?1420236870 It is common for younger dogs with low PCV levels to have substantial flea infestation or intestinal hookworms, though any problem that causes bloody diarrhea can lead to a low PCV (because younger dogs simply haven’t enough iron stored in their bodies to replace lost blood). In older dogs, the problem might be from an immune system condition, liver disease, bone-marrow disease, cancer or chronic kidney failure.
Avatar f tn I've had the blood test on several occasions. What I don't know is how it translates to the levels in the brain - the synaptic spaces. The hormone, serotonin, is made in the brain (pineal gland), from its amino acid precursor, tryptophan. Its found in the blood platelets, the lining of the GI tract, and the brain. Amino acids compete for transportation access across the blood-brain barrier.
92903 tn?1309908311 Regarding glucose, buy a blood sugar meter and test yourself one hour after meals and again two hours after meals for several days to see how high you go. This will tell you far more than a fasting blood sugar test, which only indicates problems when you're pretty diabetic. Basically, you should not go over 140 at one hour, 120 at two. Eliminating refined sugar won't do the job. First of all, white bread, believe it or not, is way worse than any sugar.
Avatar m tn An hour of afternoon exercise may lower glucose levels until the next morning, affecting the fasting blood sugar test. Exercise can also affect glucose levels by releasing adrenaline. This raises blood sugar temporarily. Physical exertion or other activities that cause excitement may increase fasting sugar levels if performed shortly before the test.
Avatar m tn I Received a letter from my GP that requested I see him regarding my last Blood Test results. He was on Holiday so saw another. This Doc is into Life Extensions. Anyway heres my blood test results at Baseline (before taking HRs list of Supplements.) and the one month results of taking them. Blood Chemistry……March 1st...March 28th…Units…...Normal Range T Bilirubun......16..............4................umol/L....(3-20) C Bilirubin.......2................2................umol/L....(0-7) ALP......
1113612 tn?1278696559 I'm not saying to eat them before the test of course, just have some food in your car for after the test is done. You may not need it at all but better safe than sorry.
Avatar n tn I would also recommend some standard blood tests that are used to evaluate neuropathies such as B12 level, B6 level, RPR, ANA, monoclonal protein (blood and urine), TSH, copper, ceruloplasmin, glucose tolerance test (2 hour), HGB A1C, paraneoplastic panel, and lyme antibodies. I would also suggest an EMG with nerve conduction studies to look for any elctrical signs of neuropathy.
192055 tn?1263559137 Hi, there are a whole bunch of postings under "chronic cough" which seem similar to this. And some good ideas I am going to try I have had a constant cough for 3 plus years and for last year it has been phlegmy like yours. I am always coughing and clearing my throat at meetings like an old man. Worse in a.m. when I wake up or out in cold walking the dogs. Or.... talking on the telephone or in a meeting. Always have a "frog" in my throat.
Avatar f tn If her platelet count is dangerously low, in the vet's opinion, she may need blood transfusion. Also it's important to know if the low platelets are caused definitely by the Ehrlichiosis or whether they are auto-immune (the body's immune defences attacking the body's own cells) Because the treatment would be different. In addition, do keep a careful watch for skin bruising, tiny reddened spots on the skin, red spots in her eyes....and of course, as you mentioned, her pale gums.
Avatar m tn I have (had) Pansinusitus since June 2015, and I had several courses of antibiotics and Cortizol sprays and inhalers, which contributed to my eye sickness, which I only diagnosed a year later (CSCR) I struggled a lot with breathing, hissing in my lungs and a severe blocked nose, and a LOT of mucus. I used boxes and boxes of tissue. During August 2016 I took action, and visited a lot of specialists.
Avatar n tn The PA asked if she wanted me to go over my old blood work. She did. Among those papers in Aug 2010 I had requested a lyme test because I found a tick in my neck a month earlier. THAT tick turned out to be a wood tick, not engorged, and easily removed, so it hadn't been there long. The PA read that the Ig that tested for new, acute infections was negative BUT, there was another Ig that said "reactive." She said "Oh, that's for old infections.
1285651 tn?1319646029 I went to my regular clinic for a blood test today as well! Didn't realize that a walk-in pregnancy test is free! I won't have any of the results for the next 24 hours. Happy day to us all and of course...BABY DUST TO EVERYONE INCLUDING MYSELF!
Avatar f tn The fact that this puppy is only four months old is baffling, because idiopathic epilepsy usually is first seen in dogs in the 2-3 year old range. While it is not unheard of for it to occur in young puppies, in their case it is more often due to a head injury or some type of illness, like hypoglycemia. Reno007, what breed(s) is this puppy? Is he a large breed mix? A toy mix? How many times a day are you feeding him?
1387175 tn?1326404597 And the electromyelogram Rumpled referred to would tell if there was nerve conduction problem in the muscles, though not a pleasant test (experience). Did they do that test already? Also, in addition to getting your ferritin (iron stores) checked to be sure you aren't deficient, which can really sap you of energy and can also cause headache, have they checked your potassium level? Low potassium can cause extreme weakness.
Avatar m tn I bought a blood glucose monitor and tested my blood sugar in case this was diabetic neuropathy, Levels came back normal after several tests. I can understand a tingling or burning sensation if you are suddenly jolted into flight or fight response..but for it to linger for months and months like this? It is miserable living like this, I dread this is the rest of my life, with feet that buzz and tingle with every step.
1178050 tn?1263842507 After ultra sound my vet said that my dogs gallbladder is enlarged, she is off her food, keeps yawning but is otherwise ok. all blood test results are normal apart from a rise in liver enzymes by a count of 4 and a slight rise in glucose level but not enough for diabetes.
Avatar m tn Hi Dallys mom,i see this post is 5 yrs ago but i too have a scottie whom i had some blood work for and her liver enzymes were 650, that was 7 weeks ago, as of the blood test today it is 1500. she is 9 years old and also has allergies which we have treated since the day we got her, ie: food, injections and meds, she has a mass in stomache but w chose not to have the surgery. we too were put on milk thistle but she is allergic to it.
Avatar f tn Before bringing your dog home, please make sure the vet undertakes a comprehensive blood pressure check. Dogs with kd tend to have high blood pressure, and that adversely effects the kidney disease. Treatment is usually required - the appropriate medication also indirectly helps force more blood volume through the kidneys, thus removing more toxins and helping the remaining organ tissue improve its filtering ability. Diet is going to be crucial to ongoing care.
Avatar f tn 23 pack year smoker with bronchial asthma, nondrinker, high fluid consumption, caffeine 3-400 MG/day down from 12-1600/ day 5yrs ago, avid outdoors person active in hunting trapping gardening shooting etc, live near 6mill acre national forest (across road) with other woods bordering property in high lyme risk area, 4 dogs 4 cats full ticks found on animals in past 1 dog had lyme last year but treated, symptoms greatly worsened this summer but many present for 5 up to 30 years, diet high fiber
Avatar f tn Since I have family history of heart disease, I agreed. I went to the ER and was there for quite a while. They did blood test, and EKG, and a chest X-ray and found nothing wrong. The said my EKG was prefect. I was slightly anemic, but not enough to worry them. (I was having my period during this). My blood pressure was also fine throughout this. I am 46 years old, and in very good shape, not overweight. I am writing because I had another episode today. It is scary.
Avatar n tn dont know if this has any relavance but i have been having these symptoms, still waiting for nerve test but have had a blood test showing borderline underactive thyroid
1358341 tn?1282213443 She doesn't like it. In France they do not use to make complete blood test, next month I'm going to ask it very specifically. I have 3 blood tests from this year and indeed CREA is getting high. I really want to have your opinion about Renalzin since Azodyl seems not to be known.
Avatar n tn I had a hard time getting a referral to do a renal ultrasound, which I'm finally gong to do on Monday. All my requests to visit a urologist have been in vain, because in his opinion the blood and urine tests I did for the kidneys and the prostate came back OK and that's it as far as he is concerned.
Avatar m tn 20 jan 2011 don t know yet if pisa made the test on this date 7 march 2011 blood sample in a lab in my city trying to make quantification, they will let me know if they got correct hbsag reading in about 4 weeks 22 march 2011 will make test in a hospital were hbsag quant is routine, correct result in 7days hbsag quant is also a little problematic because it has a steady pattern in non responders but it can have a wide range flactuating pattern on responders too, so it is very difficult
Avatar f tn Then I'll give you some suggestions to help control and manage your glucose [blood sugar] levels. And to answer your subject question, yes there are medicinal induced diseases, diabetes type 2 being one. I for one can attest to that. Drugs: Wysolone is a cousin to Prednisolone and helps to reduce your liver inflamation [swelling]. It's also used to treat animal [dogs and cats] problems. The bad thing is it's classified as steroid.
Avatar n tn Blood pressure is easy to identify, but sometimes identifying hypoglycemia is a little harder, for a blood test may not identify it if your body is not having a hypoglycemic reaction while your blood test is happening. The best test is a glucose tolerance test, whereby the lab draws blood to find out what your normal baseline glucose level is and then has you drink a sweet solution. More blood is drawn at varying intervals to see how your body is handling the swee solution.